Foods That Start With D (+Recipes)

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Food is a universal language of love, community, and traditions.

Here is a list of foods from around the world that start with the letter D.

I hope you find this list useful and full of options to make in your next dinner!

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European & American cuisine

Devilled Kidneys

This is a Victorian-era dish that is just as royal as Victoria herself. When the English make something spicy, they call it ‘devilled’. So, it is no surprise that the dish is vibrant orange-red because of all the spices. Fresh kidneys are cooked alongside a beautiful bunch of ingredients to create this iconic dish.

Deep Dish Pizza 

The world was not used to the thick, cheesy pizza it has fallen in love with today. Only thin New York City slices were eaten then. Until Chicago stepped in. Bored with the constant praise of NYC for its pizza, they created this now legendary pizza – you know the story. Now go and order! 


Simple German sweets. How enticing! This dish’s origins are from 1600s Germany when the nation was at war. Food is the best peace offer one can give, and so a German baker threw in some dough, some butter, and whatnot, and gave the enemy people some Dampfnudel! 

Duck confit

Something about being French means you have to make the best duck recipes ever. Duck confit is made in the classic French style: season with the best, layer with the most aromatic vegetables, and roast in the finest oven until perfectly tender. Viola! There you have it! A classic French duck recipe.


This glistening fish from the waters of the Atlantic ocean. The French who catch it knows how to filet or roast it whole. This buttery tasting fish is lovely when cooked in the classic French methods: some butter here, some sauté there, a bit of magic, and there you have it! Daurade! 

Caribbean cuisine


Ah, the Caribbean! Full of the most distinct ingredients, the best mix of spices, and lovely food! This famous street snack from Trinidad proves to be just that. The invention of Trinidad, this curried chickpea and spicy flatbread is sure to fascinate you. Imagine yourself in hot, topical Trinidad as you eat this for breakfast.

Diri ak djon djon

Haiti, with its beautiful mountains and crystal-like beaches, has this aromatic soup to compliment the view. This Haitian black mushroom rice dish is sure to become a favorite of all rice lovers, and those who like the mushroom aftertaste. Be sure to garnish with authentic Haitian herbs.


Every person on Earth right now loves potatoes. Every culture has a potato dish that is just pure comfort! Antiguan boiled sweet potatoes are just that! Coconut and potato add a whole another dimension when mixed and boiled together, alongside spices, sugars, and raisins! 

Mediterranean cuisine


Turkish ice cream! This is an essential part of the Turkish sweet tooth, as well as wildly popular amongst tourists. This is because the ice cream vendors have become quite famous with their tricks in serving this ice cream, much to the delight of everyone! Made with cream, salep, mastic, and sugar, this will delight you too! 


If you think of Greece, you must think of a breath-taking land with food that has a distinct aroma. Alexander the Great used grapevine leaves to wrap food. His fellow Greeks have honored him by making this wonderful dish in which grape leaves are stuffed with pine nuts, herbs, and rice.

Delget Nour Dates

The “queen of all dates”, as they are known in their home-country, Algeria are just about the best fruits the Mediterranean has been able to produce. These are healthy like honey, taste like honey, and are used to make some of the finest desserts, just like honey! Serve it during celebrations, for these will lift everyone’s spirits. 

Doner Kebab

A global comfort food! Originating in the 1850s Bursa, Turkey, this food has made its place in the world. When it is being prepared, the lamb roasting vertically on an open flame is a joy to look at. When it is being put together by hand, the bun and kebab look like it is made just for you. No wonder then that this is loved by all! 


This beautiful rustic bread is a favorite of the island of Cyprus. All pieces of bread are precious because where would the world be without bread? This light yellow bread is made from corn flour and wheat that gives it this color. It is garnished with nigella and sesame seeds that refine it to perfection.

Middle Eastern cuisine


Although all of the Mediterranean enjoys stuffing scented leaves with a variety of ingredients, it is Iraq that is quite famous across the Middle East. If you like vegetarianism, you must grab onto this! Stuff rice with fine-cut vegetables, some pomegranate molasses, and few Iraqi spices, and you will not regret it! 


Dates are the be-all, end-all of the Middle Eastern desserts. This Iraqi date syrup, a natural (so, healthy!)  sweetener is used like Nutella is used: all over the place. It can be eaten with bread, yogurt, or multiple desserts – as bakeries can prove. Try this today, and give up sugar! 

South Asia

Dhon Riha

Maldives cuisine, also know as Divehi cuisine, is a mix of all the cuisines surrounding this beautiful country, but not without its uniqueness. Some of the most wonderful seafood comes from this place. Dhon Riha is a tuna curry with mango, coconut, tuna, ginger, and cinnamon. How refreshing! 


Indian cuisine can best be described as a melting pot. You can be expected to taste almost anything in that country. So, if some foods have come to be quite popular, they must be special. The dosa, from Tamil Nadu, is special. A thin pancake-like dish, anything can be wrapped in it. The dosa always enhances the flavor.

Doi Fuchka / Dahi Puri Chaat 

There’s a reason Bangladeshis are crazy for it! Eating this street food is such a good way to taste the spice, tangy, sweet, sour, umami, all at the same time. All because of the wonderful mix of ingredients used to create this – spice, vegetables, seeds, juices, chutneys! Make this if you want to have your mind blown! 

Dal Bhat

If anyone knows how to make rice and lentils go together in history as the ultimate comfort food, it is the Nepalese. So simple, yet elegant, this classic dish is served in a silver thali that will show you your reflection when you are done devouring this. Rice, with at least two daals, salad and achar is used to make this.

Source: International Cuisine

Pan Asian Cuisine

Drunken Noodles

The rumor is that a man walked intoxicated into a Thai noodle bar complaining of sleepiness and headache. The owner served him this fearsome fiery dish, and woke him right up!  Sautee all the classic Thai ingredients with peanut oil, add fish and oyster sauce, throw in your noodles and watch them become a beautiful color with a taste to boot!


These are frankly the best thing Asia has ever given us, even better than noodles. In the Far East, there are so many varieties we will grow old before we get to taste them! Nevertheless, the basic logic behind this is that if you whisk flour, baking powder & salt with oil, you can form dumplings with your own hands! 

Doenjang jjigae stew

Fermented soybeans! Seafood! Vegetables! Spices! All in one stew waiting for you at home, as you come from a tiring day. The Doenjang jjigae stew is one of the most popular homemade dishes in Korea. Steaming hot, bursting with flavor, and sizzling to the touch, it is no wonder it is a star.

Dynamite Sauce

Served at practically every sushi bar or cafe in Korea, the dynamite sauce tastes exactly as it sounds. Though everyone has a version of it they like, siracha hot sauce is a must. This will give it the exact level of bite you are looking for as you dip sushi or prawns in it. 

Dendeng Balado

If it’s chili spice you want, Indonesia has got it covered! This dish, which hails from Sumatra, Indonesia, is made from thinly cut and dried beef. Added to this is the sour lime juice. Marinated with spice and lime, the beef is just perfect for frying alongside garnishes such as shallots. Simply the best! 

Dau Phu sot ca Chua

Translated to “tofu in tomato sauce”, this simple and hearty dish is born when slabs of soy, deep-fried, are immersed in rich, fresh tomato with fine spring onions. The result is pure quality of taste as expected of Vietnamese cuisine. 

Source: Hungry Huy


So there you have it, some of humanity’s finest creations. Don’t forget to try this and enjoy all the great food we were able to create just because we wanted to satisfy our taste buds!


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