28 Foods That Start With M

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One should never stop exploring the wonders of the world. And famous dishes around the globe are one of them.

Make sure to treat your tastebuds once in a while with something new and savory.

You never know; you might develop a whole list of favorite dishes to try. So, here is a brief guide to start your journey with. Here is a list of foods that start with the letter M.

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Asian cuisine

Mango chutney

Mango chutney is a fruit preserve with South Asian origins. It is sweet with a hint of spicy and works great as a condiment with many foods. Mango chutney is made out of sugar, onions, vinegar, mangoes, ginger, garlic, and mustard seeds. The recipe varies according to peoples’ preferences.

Millet porridge

Millet is a cereal crop grown in several parts of Asia which tastes amazing in the form of porridge. Millet porridge is a delightful breakfast meal. You can top it with fruits and maple syrup to make it even more tasty and nutritious!

Mandarin orange cake

If you are fond of fruit cakes, you must try the mandarin orange cake. Mandarin oranges are bite-sized citrus fruits native to China, often available in canned and preserved forms. The cake requires a 15 ounce can of Mandarin oranges along with vanilla pudding and crushed pineapple. The preparation time of this cake is very little and the recipe is easily available on the internet.

Mulberry tea

Mulberry is a delicious berry that is used to make tea, juice, wine, jam and is also eaten in dried form. Its high nutritional value makes it a healthy fruit to add to tea. Its distinct blend gives the tea a unique aroma and taste which you will love.

European cuisine

Mozzarella cheesecake

Arguably the best cheese to use in a cheesecake is Mozzarella. It is a southern Italian type of cheese made out of Buffalo milk which has a soft texture and isn’t as aged as other types of cheese. The dessert is made by layering a cheesy paste of mozzarella, vanilla, lemon juice, and gelatine on top of a crusty biscuit base.


Macaroni is a type of pasta shaped like little tubes. It has Italian origins and is made out of wheat. Macaroni is prepared in different ways; with cheese and white sauce and other times with meat and spiced condiments. Macaroni is a very popular variant of pasta amongst kids as it is easy to eat and the shape feels great in one’s mouth.


Meringue is a sweet confection made out of whipped egg whites, sugar, and a sour ingredient like vinegar or lemon. It is used as a topping on pies and also to make meringue cakes. It is thought to have originated in Switzerland.

Mushroom pasta

If you are a fan of kinds of pasta, mushroom pasta is a must-try. It may be made with creamy white sauce or tomato paste as per one’s preference. The mushrooms add magic to the pasta. Mushrooms are also great for your health as they are energy-rich and have protein.


Mincemeat is a common way to consume meat. It is prepared by cooking meat with dry fruit and spices. The dish is typically prepared using beef although other alternatives are used as well. If you are a meat lover, mincemeat is an amazing, flavourful dish for you to try! It has iron, carbs, calories, sodium, and potassium which makes it an energy-rich meal.

Mayonnaise sandwich

Mayonnaise sandwich is a well-liked sandwich made using mayonnaise as a spread. All you need to do to make this quick little snack is toast bread, spread mayo, add vegetables and spices as per your taste and assemble the sandwich. You will get a delicious, creamy sandwich which you can eat for a quick munch or serve with tea.


Muffins are little bite-sized cakes baked inside a mold. These are available in a variety of flavors including chocolate chip, banana, cornbread, and apple cinnamon. You can easily find muffins at almost any local bakery and satisfy your sweet tooth!


Monkfish have a taste and texture similar to lobsters. It has a mildly sweet taste and tastes different from other ocean fish. Monkfish is often cooked and served with tomato-garlic sauce.


Mocha is a chocolate-flavored caffeinated drink. It is commonly made with espresso, milk, and chocolate syrup. Other variants are made mostly with hot chocolate as the main ingredient with a little espresso inside it for a boost of energy.


Margarine is an oil-based spread often used as a medium for frying or cooking as well. It is considered to be a healthier alternative to oil and is known to be better for cardiac health. 


Marshmallows are soft chewy snacks made out of sugar. They are used as fillings or toppings in baked items and also eaten on their own as they are or roasted. They are a particularly popular sweet snack amongst kids!

American cuisine


Margarita is a refreshing drink made out of citrus fruit extracts and often with mint. They are prepared with tequila in the form of a cocktail while in other cultures they are alcohol-free. Margaritas are just what you need on a hot summer afternoon to liven up your day.


Meatloaf is made using ground meat that is combined with other ingredients to preference and molded into the shape of a loaf. It is then fully prepared by either baking or smoking. If made with beef or lamb, it is converted into a delicacy filled with health benefits.  


Mojito is a Cuban cocktail. It is prepared with sugar, rum, carbonated water, lime juice, and mint. It is a refreshing alcoholic beverage perfect for light drinking. It is pretty similar to a margarita and a perfect drink to serve at parties.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a sweet condiment made out of sap from the xylem of sugar maple plants. They are typically made from sugar maple, red maple, or black maple tree sap. This sweet sauce goes great with desserts like pancakes or it can even be used as a salad dressing. Maple syrup can easily be bought from a local utility store or even conveniently made at home.

Mackerel steak

Mackerel steaks are made from a predatory fish called Mackerel. The fish tastes amazing when barbecued and served with chili or tomato sauce. Mackerel steaks are also an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Mexican rice

Mexican rice is an easy-to-prepare rice dish made with tomato sauce and vegetables. They are spicy and flavorful to be eaten on their own or maybe served with beans or meat. They are sautéed until they turn slightly golden in their appearance as compared to regular white rice which makes them even more tempting. There are several recipes available online if you wish to try them!


Martini is another refreshing alcoholic beverage perfect for a summer day. It is made with gin and vermouth typically served with an olive or flavored with a twist of lemon. Martinis are generally served on ice inside a cocktail glass.

Multinational cuisine


Marmalade is a jam-like fruit preserve. It is made from fresh fruit extract and peels boiled with sugar and water. Marmalade is typically made from citrus fruit, such as oranges, limes, grapefruits, lemons, and mandarins.


Meatballs are another ground meat dish, with the meat rolled into bite-sized balls. The meatballs are often stuffed with other fillings such as bread crumbs, butter, beat eggs, and crushed onions. There are different ways to serve this dish. In some cultures, it is served in spicy gravy while in others it may be baked and served with spaghetti.

Mint and melon salad

Melons are sweet, fleshy fruits which taste incredible in fruit salads. Mint and melon salad is super easy to make a salad with just 4 ingredients; honey, lemon juice, mint, and melon. The salad is not only refreshing to eat but also very fragrant!

Mutton chops

Mutton chops is a dish made with lamb meat. They are prepared by marinating mutton ribs and then cooking them. They may be cooked in several ways such as grilling or roasting. The dish is perfect to serve on any occasion!


Marzipan is a sweet delight made mainly of sugar and almond. It may also contain almond oil instead. Marzipan is used to make cake toppings as it can easily be molded into shapes. 

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a celebrated food item, whether it is enjoyed as a side dish or as a light snack on its own. It is made out of boiled potatoes which are mashed mixed with milk, butter, salt, and pepper. A highly dynamic side dish, it can work with almost anything from steaks to rice.


We hope you found the list of foods to be interesting and mouth-watering; because we sure did! The next time you wish to fulfill your appetite with something appetizing, you may just pick something out of this compilation.


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