Finex Cast Iron Review – Is It Really A Great Buy?

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finex cast iron review

A cast iron skillet is an indispensable part of your kitchenware. It can bake, fry, saute, and do almost everything. Also, with proper use, you can make it last several generations. Does that make it an amazing investment? Think for yourself.

After a slight downfall, cast iron cookware is back and this time it’s here to stay. In fact, with its affordability, versatility, and health benefits, it’s more popular now than ever. So here we are with an in-depth review of one such cast iron cookware i.e. Finex cast iron skillet.

The Finex skillet has recently created quite a buzz in the world of cooking. It’s been touted as the top choice of professional chefs and households alike. Read our in-depth Finex cast iron review to know more about it.

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About the manufacturer

Let’s start the review by introducing the manufacturer of the cast iron skillet. Finex has been quite a household name for its range of quality cast iron cookware.

The company boasts of its handcrafted products, design excellence, and an amazing team of cooks, designers, and craftsmen. This team works together to bring out the best cookware for quality food. This is the secret behind the advent of cookware that is durable, high performing, and simply top-notch.

Why cast iron cookware?

Wondering why you should use cast iron cookware? We’ve got an answer to that.

When it comes to cookware, material plays a vital role in its performance. So why is cast iron an ideal cookware material? It’s because it’s got some amazing benefits that you rarely find in other materials. First of all, it’s very affordable and durable. In fact, if used with proper care, cast iron cookware would serve you lifelong.

A cast iron correctly seasoned is non-stick. This allows you to cook with less oil which is good for your health. Also, most non-stick pans use chemicals (perfluorocarbons) that may lead to cancer, liver damage, and other health hazards. Cast iron is totally chemical-free and thus safe for your health. And that’s not all. The cast iron also adds iron to your food which is a huge health benefit.

From the efficiency point of view, cast iron cookware is ideal for cooking. It’s got amazing heat conduction and retaining properties which help your cooking. Also, cast iron cookware works both on stoves and in ovens at any temperature. Ease of cleaning is another great property of the material. The easy free surface means you can easily wash it clean. With all these properties, cast iron seems to be the ideal material for your cookware.

Recipes Using Cast Iron Pan

Common issues with cast iron cookware

Cast iron as a cookware material, of course, has immense benefits. However, there are a few drawbacks that you need to consider as well. The cast iron skillets are much heavier than your normal non-stick pans to start with. And you can’t put them in a dishwasher. You need to hand wash and dry your cast iron skillet to avoid rusting.

For maintenance point of view, cast iron skillets may also need slight warming up after washing. You can follow this up with an oil filming before storing. Most cast iron cookware would also need seasoning before usage. That’s not the case with the pre-seasoned Finex skillet, though.

Despite all these drawbacks, cast iron is an amazing choice. Its heat conducting properties are great for your food. Also, durability is a huge motivation. So if you can deal with a few maintenance aspects, cast iron is one of the bests you can buy. And the Finex cast iron skillet already solves some of those issues.

Finex Cast Iron Skillet Review

The 10 inches cast iron skillet from Finex oozes quality. Be it its looks, performance, or convenience, the skillet is a total catch. First of all, the skillet comes preseasoned with flaxseed oil. The company swears by the use of 100 percent organic oil for seasoning purposes. Also, it’s 100 percent made in the USA product.

The Finex cast iron skillet is an exquisite handicraft. It features a design that simply can blow several minds together. One thing that’s obviously can’t go unnoticed is its unusual octagonal shape. Such shapes in skillets are quite rare to find. But isn’t it just a designing genius? With the octagonal shape, the company intends to add easy pour options with the skillet. This shape gives you 6 different pouring spouts making the process easier without the risk of spilling. Also, this shape allows perfect settings of steam vents keeping your lid safe from excess steam pressure.

In a nutshell, the Finex cast iron skillet packs several features that make it one of the best cookware products. We will discuss some of the important features of the product in detail.

Top features of the Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Most of the distinguishing features of the Finex skillet are about its design. It’s designed to be convenient and perform well. That’s what sets it apart from others. Here are the top features of this best cast-iron skillet at a glance.

Out of the box design

Every product has a few unique features that give them an edge over others. For Finex skillet, it’s been the design. The skillet has some stunning design aspects that take it to some other levels of excellence. Here’s what its design has in store for you.

This skillet has a vintage touch to its design. So if you’re like to add that flavor to your cookware, that’s not a tough ask. Just get yourself this skillet from Finex.

A handle is an extremely important part of a skillet. It’s meant to keep the cookware safe and comfortable to use. The Finex skillet has a handle that maintains that vintage touch but goes beyond your expectations. It’s a high-quality stainless steel spring handle with a gorgeous brass logo about designer’s details at its end. Also, it’s ergonomically designed for comfort and cools very quickly.

Another marvelous design feature with the Finex cast iron skillet is its shape. An octagonal pan isn’t what you see on a daily basis if you don’t own one. Again, this shape has a huge usability advantage. The shape lets you have the privilege of having 6 different pouring spouts, This makes pouring really easy and spill-safe.

Works with various cooktops

Ever wondered why the Finex cast iron skillet is a rage in the market? One of the reasons might be the versatility of the cookware. The skillet works fine with all kinds of cooktops and that makes it an option for all. You can use this skillet on your conventional stoves, electric stoves, gas stoves, and even induction stoves. This is the secret behind the huge sale that the skillet has garnered.

Cooks a variety of foods

Name it, and you can cook it on the Finex cast iron skillet. The skillet isn’t just versatile in its choice of stive but also for the foods that it cooks. This pan can help you cook a wide range of foods without any hassle. It can ideally be used for sauces, eggs, meat, etc. Also, it gives amazing results with salmon and steaks.

The Finex cast iron skillet comes in a couple of variants. Your choice includes the variant without a lid and the variant with a lid. If you own a pan without lid, you can buy the lid separately. The advantage of having a lid is that it gives you more options for foods to be cooked. With a lid, you can use the skillet for simmering, braising, and steaming as well.

Machine polished

The Finex skillet’s cooking surface is machine polished for a better finish. Add to that the elegance of the stone-tumble polishing and it’s a class apart. For an even improved finishing, the skillet also uses a pre-seasoning with the flaxseed oil.

Another surface feature that lets the Finex skillet excel is its ultra-polished surface which is satin smooth. The cooking surface is easy releasing qualifying as nearly non-stick. Also, the surface coating is chemical-free for the safety of your food.

Nearly non-stick finish

Before writing this Finex cast iron review, we carried out some tests on the product. To our surprise, we found a few things working surprisingly well for us.

One such thing that can be a huge advantage is that the skillet is almost non-stick. It’s a handcrafted product and yet the company is quite aware of the functionality of the cookware. Hence, you can be sure of eliminating the irritation of foods sticking to your pan.

Highly durable

The Finex cast iron pan is designed to last lifelong. Cast iron isn’t just affordable but is also highly durable. And with Finex-quality craftsmanship, you need not worry for several years to come. Give it the proper care and the skillet would keep cooking delicious foods year after year.

Quick Overview


  1. Designed to last lifelong
  2. Ideal for various types of cooking
  3. Works well with all kinds of cooktops
  4. Ergonomic, convenient, and speed cooling handle
  5. Pre-seasoned and use ready
  6. Nearly non-stick covering free from chemicals
  7. Octagonal multi-pour design


  1. A high-end product that’s quite expensive.
  2. Turns out to be a quite heavier as you would expect from a cast iron skillet.


Should you buy the Finex cast iron skillet? Going by what we read in this Finex cast iron review, we think you should totally buy it asap. It’s affordable, durable, safe, and produces great results. What else one could ask for?

This 10-inches pan is all about comfort, safety, and performance. The handle features an ergonomic design and quick cooling technology. Also, the octagonal shape gives you 6 pouring directions for easy and safe pours. The cooking surface is nearly non-stick and is machine polished. And to top it all, the skillet looks a class apart.

Need a gorgeous cast iron skillet that cooks delicious recipes? The Finex cast iron skillet is the way to go.

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