The 5 Best Ceramic Frying Pans that will change your life

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Frying pans are the most versatile and useful kind of pan for good reasons. They usually had a flat bottom, which is specially used for frying, searing and browning foods. Combining this with ceramic’s non-stick properties makes them even better.

Here I’m going to list the 5 best ceramic frying pans on the market right now. Each one of these options has different features that make them a must-have in your kitchen.

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The Best Ceramic Frying Pans

Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri


green earth

This is a new brand, but it has good reasons to stay relevant. They are environmentally-friendly, so they avoid using cheaper ceramic coating that may compromise the integrity of the ceramic adding other materials like the PTFE. They guarantee 100% pure ceramic cookware.

The big difference of these pans compared with their competition is their surface finishing. It has a nice texture you can’t find in most ceramic surface finishing: a honeycomb textured cooking surface that creates small bubbles of air that separates the food from the surface to make them super non-stick.

They use a type of ceramic made in Germany called GREBLON that is supposed to be the “greenest” choice on the market.

These pans come in three sizes: 8-Inch, 10-Inch and 12-Inch. You can buy them individually or as a set.

The strong points of these frying pans are:

  • 100% PTFE, PFOA and APEO free (no heavy metals or chemicals).
  • Scratch resistance.
  • It is made out of durable heavy-gauge die-cast aluminum. This is the most common material for the medium-range ceramic pans nowadays.
  • Heat-resistant silicon-coated handle.
  • Revolutionary texturized coating. This is their signature. And there is no other pan with this feature on the market.

You can read my full review here.

Blue Diamond Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan


I’ve already mentioned this brand before in an in-depth article about their non-stick ceramic cookware set. 

I absolutely recommend this set as one of the healthiest non-stick coatings in the market. This individual 8-inch frying pan is no different.

The main feature of the blue diamond line is its diamond-infused coating. The greatest heat conductor and sturdy natural material on earth, The diamonds added to this ceramic frying pan make them extra resistant to exterior scratches that can occur with daily usage.

The strong points of these fry pans are:

  • Cooking surface able to reach 700 F. Oven and broiler safe up to 800ºF.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • As the majority of ceramic cookware, these fry pans are PTFE-Free, PFOA-Free, Cadmium-Free. Also and very important they are recyclable, therefore allows you to cook healthily and it’s environmentally friendly.
  • This pan is super lightweight and comfortable to cook with.
  • Affordable. 

WaxonWare Deep Frying Pan with Stonetec

WaxonWare Deep Frying Pan with Stonetec

Unlike the other pans on this list, this fry pan doesn’t have a pure ceramic coat. Instead their coating is a mix of granite and ceramic that adds a lot of sturdiness in a single layer, and they have five layers of this combination of materials. This technology is called SENOTEC.

I’m pretty sure that the WaxonWare frying pans are the sturdiest choice on this list. Their body is really thick for the amount of layers. They might not be the most lightweight option but they will last more than another kind of ceramic frying pan.

They come in a unique color that goes well with the fact that WaxonWare works with earth material such as granite and ceramic.

Another big improvement of this brand is that they are 100% induction cooking method safe. As we all know it’s difficult to find a ceramic pan that can handle electromagnetic induction. Also, it’s oven-safe, withstanding up to 300 F.

The strong points of these pans are:

  • 3 years limited warranty (30 Days Money Back Guarantee With No Questions Asked)
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • PFOA, Lead, Cadmium free, FDA approved natural Stone/Granite 5 layer of non-stick ceramic coating.
  • Safe for all cooking methods. They guarantee that the bottom of your pans never scratches. Additionally the bottom heats evenly.

GreenPan Venice Pro Ceramic Nonstick

Another infused with diamond frying pan. This frying pan is more expensive than the blue diamonds but in honesty, the coating is more resistant. Especially if you use stainless kitchen tools that can scratch the delicate ceramic coating.

My favorite feature of this pan is the built-in stainless steel that adds extra durability. Multilayer stainless steel body is reinforced with Evershine technology to resist discoloration and keep it looking like new for longer. Even when the exterior is light grey it’s not that easy to stain and peel.

The handles are riveted stainless steel handle for easy transition from stovetop to oven. I must say they are not the most comfortable but they keep cool while cooking.

The strong points of these pans are:

  • Coated with Thermolon healthy ceramic non-stick interior for perfect food release and quick cleanup.
  • Stainless steel body construction.
  • Suitable for all stovetops, including induction
  • Dishwasher safe

GreenPan Lima Hard Anodized Ceramic Fry Pan

green panFor those who don’t know this brand, GreenPan is a Belgian company that has been working on the non-stick and healthy cooking style since 2007.

These are one of the most famous frying ceramic pans on the market. It was one of the first to use the ceramic non-stick coating as their signature feature.

They use Thermolon patented technology that, as I’ve said million times -or more-, is one of the best of its kind; it provides ultimate heat conduction and it is scratch resistance.

This pan comes only in grey and in three sizes: 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch.

The strong points of these pans are:

  • PTFO free
  • Less oils and fats needed to cook
  • Clean up is a breeze, hand wash recommended
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Coating is heat resistant up to 850 F as a safety feature. No harmful fumes, peeling, chipping or flaking off of the coating

So, Which is The Best Ceramic Frying Pan?

In my personal opinion, I prefer the WaxonWare for their singular design that blends the best of ceramic and granite. There is not another pan like this for sure. The color is stunning and matches beautifully with almost any kind of kitchen decorating.

AND the size is good for big meals.

The cleaning is easy, you just put the pans after they are cold under the rinse and that’s it!

Still, all the frying pans included on this list are exceptional on their range of prices and quality.

I really hope this information has been useful to you

Happy Frying 🙂

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