Bialetti Aeternum Cookware Review

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Cooking is an art form, however, in order to achieve maximum result, we need the right utensils and appliances that can make this experience worthwhile. For the purpose of this review, we will be evaluating the Bialetti Aeternum cookware set.

Personally, I love so much this set that I had to include it in my list of best ceramic cookware sets EVER!

Bialetti Aeternum is one of Italy’s leading brand that is slowly branching out and becoming more popular in the United Kingdom as well. According to the company, 9 out of 10 Italian homes own something from Bialetti.

They claim to have items that are quite simple but have great functionality as well. Bialetti predominantly does a lot of different types of cookware with different ranges, but the Aeternum range focuses on ceramic, non-stick cookware that is also supposedly eco-friendly.

The cookware is created from hi-temp Silicone, heavy-gauge aluminum and then coated with a ceramic coating.

Bialetti is by far one of the best cookware brands out ther with affordable high quality products.

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Beautiful design

What is nice about the cookware is that they have similar looks, all the items that have been seen so far have a bright, yet minimalistic two colors of red and white, which is great for eyes aesthetically or if you are trying to achieve a particular color scheme in your kitchen.

The white ceramic non-stick interior helps you see to also examine the food better whilst cooking and really see what you are putting there, for instance, the amount of oil you put in. The fact you can see what you put into the dishes clearly means that you can supervise in real time how your food is cooking and get the perfect finish to any recipe.

The flavors do not get lost in the pan and the food always has great flavor locked into it whenever cooked as the non-stick cookware allows all the flavors to get in properly.

Heat distribution and nonstick coating

There is also a great distribution of heat throughout the all the cookware allowing your food to cook evenly.

The non-stick coating does not become absorbed into food either and the cookware also remains scratch-free if treated correctly. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages as often cheaper cookware tends to rub off the coating on the food as well which is not very healthy.

Environmental friendly cookware set

For those that are environmental enthusiasts, the fact that the ceramic coating is applied at a low temperature means there are reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions and the non-stick surfaces also mean that they are free from PFOA.

PFOA is a perfluorooctanoic acid which remains in the environment indefinitely and continues to be a danger to animals. This is probably due to the fact it acts as a carcinogen or a toxicant to animals.

The fact that the cookware items from the Bialetti Aeternum range are PFOA-free is a great start towards being environmentally friendly.

Most people would probably consider the pricing of the items to be reasonable as well as they won’t break the bank. The fact that the handle is soft-touch, ergonomically friendly and heat-resistant is great for being able to move the pan or items on the stove whilst they’re still hot. It reduces your chances of ending up with burnt hands as well, which is always great.

The recommendation is also that all the cookware items needed to wash by hand, but this is doable since the food does not stick to the pan and washes off quick easily.

A few things that I don’t like about the Bialetti Aeternum

Whilst there are many benefits to owning cookware from Bialetti Aeternum, there are a few drawbacks, for instance, the pans are not oven-safe, induction-safe or dishwasher safe.

The weight of the heavy-gauge aluminum and the ceramic coating probably makes it slightly heavier for some individuals to be able to move the cookware around easily.

Just because it has a handle that is soft-touch and heat-resistant, it does not necessarily mean that the food can be balanced properly with just the handle. You may need to hold both sides of the dish if there’s a lot of food in the pans or saucepans which isn’t ideal when everything is piping hot.

It is also a range that should definitely be kept away from budding young chefs and kids predominantly because the weight of the cookware may be too much for little hands to bear. There is an increased risk of accidents with heavy cookware, so it must be said that this is recommended mostly for those a little bit more mature perhaps from mid-twenties and upwards.

Another thing to consider is that the items from this range are not deemed as being scratch-free. You would have to avoid any sharp items or anything that could potentially ruin the non-stick coating. Perhaps wooden spatulas or non-stick friendly items should only be used since using sharp items could also make the 5-year warranty void.

I would also suggest or make sure that when using a ceramic cooktop, that you should use a much lower setting in order to not ruin the stove top. For the most part, anything higher than a medium setting on the stove is not ideal for the cookware. This may pose a bit of a problem if you are trying to also cook food fast, since, the ceramic cookware takes a little time to heat up, however, once it does, you need to watch over the food quite carefully as it can cook through very quickly and take you by surprise.

The cost associated with the cookware is quite reasonable, however, it must be said that with the amount of care that is required, I am not sure if everyone would want to invest in Bialetti Aeternum’s range of cookware. The fact that stores sell saucepans or pans with cheap price tags comparatively these days, would indicate that Bialetti Aeternum would have some serious competition.

Majority of our lifestyles are very fast these days and cookware that is not dishwasher or oven-safe may not be seen in a positive light for a those that are always on the move. Alongside this, whilst the red and white is quite appealing, it may not be liked by everyone and may seem a little too bright on the eyes. So the Aeternum range could potentially benefit from having ceramic ware in different colours or perhaps colours that are not as bold, but a little bit more to the neutral side of the colour spectrum.




  • check
    ​Stylish and colorful
  • check
    Sturdy  pans
  • check
    ​Ideal for monitoring the cooking of your food easy
  • check
    Environmental friendly
  • check
  • ​It is hand wash only, not dishwasher safe. 
  • ​Cannot be used on induction ​cooktops

​Final Thoughts

Overall, the Bialetti Aeternum cookware is a beautiful range, the different sizes and depth of the dishes make it quite versatile in the types of culinary items that can be created. However, I would also recommend experiencing it first-hand prior to really deciding if it is for you or not, but it is definitely an investment and the cookware has longevity if taken care of.

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