Foods That Start With A (+Recipes)

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Food is where all of our stories begin. It’s what makes our family our family; what we cook, how we cook it, is unique to us.

It’s also unique to our cultures. But today, the world is just a bit smaller and we can sweep ourselves to any corner of the world right in the kitchen.

So, here’s a list of all the foods all across the globe that we can try

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European Cuisine

Avocado Sandwich 

Every American social media influencer has, at one point, posted a picture of this. It’s as delicious as it is beautiful to look at. Avocadoes are very nutritious–they contain abundant vitamins, ions, and healthy fats. To top it off, when sandwiched in between bread, they make a full lunch meal.

Antipasto Salad 

This is an Italian classic. This dish is as deeply rooted in Italian traditions as it is fulfilling. Typically served as an appetizer, it will put anyone in the mood for a full course meal.

Aglio e Olio (Garlic & Olive Oil spaghetti) 

Authentic Italian dishes are simple, but sometimes less is more delicious.

If you ever want to make pasta at home and have very few ingredients, this pantry pasta will make a great midnight meal.

Chop some garlic, fry it in olive oil, add your spaghetti, and some pasta water, & viola! 

Credit: Simply Delicious

Aussie Meat Pie 

An icon in Australia and New Zealand, the meat pie is a classic snack to bring to cricket matches.

Filled with ground beef and a bunch of other ingredients, this is as Australian as it gets.

Not to mention that Vegemite, special to Australia, is a key ingredient here! 

Alfredo Sauce 

Everyone’s had Fettucine Alfredo at least once. If you did, you may have noticed the creamy, thick white sauce. This sauce is one of those things you just can’t get enough of. You can use this in pizza, in all types of pasta (not just fettucine), etc. I can’t get enough of it.

Apple Pie 

If you’ve watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, you know how delicious this looks. Apple pie dates back to the 1300s, England! Made with apples (obviously), dough, and other basic ingredients, this is a baked dessert family will love to eat together. 

Almond Macaroons

We know French cuisine for its desserts that just melt into your mouth. Macaroons are just that, and more. They’ll satisfy your sweet tooth right away.

Not to mention that when you add almonds into the equation, you get an extra crunch when you bite in.

Credit: Playdates Parties

Latin American & Caribbean cuisine


A popular street food dish from Mexico, acarajé, is made when beans, or black-eyed peas, are rolled in a ball, stuffed with pastes, and deep-fried. You can make these as a quick lunch snack. 

Ackee and Salted Codfish

This is Jamaica’s national dish! Since the tropical islands are full of soul, their seafood recipes are some of the best in the world. Ackee is a sweet fruit grown in the Caribbean, so when it is mixed with salt-fish, the flavor is unique and satisfying.

Arroz con Pollo

All cultures have that one home-made chicken and rice recipe that is just the best comfort food. This dish is a favorite of Latin Americans and can be a spicy, mouth-watering addition to the number of rice dishes you know how to cook.

Arroz Con Leche (Mexican Rice Pudding)

Rice pudding might just be the world’s earliest desserts. In Mexico, this has an extra twist to it: cinnamon. This dessert is simple to make but checks all the right boxes.

Mediterranean cuisine

Ajlouk Qura’a 

Tunisian spices are adored around the world. Harissa, Tunisian spice mix, garlic, peppers, and olive oil, and tossed with mashed zucchini to make this standout salad. You can make whole lunch out of this! 

Avgolemono Soup

Avgolemono, which stands for egg & lemon, is a soup dish made in Greece. When made with these, as well as chicken broth, this gives a whole new definition to the word soup. A must-try! 

Apple Beef Stew 

It is a savory delight made from apples, sweet potatoes, beef broth, and Moroccan spices. So you can imagine how delicious this must taste! Served with rice, this stew will sweep you right to Morocco on a rainy day. 

Artichoke and Red Pepper Pizza 

Pizzas are an international superstar. Upgrade your culinary skills by making this baked delight, topped with artichokes and red bell peppers. Eaten at its best as a midday snack. 

Arnavut Cigeri (Liver and Onions)

This is a Turkish delight, indeed! Made with lamb and veal livers, and served with onions and black peppers, this dish is as authentic as it gets. Also, this is easy to prepare.  Add your mix of favorite spices to it and be amazed! 

Credit: Ozlems Turkish Table

African cuisine


Nigerian food is as unique as it is nutritious. Adalu is beans and corn porridge. This is a one-pot recipe! Anyone planning to go vegetarian must try this to find out just how delicious no-meat recipes can be. 


Cabbage and potato is not a vegetable combination you would think to find delightful, but Ethiopians know how to serve it just right. This is a great little dish–maybe you can try it with other Ethiopian foods! 

Achar (Mozambique-style)

They make this from pickled, unripe mangoes–many cultures prefer that! However, what sets this apart is how achar is preserved with peri peri spice, mustard, and fennel seeds. Surprise your loved ones the next time they ask for something just the right amount of sour.

African Peri Peri Chicken

This recipe is the inspiration behind Nando’s, the South African food chain that took over the world. There are a lot of variations to this, depending on your taste buds, but the key ingredients are paprika, lemon, and chicken. You know the rest! 

Arabian Peninsula and Central Asian cuisine


Afghans delight us with some of the simplest, and finest, dishes. Ashauk, or pasta dumplings, are filled with tomato sauce, vegetables, and topped with mint and yogurt. Served especially at gatherings, they will probably be a show stopper at yours.


This traditional stew has been passed down from generation to generation in Iran. A delightful meal to have with some roti. This will immediately become a favorite of yours. Made with lamb, tomatoes, potatoes, chickpeas, and onions, this offers a wonderful blend of flavors.


Who doesn’t love vegetable soup from time to time? This Persian legume soup will check all your boxes if you want nutrition, flavor, and a wonderful aftertaste. Served hot, this makes a great appetizer.


The traditional Yemeni sweet dish, Areeka is made from crumbled bread and mashed dates. Add-ons can range from honey, spices, and cream. A staple dish of Ramazan, you can imagine how much energy this can give you when you’re low on it.


If the words Syrian sweet dumplings pique your curiosity, then you have to try these!

This is a deep-fried dessert in which balls of dough are dropped in hot oil and then soaked in sugar syrup, honey, and cinnamon. Best on a rainy day, with a hot cup of tea! 

Credit: Little Sunny Kitchen

South Asian cuisine

Aloo Bhorta 

If anyone knows how to bring the best out of potatoes, it is South Asia. This mashed potato dish, made with unique Bengali flavors, is fried in mustard oil and serves as the ultimate comfort food for people. 

Adiplo Parathas 

Originating in South India, this is one paratha that will make rounds when you serve it. Stuffed with prawns, and spiced to an inch of its life, you must try this as a breakfast at least once. 


This is Sri Lanka’s answer to pancakes. Rice batter and coconut milk go together well, no shocker there. You can make it either sweet or savory and serve it for breakfast or dinner. This creamy dish melts in your mouth!

Pan Asian cuisine

Agedashi Tofu

If you are planning to go vegan, this is the dish for you. The Japanese way of serving tofu – fried and served with tentsuyu broth–will fulfill all of your Asian food cravings. 

Adobo Chicken 

Served with steamed rice, this Filipino one-pot recipe is sure to bring something new to your table. This has a very distinct tangy yet sweet flavor because of peppercorns, vinegar, garlic, and soy sauce that marinate the chicken. 

Ayam Bakae Taliwang (Grilled Chicken)

This hearty dish belongs to a small island in Indonesia, Lombok. Grilled chicken is a simple dish that few can perfect, but here it is done right. Toss a whole jar of spice and some chili & garlic, and you will have this classic chicken dish.

Azuki ice cream

Japanese people adore red beans in desserts so they have perfected making them. Azuki (red bean) ice cream is perfect for a hot summer day when you just want to try something different.


So there you have it. A comprehensive list of all the foods that will eventually end up on your table, and sweep you on a journey of the world in the solace of your own home! Enjoy!


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