Foods That Start With N

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Want an appetite-inducing read? Be prepared to feel hungry as you may soon find yourself excited to try most of the dishes given below. 

Here is a full list of delicious recipes form around the world that start with the letter N.

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Asian cuisine


Noodles are a popular type of food made out of flat dough which is cut into strings. They are often dried and stored for future usage. When needed, they are simply boiled in water and added with sauces, seasonings, and vegetables to taste. There are several different types of noodle recipes used across the world. Noodles are popular Chinese cuisine but are widely eaten all across the world in various forms. Some common noodle-based dishes include egg noodles, chicken Chow Mein and Lo Mein.

Naan bread

Naan bread is a commonly eaten food in Asia and parts of the Caribbean. It is traditionally made inside a tandoor. The bread is made to rise with yeast which gives it a doughy texture. It is typically served with gravy or something savory. Ask any South Asian person and they will attest to the fact that there is nothing quite like fresh Naan bread straight out of the tandoor!

Nutmeg pudding

Nutmeg is a ground spice that grows on an evergreen tree. A pinch of nutmeg makes any recipe instantly better and aromatic. It is often added to puddings to boost up the flavor. Nutmeg puddings are super easy to make, just like regular puddings but with a teaspoon of nutmeg and a honeycomb.

Noodle soup

Noodle soup is a dish consisting of noodles and other ingredients served in a stew. Various types of noodles are used to make the meal, including rice noodles, wheat noodles, and egg noodles. It is a particularly popular dish in East Asia.


Natto is a traditional dish from Japan that is prepared using fermented soybeans. It is frequently consumed as breakfast food. Natto is often served with sauces such as mustard, soy, or tare sauce, and is sometimes also eaten along with rice.

Napa cabbage salad

Napa cabbage salad is a highly appetizing salad made with Chinese cabbage as the key ingredient. It is dressed with soy sauce, vegetable oil, and rice vinegar and seasoned with black peppers. Other ingredients may be added to taste, but commonly baked almonds, cilantro, and scallions are added.

Nectarine smoothie

Nectarine smoothie is a mouth-watering beverage made from Nectarine fruit. Nectarine is a peach in appearance like fruit except it does not have a fuzzy exterior like peach does, but is more fragrant, giving the smoothie a tempting aroma. The smoothie often contains banana chunks, vanilla yogurt, orange, and honey blended along with nectarine.

Nashi pear and pomegranate salad

If you love fruit salads, Nashi pear and pomegranate salad is a distinctly flavored salad you will become fond of. Native to East Asia, nashi pear is a sweet, juicy type of pear with a crispy texture which makes every last bite of the salad delicious. Pomegranate adds a sour and juicy touch to the dish and makes it even more appetizing.

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is a traditional Indonesian dish made with fried rice. It consists of fried rice along with meat and vegetables. It is a nutrition-rich meal and has many different variations cooked around the world in different cultures. Nasi Goreng has a lot of nutritional value as well. It is full of fiber, protein, and carbohydrates which are all valuable additions to a person’s diet.

Nori salad

Nori is dry seaweed frequently used in Japanese dishes. Nori salads often contain pickled Nori and can be served with almost anything! Nori is rich in nutrition which makes the salad super healthy. The salad contains magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and many vitamins as well, which makes it a nutritious side dish for your food.

European cuisine

Nettles with pasta sauce

Nettle is a flowering plant native to Europe. They are cooked for a healthy snack or to be used as a salad. Nettles are prepared by first washing the leaves, immersing them in boiling water (not for too long though, or else they might shrivel up!), drying, chopping up, and putting them into pasta sauce.


Navettes are a kind of French butter cookies. They are super easy to bake! All you need to add is flour, egg, sugar, olive oil, orange extract, salt, milk, and yeast. The resulting product is sweet and energy-rich; just what you would want from an instant baked snack.

Mediterranian cuisine


Nougat is a popular, healthy confection made out of roasted nuts mixed with honey, egg whites, and candied fruit. These are found in the shape of little snack bars and are widely eaten in various countries of the world. It has a dry crunchy texture and tastes moderately sweet, making them an excellent light snack for daytime snacking or road trips.

Nantua sauce

Nantua sauce is a fish-based buttery condiment that can be served as a side to any meal. It is made with crayfish, shallots, butter, and heavy cream. Alternatively, other fish such as shrimps may be used.


Natillas is a dish of Spanish origin. It is a custard dish prepared with eggs and milk. The dish has a thick, creamy texture with a sweet taste and a vibrant yellow color. It is often topped with ground cinnamon for a delightful improvement.

Neeps and tatties

Neeps are a kind of turnip, and who doesn’t like turnips? They are also called Rutabaga and are a hybrid between turnips and cabbages. They are typically planted in the summer and harvested in the fall time. There are several popular ways to eat neeps. Neeps and tatties are a common dish made with neeps and potatoes, giving you a perfect nutrition-filled meal.

American cuisine


Nachos are a dish native to Mexico. They are made of heated tortilla chips served with molten cheese or ranch as a starter course or snack. They are also sometimes used as topping over other meals. Nachos make the perfect snack for movie nights and parties! Despite originally being a South American dish Nachos are now a favorite crunchy appetizer all around the world.

Navy bean soup

Navy bean soup is a rich soup typically made with Navy beans, ham hock, juice, onion, broth, water, and salt. Navy beans are small white beans with an ovular shape and are rich in protein and carbohydrates; therefore the soup is a good source of energy. The soup can be served as an appetizer before a meal or served on its own.

Nutella biscuit delight

If you are a chocolate lover, you would hardly be unfamiliar with Nutella. It is loved on its own and loved even more as a part of the Nutella biscuit delight. This delight is made by layering the hazelnut flavored chocolate spread along with whipped cream over a plain biscuit base and top with nuts. The dessert is a staple amongst many sweet lovers.


Nuggets are one of the most loved fast food items amongst kids. Made with ground chicken mixed with bread crumbs, these fried chicken pieces are often eaten as a side to other fast food or on their own with a side of ketchup. Being widely popular, you can easily find nuggets at any local fast-food chain outlet. Nuggets are commonly made out of chicken, but beef nuggets and mutton nuggets are also eaten by people around the world.

Nutter butter cookies

Nutter butter cookies are a popular type of biscuits consisting of two dry butter wafers with a creamy filling in between them. They are shaped like peanuts which make them a visually appealing snack. These cookies are made with real peanut butter. If you want an energy-filled snack to feed your untimely appetite, have a sweet tooth after a hearty meal, or simply want some dry snacks for a road trip, nutter butter cookies are the way to go!

Navel orange juice

Navel orange juice is a refreshing drink made by juicing navel oranges. These fruits are just like oranges but have thick rinds which are easily peelable and deep orange. The juice tastes just the right blend of sweet and sour, much like the trademark taste of most citrus fruits.

Nesselrode pie

If you are as big a fan of pies as we are, you are bound to love Nesselrode pie. This is prepared in different ways, the key ingredients being chestnuts, sugar, gelatin, eggs, cream, milk, and vanilla for the filling and chocolate, cream, sugar, cherries, and pie crust for the assembly. It is a rich dessert that will satisfy your tastebuds and fill your appetite.


All in all, every cuisine has its charm and must be tried by every food-lover. You can get the joy equivalent to traveling to a country by trying its food. We hope you’re feeling hungry by now and would love to try an item from the list. 


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