Foods That Start With J

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Sometimes, judging a book by its color is acceptable especially when it comes to food because how else would you be so mesmerized by the dish that you’re presented with?

It is amazing how just a few pinches of spices and herbs can transform a dish into something you are truly charmed by. Here is a list of dishes to make to impress your loved ones:

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European cuisine

Jam Roly Poly

The English come up with some of the most adorable names for their dessert. This is a baked treat in which dough, laced with vanilla extract and seut, is baked in a deep roasting over. Of course, some jam is also layered on the dough. It’s called a roly-poly because you roll up the dough! 


The Aussies love their junk food, and every child gets watery mouthed at the mention of Jaffas, an authentic Aussie orange-red candy. Served at birthday parties, Jaffas are associated with being carefree, gleeful, and whatnot. Fill your mouth up with this candy and taste the nostalgia! 


The jaffle is another cherished Australian treat. This is the name given to a sandwich made in…the jaffle iron! You can put practically anything on the sandwich and it will come out toasty, smoky, and wholesome. Australians love their barbeques and their camping trips so no wonder the jaffle is iconic! 

Jambon Beurre 

The French love their baguettes for their taste and for the joy of holding a very pretty-looking bread. The Jambon Beurre is a ham and butter sandwich – in a baguette. Simply slice a firm baguette down the side and coat with butter. Then add your ham slices. This easy dish is a favorite of Parisians! 

South American & Caribbean cuisine

Jalapeño Poppers

Like all things American, this dish has origins in another country: Mexico. However, that recipe has been transformed into something entirely modern, as Americans are fond of doing. The famous dish is made from jalapeño poppers stuffed with cheese and spices, then deep-fried! Spicy! 


Ah, Guatemala! The land of pearly blue coasts and the smell of chicken simmering in tomatillo-cilantro sauce. Sounds divine. Jocón is food that defines Mayan cuisine: it’s gorgeous to look at, the most nutritious vegetables are thrown in, and then some aromatic seeds to make this star dish! 


This is Peru’s religious dish, made in honor of the apostle St. John the Baptist. This dish is cooked at festivals because it is wrapped like a present! Juane has a rice base and some unique ingredients: banana leaves, seasoning, olives, and eggs! Make Juane and celebrate like a Peruvian! 


Like much of the Americas, Peru has marvelous coastlines brimming with tasty seafood catch. The Jalea, which is a seafood assortment, doesn’t let you miss out on any flavor. Common seafood is breaded and deep-fried to create an aroma that you can always associate with Peru.

Jug Jug 

It is Christmas time in Barbados, and this hearty dish is brought from the kitchen like every year since the 1600s! Jug jug is a festive dish made from pigeon peas and meat. Of course, classic Caribbean spices are added.  This stew is an easy one-pot recipe so make it ASAP! 

Jamaican Mackerel Rundown

If it’s seafood, you can trust Jamaica to do its best! This gorgeous dish is best eaten by the beach on a nice relaxing weekend. It’s called a rundown because classic Jamaican spices are mixed in with coconut milk and then salted mackerel is added. This fish defines Jamaican cuisine! 


This Haitian pumpkin soup is traditionally cooked on Independence Day! This hearty pumpkin soup can put anyone in the mood to celebrate. It’s made from calabaza squash, beef, epis seasoning mixture, and has welcoming orange tones! It’s no wonder the Joumou eating tradition has lived on! 

Source: Food Fidelity

Jerk Chicken

This dish is truly the darling of Jamaica! A Jamaican invention through and through, the jerk chicken is made from a concoction of spices and chicken. Allspice, hot peppers, and thyme make your taste buds sing. Then, this chicken is thrown on a grill to sizzle away in spice and juice! 

African cuisine

Jollof Rice 

This truly is a Sub-Saharan superstar! If your mom knows how to make Jollof rice well, you are in luck. This orange-red rice dish gets its mesmerizing hue from the spices and vegetables put in: blended tomatoes, onions, scotch bonnet peppers, red pepper flakes, and cayenne pepper! Sounds like spice heaven! 

Source: Urban Farmie

South Asian cuisine

Jeera Aloo

If it’s vegetarian, you can trust Indians to make thousands of recipes from it. The jeera aloo, however, is special. It’s special firstly because it has gorgeous yellow tones. Secondly, because it’s as Indian as it gets. Potatoes are fried in ghee, and spices (cumin, Indian spice, chili powder) are generously sprinkled on top! 

Juvar no Rotlo

The Gujarati cuisine has an astounding number of dishes! Varying in spice, texture, oo la la factor, the juvar no rotlo takes the culinary cake! This paratha like flatbread has an earthly tang. The dough is simple but hearty. It’s a combination with other classics, such as ghee, jaggery, and eggplant that elevate this! 


The streets of Calcutta, India are filled with aromas and spices that make you sneeze! The Jhalmuri is nicely wedged in the hands of many Bengali street foodies because it is simply irresistible! Puffed rice is tossed around with chanachur, peanuts, green chili, and mustard oil to make this terrific snack! 


Although referred to as jalebi in many parts of the world, this sweet fritter stands out across the subcontinent because chana and paneer are swirled around in flour before being dipped in a syrup dripping with sweet. Jilapi is dunked in the syrup for hours so you can understand why it’s the Bangladeshi sweet! 

Jaffna Crab Curry

Sri Lanka, the tear-shaped island, is home to the juiciest seafood catch. Where there is a crab, there is a curry! This reddish-orange dish is made from traditional Sri Lankan spices: curry leaves, caramelized onion, garam masala and so much more. Light crab meat is then fried in them!


If anyone has ever scoffed at vegan food, they haven’t met juma! Although sausages are always made from animals, Bhutanese cuisine is known for its creativity and made from rice, dough, and Sichuan pepper which is known for its bite! The juma is crunchy, spicy, and vegan! 

Jasha Maru

Chicken stew is the ultimate comfort food of many people across the world. Bhutanese, like all of us, enjoy dipping their hands into some good old zestful stew. This rustic dish is cooked in tomatoes, onions, and leeks. Of course, in true Bhutanese fashion, spices are doused atop. 

Source: Patterns of Humanity


Something about dough sliced into a long pasta shape has humanity twisted around its little finger. The Jangpaling is a simple pasta dish with green veggies added to give it that healthy crunch and spices and Sichuan pepper to give it that bite. This comfort food is proof that simplicity can be delightful. 


Bhutan is home to some of the world’s most luscious greenery. This minty green soup reflects that. This broth is made from turnip leaves and other light vegetables, butter, and milk. This gives it the silky texture that just coats your mouth with richness and comfort! 

Pan Asian cuisine

Jagung Bose

Jagung Bose is food from far-off Indonesia. Thus, it is bound to be unique and delicious. This red bean dish has a soft texture and a vivid color. The softness comes from the famed coconut milk and the colors come from the beans and corn. If you go to Timor without truing this, why did you go?

Jiu Hu Char 

Sometimes side dishes can steal the show! The Nyonya people have been cooking this for the Chinese New Year for a long time and so its flavors must be brilliant! Fresh lettuce is used to coat around Chinese mushrooms, soy sauce, jicama, cuttlefish and so much more! 


This dish is named after the fearsome emperor Genghis Khan! The Japanese, ever creative, named their fiery, smoky, and iconic dish when they realized the grill they cook this lamb dish on resembled the great emperor’s war helmet. Today, jinjisukan restaurants line the streets of Hokkaido! 


The Chinese Lunar New Year is quite a sight to behold. Fiery dragons in shades of red and orange, vivid dresses that make everyone look like royalty…and jiazo – a dumpling dish that seals the whole deal. Dumplings, with their delicious fillings and silky texture, truly make everything special. 

Source: China Sichuan Food


So there you have it! A list of foods that start with J from around the world. These dishes will take you through a vivid journey that involves aromatic spices, old myths and legends, and a whole dollop of flavor! 


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