Circulon Premier Professional Review

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For over 30 years, Circulon has been attempting to revolutionize the cooking business. The company was the first to introduce cookware that was hard-anodized and also non-stick. Since its inception is had become an incredibly popular cooking brand in many different countries.

Circulon is rather different than most manufacturers, in that it uses a special heat distribution mechanism.

This means that their products tend to be more durable than most, with the coating being exceptionally non-stick.

It is in cookware manufacturing that Circulon has found its biggest success. It’s most important product is the one that will be examined today; The Circulon Premier Professional cookware set. With a stainless-steel base and a colorful bronze exterior, the set is quite eye-catching. But does it really perform? Let’s see.

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Circulon Premier Professional Review

The professional cookware set contains all the essential items needed for regular cooking. It also has some extras included as well. Circulon Premier say that it is designed specifically to fulfill the needs of the user. The thirteen-piece set includes the following items:

  • 1-quart saucepan with a lid included
  • 3-quart saucepan with a lid included
  • 4-quart saucepot with a lid included
  • 8-quart stockpot with a lid included
  • 5-quart sauté with a lid included
  • 8.5-inch skillet
  • 10-inch skillet
  • 12-inch skillet

What Does The Circulon Premier Professional Do?

This cookware set has a stainless-steel base and is designed for magnetic cookers. It is a heavy gauge anodized set. Circulon Premier use an advanced non-stick finish. It doesn't contain heavy metals or Perfluorooctanoic acid, which makes it a safe set to use. 

The set is decorated with raised circles so that contact between the utensils and the surface is minimized as much as possible. This design is very important as it will help the longevity of the pan. This design is also aimed at lessening any scraping or tearing at the steel.

The handles are also made of stainless-steel, but they are covered in rubber. This improves the heat resistance, allowing you to grip them much more comfortably. A double rivet makes sure they stay secure to the pots and will make the handles last longer. The lids for this set contain stainless steel rims, and the glass used is shatter-resistant. The set is highly resistant, oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also dishwasher safe which is pretty convenient.

Should You Buy The Circulon Premier Professional Cookware?


Decent Size Range

The Circulon Premier Professional has a  whole range of pots and pans that are suitable for different needs. From the smaller 1-quart saucepan to the large 8-quart stockpot. The set also has pots and pans in all sizes in between. A 12-inch skillet and an 8-quart stock are quite unique to have together in a cookware set. The 5-quart sauté pan is also a nice addition.

Dishwasher Safe

Because of its build quality and heat resistance, the pans are dishwasher safe. Even so, the non-stick surface will also ensure that it is easy to clean by hand if you wish to do so. The small amount of oil needed also means that the pan is less likely to develop grease

Nice Design

Although not the most crucial aspect of cookware, the design truly is lovely. With the exterior bronze, it stands out from common cookware sets that are usually grey or black.

Efficient Cooking

There have been no customer reviews that have complained about the cooking ability of the set. With no problem of food sticking, the pans cook evenly and quickly. This is helped by a thick bottom that ensures the pans retain their heat.


Handles Prone To Trap Water

The handles are hollow, with holes designed to enable you to hang up your pots and pans. But this also means that when left in water, the water will then seep into the handles and get stuck. While fine if you realize it, it can be troublesome if any food gets mixed in with the water, leading to staining and bad smells.

No Individual Pieces

Due to the uniqueness of the set, it can be difficult to fit it in with the rest of your cookware. Also, a thirteen-piece set is very inconvenient if you only need a couple of items to complete your set. Unfortunately, there are no options available to get the pieces you
specifically, want.

Some Final Thoughts

A big plus for this Circulon Premier Professional set is just how much variety there is in the deal. This particular set is also quite economical compared to its rivals, which often have sets of a smaller size but still the same price range.

It is a better choice than Circulon’s Symmetry set, which is a lot less economical. If you already have a large assortment of kitchenware than the Professional set is probably not for you. It is not for those looking for individual pieces

But if you’re starting from scratch, it’s another matter. The 13 pieces the Circulon Premier Professional has everything you would really need in a regular kitchen. It will look quite nice as well with its bronze finish. Customer reviews seem to indicate that it’s non-stick qualities are very consistent. Maintenance also does not seem to be an issue as reviews claim it is very easy to clean.

The non-stick surface makes it stand out from a lot of other cookware sets, as it maximizes your use of food and oil. The low oil consumption is a bonus for people on diets looking to reduce their cooking oil use. So, if this Circulon Premier Professional review has piqued your interest, why not try it out.

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