Foods That Start With K

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Good food is what connects the diverse cultures of the world. It has the power to bring people of different countries, backgrounds, and traditions to come together and appreciate a delicious plate of food.

Therefore, get ready to go on a tasty journey with multiple cuisines and their specialties for must-try.

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Asian cuisine

Korean fried rice

Korean rice has that perfect blend of flavors you would want from a rice dish. The spicy rice combined with meat and vegetables provides you with the complete nutritional package and a delicious experience worth trying. There being various types of the dish available, you can easily find a recipe seasoned to your liking.


Kebabs are seasoned meat rolls with a Middle Eastern origin, and just about the perfect protein-rich dish for a delightful mealtime. Whether you’re putting together a formal gathering or just a nice home-cooked meal for your family, kebabs are the perfect food item to serve. You may even serve it with different sauces or pickles to enhance the piquancy!


A traditional Korean dish, Kimchi is the perfect mix of salted and fermented veggies to offer the most delightful taste. Often used as a side dish, this easy-to-make cuisine will enhance the essence of any meal. The spring onions, garlic, ginger, and radishes will provide you all the nutritional value of a proper salad whilst also spicing up your food in the best way.

Koshihkari rice

Koshihkari is a type of starch-rich rice cultivated in Japan. The rice may be prepared in a multitude of ways, you may make them with garlic and vegetables, serve them with curry or simply eat on their own for an energy-rich meal.

Kohlrabi curry

Kohlrabi curry is a delicious and nutritious dish made from German Turnips. It is spiced with chili flakes and different types of seasoning, often crushed peanuts, coconut, and a twist of lime to give the curry a unique tang. The dish is often served with tortillas.

Kadai chicken

This spicy Asian cuisine is just what your taste buds desire! Made in gravy with chilies and tomatoes, this ever so delicious dish is guaranteed to be a hit anywhere that it’s served. It is generally served with naan bread or tortillas, but may also be eaten along with rice for a sapid experience. Safe to say it is amongst the favorite dishes of South Asian culture!

Kumquat marmalade

Marmalades come in many flavors, none more delicious than Kumquat. Kumquat is an orange-like fruit native to SouthEast Asia which has a sweet and sour taste which makes the marmalade taste like no other. It is typically used as a spread on top of toast.


Korma, like Kadai, is another popular South Asian dish. You may make it with any meat of choice be it chicken or beef, it will certainly turn out delicious. The dish is made up of meat sauteed with yogurt and spices inside a thick gravy sauce. It also has historical importance as the dish was a popular one amongst the Mughals and is reported to have been served to Shah Jehan and his guests upon the inauguration of the Taj Mahal.

Kale salad

Want a healthy side dish to your meal? A kale salad is a way to go! With a little dressing and seasoning, this salad will go great with just about any main course meal. Kale itself has numerous nutritional properties which will make sure you have the healthiest eating experience.

Kung Pao Chicken

In the mood for some protein-rich Chinese food? Kung Pao Chicken is one of the best options you have. This spicy and savory stir-fried dish is the perfect blend of chicken, veggies, nuts, and chilies which will leave you craving for more! It may be eaten on its own or poured over rice for a delectable combination.

Kudzu blossom jelly

This yummy jelly is made from Kudzu, a plant native to Asia and Pacific islands. It is super easy to prepare, requiring only boiling water, sugar, lemon juice, pectin, and Kudzu blossoms. The jelly can be eaten on its own or topped over some dessert!


Kedgeree is a dish that can be served anytime anywhere with just a few minutes of preparation. All you require are boiled eggs, rice, curry, and smoked haddock. The final product is a rice-based dish with the most delicious seasonings. It is often consumed as a breakfast dish. Recipes for this delicious cuisine are readily available on the internet.

Ketembilla fruit butter

Ketembilla fruit butter is a preservative made from Ketembilla, a fruit plant native to Sri Lanka and South India. The preservative is quick and easy to make, requiring only sugar, water, and ketembilla. You can eat it as a toast spread, or use it as a topping on ice creams and pancakes. It stays fresh for a long time so you may store it in your refrigerator for long-term usage.

European cuisine

Kiwi bars

If you are fond of fruits, you will most definitely love Kiwi bars. These bars are made of chopped kiwi fruit inside a baked crust, making an incredibly healthy and delicious snack. They may also be served with some vanilla ice cream for even more of a scrumptious experience!


If you are a fan of dumplings, a knish is just the dish for you. Made with delicious filling covered with some freshly baked dough, this dish is the perfect way to serve your appetite. It may be served at dinner or even as a light snack at tea times!


If you like coffee as well as liquor, Kahula is just the drink for you! This Mexican beverage is great for parties as well as small get-togethers. It provides the perfect blend of coffee and rum which leaves a person feeling delightful after consumption.


Kielbasa is a sausage popularly used in Polish cuisines. There are different types available for you to pick according to your preference, including chicken, lamb, turkey, and beef. Kielbasa sausages may be served along with a salad or on their own. 

Source: Taste of Artisan


This German brandy is the perfect drink for parties and formal gatherings and may also be used in cooking. It can be utilized in cakes and also as a flavourful dressing in fruit salads. It is also used in many delicious cocktails.

Kettle corn

Kettle corn is a widely eaten snack just light enough to satisfy your appetite yet leave you wanting more. A perfect snack for movies and road trips, kettle corn is a seasoned variety of popcorn with a little sugar, salt, and oil. It was earlier made inside kettles which resulted in the name but is now cooked inside various cookware including saucepans and ovens.

American cuisine

Kale chips

Looking for some nutritious, healthy, easy-to-make food with incredible taste? Kale chips are just the low-calorie snack you need. This rich in vitamins vegetables will not only fulfill your dietary requirements but leave you with a satisfied appetite. With a simple 3-step recipe, the dish works great as a salad, a side dish or an appetizer, or even a healthy road snack.

Kingfish steaks

Kingfish steaks are a great cuisine for all seafood lovers out there! Usually prepared with lemon, garlic, and butter, it would make a perfect serving for any lunch or dinner. The steaks may be grilled or even cooked according to preference.

Kidney beans

Kidney beans are a nutritious food source that may be utilized in more ways than you can imagine! Be it some aromatic curry or a salad, these beans can work with almost anything. They go great with rice as well! These beans are also rich in protein, meaning you can make them a part of your diet if you wish to start a fitness routine for maximum nutritional gains.

Kosher pickles

Kosher pickles are the perfect side to your meal if you want to add a tangy taste to your food. These allow you to acquire the nutritional benefits of cucumbers all the while blessing your tastebuds with delightful sourness.

Kumara wedges

Kumara is another name for sweet potato. These tasty veggies are baked like regular potatoes in the form of wedges and served as a side dish to many different types of meals. The wedges may be baked or roasted according to your preference.

King crab legs

King crab legs are fondly eaten by people around the world. There are various ways to season king crab meat for you to choose from according to your preference. Due to their size, king crab legs can be plentifully consumed. King crabs are also pretty expensive, but rightfully so given their size and the quality of the meat.


Here was a list of food items starting with the letter K, with different types of fruits, vegetables as well as meat-based foods for you to read about. The list is also super culturally diverse, ranging from tropical food to Pacific to South Asian cuisines. Hope you enjoyed the mouth-watering journey!


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