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Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Pan Review

What is Ozeri?

Ozeri is a relatively new brand to the kitchen and homeware marketplaces, specialising in modern and digital lifestyle products for the home. Beginning as a provider of kitchen and homeware products for holiday destinations and timeshare destinations, the brand is now available to all consumers across the market.

The Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic pan is a little different from other and usual pans as it is “green” both in colour, which looks very nice in the kitchen, and in eco-friendly terms. These types of non-stick cookware have blown up in the market recently, as it was discovered that certain harmful chemicals appear in other non-stick cookware, hazardous to both the environment and your health.


What Makes Ozeri Green Earth So Especial?

The green earth ceramic pan is created with Greblon technology. This German created technology is a type of non-stick coating, which is both tough and durable and scratch resistant, meaning that your pan will last for longer.

Greblon also is easy to clean and more resistant to high heat levels. It also is free from both PTFE and PFOA chemicals, meaning that there is nothing harmful being released into the environment while you are cooking. This is a major benefit if you are looking for an eco-friendly ceramic pan. Not only is it better for the environment than other non stick coating technology, it’s also a lot better for your health, a massive benefit over other non-stick cookware that may use a different non-stick coating technology.

The Ozeri Green Earth panis available in a range of sizes, available in 8, 10 and 12 inches wide. This means you can find a pan size which is perfect for every aspect of your cooking needs, or invest in all three to have a flexible set.

Non Stick Surface

The surface of the pan is textured in a honeycomb style pattern, which is a benefit as it offers better heat distribution, which is good for helping your food cook evenly and fully. However, this means that some foods, especially liquid based foods, may pick up the textured pattern.

If you’re a stickler for food presentation this may be an issue, but it is only cosmetic and most cooks won’t find an issue here, as long as the food tastes good! If you are cooking with oil, be sure to spread the oil evenly along the textured pattern, a brush is a good way to spread oil evenly. However it is not too important as previously mentioned, the surface is fully non-stick. This means that it does exactly what it says on the tin, and food debris does not stick to the pan. This is a great added health benefit as cooking with less oil is better for your diet and has less calories.

There has never been an issue with needing to scrape food off the bottom of the pan, a problem that you can sometimes get with cheaper non-stick pans. It also means that the washing up is easier, as there is less scrubbing and scraping to be done to get your pan completely clean – a huge time and effort saver! The pan is also dishwasher safe, which means that it is so much easier to clean. You can just pop it in with the rest of your dishes and come back to a clean and sparkling pan.

Being made from ceramic, the pan is both durable and solid. This means it can be slightly heavy when lifting, especially if you are used to pans made from other materials, but its strength means it will last a long time and it’s harder for it to break or lose its shape. As with all ceramic non-stick pans, after many many uses the pan may start to use it’s non stickiness however. This can be avoided with proper care and cleaning, but it’s something to consider when deciding to purchase.

The pan comes with a rubber handle, which while adds to to comfort of using and carrying the pan, means it’s not safe to use it in the oven in higher heats. With the pan being made of ceramic, you do have have to handle it with care, store it properly and be careful not to chip the ceramic. The pan does have a magnetic base, which helps the pan retain it’s shape.

The price of the Ozeri Green Earth ceramic pan is slightly higher than the average, which is a slight con to buying this product, however when you think of the eco-friendly benefits, it’s worth to pay a little more. However the pans do not come with lids, which would have been an added benefit, as instead you have to buy them separately which can be an added expense.

Basic cares

The main aspect to consider when looking at this pan is that you need to properly take care of it. The pan arrived with specific care instructions so it’s important to follow them. You will need to precondition the pan with a little oil before the first use, and be careful not to overheat it too often, as it can damage the pan. Using wooden instead of metal utensils will also help your pan last longer. The instructions do explain that if you loose non-stick properties, this can be because of a build up of food and oil. I’ve found that an easy way to counteract this happening is to rub the surface of the pan with a little lemon juice or vinegar to remove the build up, and your pan will be like new again.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I have mostly positive things to say about this pan. The fact that it does not emit harmful chemicals into the environment is the main positive aspect to this pan. This makes it worth it’s price. Also the way it is truly non-stick is great, as many companies will advertise this quality but it doesn’t work for long. The greblon coating is a positive reason for this. Visually the pan looks aesthetically pleasing and the ceramic material means it’s durable and strong. Hopefully this review has helped you in your decision to buy the Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Pan and explained to you both the benefits and cons of using this pan.

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