Foods That Start With E

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If there is one thing the corona pandemic reminded all of us, it is that we miss sharing food with loved ones.

Food has always been a way to bring all of us together, reconcile our differences, and laugh over the table.

This article will make you nostalgic for that time, and remind you to try these lovely dishes when the world opens up again. 

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European and American cuisine


This is a French word to describe a fine beef steak cut from the ribs. As it is such a premium cut, many high-end dishes are made from this. The beef is braised, in classic French fashion, and doused in an aromatic sauce that leaves a great aftertaste. Entrecôte is the reason French beef dishes taste so good. 

Épaule d’agneu

The soldier of lamb as it is called in French is another premium cut, this time of mutton instead of beef. A variety of lovely dishes can be made from this cut – èpaule d’ahneu rôtie – is a hearty dish of roasted lamb shoulder and mashed potatoes which will fill you up! 


It’s such a joy to compose your cheese platter. To have this French delicacy on it would be something else. Made from cow milk that has been salted just enough, this cheese is special because it has been soaked in a French drink. This gives it that custard soft texture. 


Swordfish, also called Espadon in Spanish, roam the mild waters of the Atlantic Ocean. These sword-nosed creatures are the perfect catch for Spaniards. Top with Marmita olive oil or Balsamic sauce, shallots, or ground mustard, this fish is bound to taste wonderful! 

Eggs Benedict

This breakfast is something Americans have truly made perfect. Eggs Benedict refers to a breakfast dish in which an English muffin, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce are served atop each other. This is a great way to start the day, as the New Yorkers who made it famous will tell you. 


Christmas time means jingle bells, presents, and stockings to beat the cold. Unlike those precious stockings, eggnog, a chilled but tasty drink, is made from milk, cream, and egg, of course. If you ever wondered what Christmas tasted like, try this and you will know. 

Eton’s Mess

Eton is a boarding school in England. Certainly, they are not allowed to make a mess! But when they do, it’s scrumptious. This iconic dessert is made when you whip in fresh strawberries, candy-sweet meringue, with fluffy whipped cream!

Source: Lost in Food


Like many things Australian, the emu is a mysterious creature. It is a bird that just happens to not fly. So, it is perfect for hunting. Emu meat is unique, nutritious, and so Australian! Fillet or roast, as you like! But try putting in other weird Australian foods, like vegemite.

South American cuisine

Escondidinho de Frango

Shepherd’s pies are loved in many countries because they represent history and simplicity. This Brazilian casserole is layered with some of the finest ingredients South America produces: cassava, cheese, and sun-dried beef. Comfort is good, indeed! 


Mexicans have perfected the art of wrapping great food in warm tortillas because they have been doing it for thousands of years! This dish consists of a corn tortilla that is filled and doused in a savory sauce. Corn, beans, meat, lentils, fruits! All can be used to make this! 

Source: Isabel Eats


A fish stew cooked with onions, as it translates to, is a perfect complement to Ecuador’s seafood-loving coastal towns. This vibrant orange dish is made from pickled red onion rings and boiled cassava. Toss in some Ecuadorian spices to make this appetizing dish. 


If anyone knows how to make empanadas, it is the natives from Argentina⁷! Empanadas are a pastry that goes back to the 1500s when the world was just exploring new foods. Like the samosa, empanada can be wrapped in all sorts of filling. 

Mediterranean cuisine

Eliche Pasta

Even though the eliche pasta is not as famous as its counterparts, macaroni or spaghetti, the eliche pasta holds a special place in the heart of Italians. This is because its supercoils absorb creaminess, and flavor so that each small bite is a delight! 

Ezogelin Soup

This has a bittersweet backstory, although the soup is mild! Zöhre was a beautiful bride, or Ezo Gelin, whose tragic marriage ended in divorce. Somehow, this created a soup filled with Turkish bulgur and red lentils. If you appreciate folk tales, you have to try this to live through one! 


Mezze Refers to an assortment of appetizers served in Turkey. Ezme Is one of the most popular mezzes as it is spicy and vegan. Mashed with a cleaver knife, onions, tomatoes, and garlic become great at absorbing Turkish spices! So this is a treat! 


This classic Portuguese garlic and vinegar sauce has been used to add some class and edge to the seafood caught in that country. The fish or seafood is coated with some favorite spices – paprika and saffron – and marinated in escabeche to give it that sour taste. It is not too bad that fresh vegetables are topped on this.

Spicy Octopus with Vinaigrette


Eggplant is a bitter vegetable that the Catalonians have used to their advantage. Eggplant is roasted alongside bell peppers, garlic, tomato, onion, and salt. Traditionally, these are roasted on an open fire or escalivar. This dish has a smoky flavor alongside the natural flavors of its ingredients.


All cultures love their omelet. They whisk it all with tenderness and care. ‘Eggah is the Arab’s omelet. When it is paired with traditional Arab spices (cinnamon, turmeric, and nutmeg…), and thickened by its meat and vegetable fillings, then this omelet becomes heaven to taste! 


Chickpeas are the darlings of the Mediterranean, and no one appreciates them like the Croatians! They have the power to make bread rise, even without any yeast! Eptazymo is a traditional Cretan bread made on special occasions. So bake this bread, feel fancy, dip into other fancy Cretan food, and enjoy! l

African cuisine

Egusi soup

This one-pot meal is sure to provide you warmth and comfort, Nigerian style. Egusi (melon), seafood, stock, salt n Peppa, are most of what you need for this soup to knock you off your feet. You eat this soup with your hand so Nigerians know to make it creamy, and flavourful! 

Efo Riro

This is the crown jewel in the cooking of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. This soup is unlike any you will taste! Efo Shoko and efo tete are used to make this. Because this is West African, it is unthinkable that we do not use palm oil & shaki, crayfish, and beef. Again, eat this with your hands for maximum delight.

Enkulal fir fir

Ethiopian food automatically becomes the best when it is invented. This scrambled egg dish has a lot of chilies, traditional spiced butter, onions/tomatoes. There is no better way to eat them than Dabo, Ethiopian bread. Host a memorable brunch when you serve these!  

Elmussalammiya soup

Sudanese were the first ones to discover wheat and bake it! In keeping with this passion for food, they created a very wholesome soup that is as fulfilling as it is wordy! This is made with simplicity – liver, spices, dates, wheat flour. Find yourself appreciating this historic country’s fine cuisine.


Sounds like a great name for an appetizer! Elmaraara is made from lamb liver which is mixed firstly with peanut butter. This gives it a unique flavor. Mixed in are onions and salt. Sudanese customs dictate you eat by hand, so dip yours in a dish you will not find anywhere else.

Central Asian cuisine

Estamboli Polo

This dish has the most beautiful orange hue. Since it is a Persian rice dish (which might have come from Istanbul) is going to give you carbs, protein, and flavor. This one-pot recipe will have you boiling rice, throwing in your beans, onions, and beef, and generously sprinkling with Persian spices.

Source: Yummy Notes

East Asian cuisine

Eggplant with Garlic Sauce

Eggplant has been known to be eaten since at least 618 AD in China! Garlic sauce has been the ultimate go-to when stir-frying anything! If these two are combined, we create a flavourful, decadent even, dish that will outshine any complex meat dish on the spot! 

Eggplant Mapo Tofu 

Mapo tofu is an absolute spice delight. Tofu is set in a spicy sauce that is traditionally made from fermented chili and fava beans. To fully load the spice train, the Sichuan peppercorn is added. This is the signature spice of Sichuan, China! When combined with bittersweet eggplant, the flavors become a class apart.

Egg Rolls

Who invented it and when is a big mystery. These are so iconic that every East Asian country claims they were invented there. These could be 80 years old, or a thousand! Regardless, this finger-licking dish is made when wheat flour skin is filled with shredded veggies & meats, and fried to the perfect golden brown! 

Source: Carls Bad Cravings


When the world goes back to normal, let us try these dishes. Some of these have survived greater pandemics, wars, etc… but still brought people together when it mattered.


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