27 Foods That Start With F

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Good food tends to make you feel like you are part of something bigger. When we eat food, we aren’t just indulging our appetite; we are also living history.

Some recipes date back a thousand years old! No one knows how they came about; we just know that our ancestors loved every bit of food as much as we do now!

Food isn’t just a recipe, it’s a connection to our ancestors. Presenting to you a list of food that starts with the letter F that you must try:  

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European cuisine

French Fries 

Who doesn’t love these? French fries have brought people together in a way that very few foods have. These crispy and golden brown fritters are the world’s ultimate comfort food. The rituals of stealing some from your friend, sniffing around in the bag to see if there are more, shows how we love them so! 

French Toast 

Again, the French didn’t invent this! This recipe is said to be ancient, only some years older than bread itself! Some of the world’s finest food is made when people get creative with ordinary foods – and so the Romans did! Dipping bread in egg and milk created this loved toast!

Source: Will Cooks for Smiles

Fish and chips

England isn’t a country as much as it is a giant fish and chips restaurant! This combination is so indulging that both London and Lancashire claim to have invented it! Piping hot fish, crunchy chips, some salt ‘n vinegar here and there – England’s national dish is born! 


A fool is a rather confusing name given to England’s good old dessert recipe! This fresh, sweet fruit is pureed and then topped with whipped cream that melts in your mouth. While the classic recipe uses raspberries, in this day and age anything goes! A simple delight! 

Foie gras 

Dine like the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greek! This delicacy, made from goose/duck liver. The trick to making this is to feed the birds with foods they love! Then, you get the food you love when you cook this delicacy the way a French gastronome would: with silky sauce. 


German hot dogs! The Germans love their sausages, and so the Frankfurter is an adored street food. Steaming buns are filled with either wiener or frankfurter sausage to make this. The frankfurter sausage was given to princes when they became king! Today, we can all enjoy a simple hot dog! 


Italians weren’t the only ones to put a thin slice of bread (topped with cream fraiche and veggies) into the oven. The German pizza — Flammekuchen – is a simple delight that all thin crust lovers can say they love! Originating in Alsace, this has quickly become a favorite.

Source: Caroline’s Cooking

Central & South American cuisine


It’s truly incredible the sheer number of dishes a simple tortilla has been able to create! The flautas, like most Mexican dishes, are made when tortillas are wrapped around a savory filling, and deep-fried. However, this dish is truly one of the most popular as it is hot out the fryer, and crispy.


This dish’s origins are inspiring: a widow who is trying to make money to raise her children. When Maria Rodriguez cut fajita steak and threw it into tacos, she had no idea she just made culinary history! This 1930s, Texas-Mexican food baby is the story of motherly love. 


The national dish of Brazil! This is bound to be creative, healthy, and addictive! When cassava flour is toasted with olive oil (which makes it a hearty brown) and then mixed with smoky meat, raisins and nuts, and sometimes even bananas, the farofa is born. This continues to impress! 


This hearty black bean stew is eaten throughout the Americas, but in Brazil, its art has been perfected. Like all good stews, meat is sometimes added to this, and always eaten with rice. This true favorite is mostly eaten on the weekends when the whole family can get together! 

Flan de Coco 

Colombian dessert! If reading this doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will! Like all traditional desserts, it is made with simplicity. Like all good desserts, coconut milk and flakes are added to elevate the flavor. Eggs, milk, and vanilla extract are mixed with caramel to create this delicacy! 

Mediterranean cuisine

Fasolakia Lathera

Greece! Home to gorgeous small streets with the smell of good food wafting through! The fasolakia lathera, or green beans one with oil, is as Greek as it goes. Green beans and potatoes, swimming in olive oil, are topped with Mediterranean spices, some herbs, and lemon juice to make this! 

Fırın sütlaç

Turkey, and rice desserts, are a match made in heaven. This baked rice pudding dish, however, holds a special place in Turk’s hearts. The name of the dish refers to a baked clay cup in which this pudding is added. Just the right amount of sweet, and fulfilling, there’s a reason this is a favorite.

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon proves that the way meat is cut can truly make or break a dish! This cut, however, is very juicy – so no worries. The Italian method of cooking makes it even better. Traditional Italian spices, herbs, garlic (obviously!), and olive oil (obviously!) bring something more to the table.

Fettuccine Alfredo

Italy is pasta heaven! But fettucine style pasta truly takes the cake! This thick, flat and long pasta is the best at absorbing the Alfredo white sauce that has made their baby – Fettucine Alfredo – a superstar across the globe. However, Italians do it best when they keep this dish simple! 

Ful Medames 

You should know something is heavenly when it is called a “gift of God” by the Egyptians. This staple food is made when tested and tried ingredients are used: fava beans, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juices. Truly the Mediterranean! Eaten with pita bread, this meal becomes truly heavenly! 

Fig Roll 

Dine like the pharaohs of old! This recipe is ancient but still indulgent! Figs are loved across the Mediterranean because they make the most wonderful desserts. Egypt is no exception. Fig paste is added to pastry, and baked to perfection Viola! 

Fattet Hummus 

Who doesn’t love hummus? Certainly not the Jordanians who also eat this delicious and simple dish for breakfast! Chickpeas and pita bread – unexpected – are layered together. Of course, tahini sauce is added which has that garlicky after taste! Yalla! 


If it’s Lebanese salad, you just know it’s refreshing! Eat this and put up a good fight against hot weather! In traditional Lebanese cooking, sumac (red berries) and tangy purslane are used that truly elevate the flavor of this simple dish. 

Source: Feel Good Foodie

Arabian Cuisine


Damascus, Syria is lined with falafel shops, like the whole of the Middle East. But here, it is perfected! Who knew something iconic would be made from deep-fried chickpeas? However, Syrian falafel is made with an adorable donut-like hole! Yalla! 


Dating back to 2300 BC, the Levant, this is as authentic as it gets! However, the traditional Iraqi way of eating this is 700 years old! Incredibly healthy, and ancient, this dish is a must-try. When freekeh grain is mixed with fried meat, and coriander, this recipe is born. How simple! 

African cuisine


Nigerians eat this during Holy Week so it must be a special dish! As usual, coconut is added to this to make it authentic. Beans are bathed in coconut milk, and then topped with garlic and cloves to make this dish! You can sweeten it to your taste! 


Nigerian snacks! It’s a not-so-guilty pleasure because it’s healthy! Pancakes are made from butter, millet flour, sugar, and salt. This can be served with chutney or honey, to satisfy your cravings for the day! Eat this as an appetizer to give you a small & delicious taste of Nigerian cuisine! 


Reddish-brown spiced South African meatballs! Baked or fried, well done or medium rare, eaten with sauce or just by itself, once you make this, you can never stop! All cultures love meatballs and Afrikaans are no exception for this delight is bound to make a place in your heart.

Pan Asian cuisine

Fish cake 

Asian cuisine is adored for its wide variety of foods. Everything and anything can be perfected there! Fish cakes, eaten throughout the region, are no exception! Owing to its huge number of coastal towns, Asia’s fish cake is a delight made from fish paste, flour, water, and eggs.

Source: Omnivore’s Cookbook

Fujian Red Wine Chicken

China is so vast that all of its regions can surprise us with something! The Fujian red wine chicken is made with family in mind – it is served on birthdays. This food is healthy and hearty so if you eat it, you may have many birthdays to celebrate! 


So there you have it! A list of foods – some of which are recent history and some ancient history. Let us appreciate our ancestors for their cooking skills, and for passing on their taste buds! 


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