27 Foods That Start With G

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Our taste buds have a life of their own. One day, they crave loads of sweet, the next they want something garlicky, and sour.

If you’re a picky eater, it is hard to find something that hits all the right spots! Fear not for all the best food is made by picky eaters. Kings and children, many years ago, threw a tantrum and their loved ones decided to make them these delights:

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European cuisine

Gingerbread Man

Every child would love to eat it because it’s perfectly sweet, but hate it because isn’t gingerbread man a real man? This Christmas staple is beloved of children worldwide. And why not? When flour-butter is mixed with nutmeg, cinnamon…and ginger, it creates true nostalgia.

Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Game Pie 

The English love to hunt! So, of course, the game they catch would be used for something fulfilling. This savory pie – the flaky pastry is stuffed with freshly caught meat and gravy and baked – has been a favorite since at least the 16th century! Over the years, it has been perfected.

Gypsy Tart

English mythology with sweet treats at its center! This is the story of a gypsy tart. It originated in Kent, England when a traveling woman made it for some children! What a sweet tale, just like this baked goodie! Made from evaporated milk, and muscovado sugar, this was children’s delight! 


France loves to bake! The galette, a thousand years old, is proof of that! This flat cake, which is appetizing, is a time-tested favorite. Some may call it the French version of pizza as sliced, fresh vegetables are topped on some pastry. This is then baked! Sounds like a meal, right?


The Russians celebrate their happiness with this dish! The golubsty, or little pigeons, is a cabbage roll. For those of you who do not like cabbages, wrap some meat, tangy pastes and cream, in some cabbage leaves, and boil. What comes out is a wonderfully hearty dish. 

Guriev Kasha

If it’s porridge, the Russians do it best! In this sweet recipe, that Goldilocks would die for, milk and semolina are baked in the oven for that firm crust. The addition of kaimak, some fruits, and nuts do justice to your taste buds. Try this now for a refreshing, delightful taste! 

South American cuisine


Something about chicken and rice together really makes the heart skip a beat! It certainly makes Brazilian hearts tick for this is one of their most enjoyed meals. It has been doing so since the 1500s, it seems. Rice is mixed with green pepper, tomato, and peas, and dusted with saffron! 

Source: Easy and Delish

Mediterranean cuisine


Not all soups have to be piping hot to be fulfilling. This cold soup has delighted Spaniards for a long. This dish is the outcome when multiple cultures are mixed – wholesome! Fresh Mediterranean vegetables, such as bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic are blended and eaten with bread. Simple! 


If anything represents Italian history, it is these soft dough balls. This was made before the invention of pasta and has been existing since the time of the Great Roman Empire! Popular among legendary soldiers of old, and now yours, this traditionally made from durum wheat and mashed potatoes! 


This was a favorite of the Ottoman kings, and is now a favorite of the fasting masses during Ramazan! This translates to a rosy dish, which sounds light and refreshing. Güllaç is made from cornstarch layers that have traditionally been soaked in rosewater milk, then refrigerated.


The world loves its bread. No one more so than the Turks! If simple flatbread stuffed with Mediterranean-style fillings does not intrigue you, what can? Gözleme is made with just salt, flour, and water. It is, however, perfected when stuffed with meats, veggies, and spices! 

Greek Salad

Who says salads have to be boring? With Greek salad, you do not have to trade lightness and refreshment with flavor, you can have both! Throw some Greek favorites – olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, berries, and bell pepper – with some feta cheese, olive oil, and spices. Then, thank the Greek! 

Source: My Greek Dish


Don’t we all love when light pita bread is rolled around some juicy meats and vegetables, and tzatziki sauce? This is basically what a gyro is: a sandwich made with love! Because the world is all connected, the gyro is inspired by Turkish and Arab cuisines. So if you like shawarma, this is the dish for you! 


Centuries-old Greek cuisine! This one-pot recipe will make your family gather so quickly, like families of ancient Greeks. This delicious dish is a one-pot recipe. It is made from meat, Greek-style pasta, and tomato sauce. Then, the good part: it is baked in an oven which makes it heavenly! 

Galayet Bandora

If you ever go hiking and want to surprise your loved ones with a snack, try making this lightweight dish! In Arabic, this translates to sautéed tomato, which sounds so Mediterranean! Tomatoes, jalapeños, and onions are fried in the best olive oil, and eaten with pita bread. Comfy! 

African cuisine


The Ethiopian cuisine is so unique, everything is a delight. The genfo is no exception. This dish is something that tastes best from the mother’s hand! This thick porridge, eaten before school, is made from barley and boiled water. An adorable hole is made in it for some dipping sauce! 


The cassava plant, grown in Nigeria, has numerous health benefits. Laced with vitamins and other nutrients, the roasted form of cassava will become your staple. To fully utilize this, you can eat this with some traditional Nigerian stew. Trust me, there are plenty of good ones! 


A movie reference! This sandwich is named after the novel, The Great Gatsby. This features lavish parties where people gather around food to gossip and laugh. Suddenly, the name makes sense. In classic South Africa fashion, Piri Piri sauce, Bolognese, and french fries are topped with buns! 

Gored Gored 

This is popular enough to be considered Ethiopia’s finest dishes! Traditionally the meat is eaten raw but you can cook it so don’t hold your breath! Often paired with injera flatbread, lemon wedges, and awaze chili sauce, this dish defines Ethiopian uniqueness and creativity! 

Middle Eastern cuisine

Ghormeh Sabzi

Persian cuisine produces some of the heartiest stews! To add to this, Ghormeh Sabzi is the only dish that has remained the same as it was hundreds of years ago! Herbs, such as fenugreek, are fried and then cooked with meats, and vegetables. However, it is black lime that elevates this! 

Green bean rice 

Because Iranians produce the best stews, they need rice bursting with flavor to compliment them! Then, green beans give you the healthy boost you need. After that come the tomatoes and onions, no surprise there! Lastly, the spices saffron, turmeric, and cinnamon make this authentic! 

Gers Ogaily

Ever heard of perfume cake? Well, now you are about to! This dessert is simply Arabic. It is laced with rose water, cardamom, saffron, and sesame seeds. The smell of this baking has brought joy to many Kuwaitis! Moist and textured, this melts in your mouth! A true Arabian delight. 

Source: Kitchen Maestro

Pan Asian cuisine

Ga tan

Vietnam is known for having a vast collection of soups under its belt! However, this one takes the cake. The Vietnamese pick out the most fragrant herbs, such as dried fig, lonjan, Yuk chuk, goji berries, pei jei, and honey dates to make this sweet soup. Added is some chicken. Sweet and juicy! 

Ga Nuong 

Grilled chicken is popular all across the world. Ga nuong will act as a magnet and bring everyone together! A quick look in the Vietnamese pantry and you will find five-spice, soy sauce, and fish sauce. Juicy cuts of chicken are then marinated and thrown on a sizzling grill. Mouth-watering! 


Ground meat, or giniling, is a tried and tested base for cooking the finest Filipino dishes. In that country, ground meat is thrown in with some diced vegetables (carrots, bell peppers) and coated in tomato sauce which is all then simmered on a pan. Some seasoning and you have this delight! 


Coconut milk, or gata, makes an appearance here too! Ginataan refers to any dish made with coconut milk. So if you’re craving something sweet, or something tangy, make ginataan. Bake it with butter or flour, or throw in some meat and sauces as the Filipinos do! 

Source: Foxy Folksy

Ginger Duck 

Chinese cuisine is famous for its seafood recipes. Not that duck is seafood, but it does waddle on the water so! This recipe takes time but the result will show your dedication. The duck is stuffed, marinated, and refrigerated. Then, grab your wok and sauté some ginger. Viola! 


This list is proof that the most unique things can come out of some picky eater’s tantrum. So keep annoying your loved ones because who knows if they end up making something that goes down in history. 


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