26 Foods That Start With Q

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Celebrated English writer Virginia Woolf once wrote that one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well, and we cannot agree more.

A satisfying meal makes a person feel content from within and makes them go about their day with boosted levels of vigor.

Let’s talk about some of the tastiest dishes starting with the alphabet Q.

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European cuisine


Quetschentaart is a dessert originally from Luxembourg. It is a tart made with a crusty base and prunes plum topping. This baked delight is perfect for all your post-meal dessert cravings.


Quiche is a tart of French origin made up of a savory custard filling inside a pastry crust along with meat, cheese, or veggie fillings. It is prepared in different flavors such as turkey, ham, and swiss cheese. This savory cuisine makes a perfect mealtime serving.


Quahogs are edible clamps often stuffed with delicious stuffings to eat. They are the perfect seafood dish to serve at any dinner table. Rich in sodium and protein, the cuisine is full of nutritional benefits for your body!


Quartre quarts is another name for pound cakes. These are traditionally made with flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. The resulting shape of the cake is like a rectangular loaf which is sliced into little square cake pieces like bread. Quartre quarts are the perfect tea time snack for all!

Queen of puddings

Queen of puddings is a traditional British delight. It is made of a thick mixture of milk, lemon zest, butter, sugar, and breadcrumbs added into beat egg yolks and baked. This super yummy dessert is the perfect treat for your sweet tooth.

Quail meat

Quail meat is the meat of a small wild bird known as quail. It is very rich in protein and therefore very nutritionally beneficial. It was originally cooked in France but is now eaten in several parts of the world. They are usually stuffed with mushroom, green onion, parsley, butter, lemon juice, and thyme.


Quenelle is a combination of creamed fish or meat which is often mixed with breadcrumbs and bound with egg to form an egg-like shape before being cooked. Usually, it is prepared by poaching. It is a delicious dish of French origin and is often used to decorate a platter.

Mediterranean cuisine

Quadretti pasta

Quadretti pasta is a square-shaped type of pasta often cooked in broth. These are super easy to make and simply bursting with flavor! Next time you are in the mood for some good old-fashioned Italian food, quadretti pasta is the way to go!

Quills Pasta

Quill’s pasta is another exquisite type of wheat pasta shaped like little tubes. They are typically used in pasta salads and creamy alfredo pasta recipes. The pasta may be seasoned according to preferences.

Quince cheese

Quince cheese is a jelly dessert made with the pulp of quince fruit. Originally from the Iberian Peninsula, this yummy delight has ancient origins and can be traced way back to the Roman cookbook known as Apicius. Its light brick color makes it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your dessert table.

Middle Eastern cuisine


Qayatef is a form of pancake. This delight is a Middle Eastern specialty made with pancakes stuffed with nuts. It is immersed in syrup to add to the flavor and is the perfect delight for any occasion. Alternatively, it can also be dipped in honey.

Source: Amira’s Pantry


Qottab is a Persian pastry made with flour, almonds, sugar, oil, and cardamom. These nut-filled delights are popularly eaten in Iran and can be purchased from almost any bakery located there. These are sweet, deep-fried delights often topped with powdered sugar as icing.


Qurabiya is a shortbread cookie usually made with ground almonds or nuts. Originally from Turkey, it is commonly eaten in countries that were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire. The confection has several different versioned recipes and is commonly served with tea or coffee. Various types of nuts are used in these little biscuits, differing from region to region. Mostly they are made with either almonds, peanuts, walnuts, or pistachios.

South American Cusine


Quesadilla is originally Mexican food, made with tortillas stuffed and cooked with cheesy fillings. Traditionally the tortilla is made with cornflour but wheat flour tortillas may also be used. These are served in the form of slices much like pizza slices and are simply delicious to the last bite!


Queso is generally a starter dish made of molten cheese and chili peppers. It is generally eaten as a dip along with tortilla chips. Alternatively, various vegetables and potato wedges may also be enjoyed with this yummy, cheesy dip. This delicious cheesy condiment is widely eaten in Mexico.

Queso flameado

If you are a cheese-lover, Queso flameado is a must-try for you. This dish is of Mexican origin and is made of hot melted cheese and spicy chorizo. This is a popular party dish and widely eaten as an appetizer. It is super easy to cook which makes it all the more appealing to consume!


Quinoa is a cereal food perfect for someone looking to maintain a healthy diet. They are prepared in different ways, usually by boiling and seasoning with salts and spices. Dried tomatoes and spinach may also be added to the recipe.


Queijadinhas are custard-filled tarts of Brazilian origin. Various types of queijadinhas are eaten around the world but traditionally they are made with cheese, grated coconut, sugar, butter, condensed milk, and egg yolks. These yummy confections are frequently served as a snack at children’s parties and are often available in bakeries


Quindim is a round-shaped Brazilian dessert. It is made primarily with egg yolks, sugar, and coconut. The delight is often served with a wide base and a narrower top like an upturned cup and has a pretty bright yellow color to it. It has a coconut-filled center and a glossy exterior. The dish is best served cold.

Quarter pounder burger

Quarter pounder burger is a burger that weighs a quarter of a pound, hence the name. It is a yummy fast food snack made with burger patty inserted between buns with cheese, pickles, onions, mustard, and tomato sauce. Sesame seed buns are generally used in the burger. This yummy burger is perfect for your snack time!


Quesito is a pastry twist with a creamy, cheesy filling. The filling is typically made with cream cheese whipped with vanilla and sugar. This sweet delight is originally from Puerto Rico. It is the perfect snack for any occasion and you can easily make them at home on your own!


Quagmyre is a refreshing cocktail perfect for your summer days. It is made with coffee liqueur, soda water, chocolate milk, whiskey, and Irish cream. This drink will have you instantly hooked to it.

Queen soda

Queen soda is a yummy cocktail made with cream soda and butterscotch schnapps. It is served on ice in a highball glass and is a perfect drink for any celebration. It has a fizzy texture and tastes just the right amount of sweet.

Indian cuisine


Qorma is a popular meat dish in the subcontinent. Made with meat braised with either cream or yogurt, this delicious dish consists of meat pieces inside thick gravy. Qorma has a rich traditional history in the subcontinent, as it has been recorded to be eaten in the Mughal era. This savory Indian cuisine is usually eaten with naan bread or tortillas.


Qeema is the subcontinental name for minced meat. It is cooked in different ways, such as with potatoes or peas. Different types of meat can be used to make qeema, although generally either mutton or beef are used. Qeema is super rich in iron and protein which makes it a perfect meal to boost energy levels.

Russian cuisine

Quaaludes n cream

Quaaludes are cocktails of Russian origin. They are made with vodka, liqueur, Amaretto, and Irish cream, blended into one tasty beverage. It is typically strained and served on the rocks.


This mouth-watering list of foods surely worked up our appetite. The foods listed are of various origins and made us appreciate how culturally diverse food is. Every part of the world has its own amazing food culture and it makes us realize that we may be separated by distances and culture, but we are always bound by our shared love for food. From savory Indian curry to French desserts, good food is something the human race has continued to develop without fail. We hope you enjoyed reading about it!


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