Foods That Start With R

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A hearty meal makes every situation better. Oscar Wilde states in his book “A Woman of No Importance, “After a good dinner one can forgive anybody.”

There is something about filling your stomach up with the right food that makes one’s mood infinitely better.

Here is a list of some appetizing foods starting with the letter R. Let’s have a look.

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Asian cuisine


Rice is probably the most widely eaten cereal crop in the world. Believed to have originated in China, it is prepared in a multitude of ways including boiling, frying, and cooking. Rice is not only delicious but also rich in carbohydrates and an excellent energy source.


Roti is a circular-shaped bread originally from the Indian subcontinent. It is made from wheat flour traditionally referred to as ‘atta’ and water which is used to make the dough for roti. It is prepared by flattening the dough in a round shape using a rolling pin and heating it over a pan until it is cooked. It is often eaten along with curry dishes.


Ramen is a soupy noodle dish with a Japanese origin. The soup is typically spiced with soy sauce or miso. The noodles are generally topped with nori, eggs, or pork meat. Ready-to-cook ramen is also a popular snack around the world which is simply boiled and seasoned with packaged flavoring. These soupy noodles have different flavors to choose from but are equally loved by all.

Radish soup

Radish soup is a yummy vegetable soup made which is highly nutritious and has great health benefits. It is also super easy to make. The soup is made with olive oil, garlic, vegetable stock, salt, pepper, and mashed radishes. You may garnish it with some chili or pepper. The soup makes an excellent starter dish, as well as a highly nutritious yet light meal for the sick.

Pan-American cuisine

Refried beans

Refried beans is a traditional cuisine of cooked and mashed beans originally from Mexico. It is a super easy dish to make and rich in Sodium and fiber. It can be eaten on its own or spread in burritos or quesadillas.


Ribs are pieces of meat typically roasted, grilled, baked, or fried. They can be made with goat ribs, beef ribs, or pork ribs. Ribs are frequently served with salads or a side of potato chips.

Rum cake

Rum cake, as the name suggests, is a type of cake containing rum as an ingredient. They are a traditional holiday delight made with dried fruit immersed in rum and then put into cake dough. The cake dough is prepared with caramelized sugar.

Reindeer meat

Reindeer meat is a popular dinnertime meal in Norway. It may be smoked, grilled, or baked. Sausages made from reindeer meat are also prepared and used on pizzas. The meat has a very distinct and rich taste to it which you will never forget.


A rundown is a Jamaican stew cuisine eaten in several Caribbean countries. The dish is made with soup made from coconut milk with an assortment of seafood servings inside it. Different types of seasonings are added to make the dish even more flavorsome.

Rice Krispie treats

Rice Krispie treats are a cereal snack that can easily be made at home. All you need to do is melt butter in a saucepan, add marshmallows and stir until the mixture has melted completely. Add Rice Krispies cereal into the mix and stir until all the cereal gets coated. Separate into 2-inch square pieces and allow to cool. Your rice Krispy treats are ready to eat!

Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake is a yummy layered chocolate cake topped with ermine icing. Its distinctive feature is that it has an aesthetic red hue brought out by food coloring. This cake is perfect for parties and occasions and is not only delicious but also a highly aesthetic addition to your dessert counter.

Red beans and rice

Red beans and rice is a commonly consumed food combination. It is traditionally made at the beginning of the week using leftovers from the past week with red beans, veggies, spices, and meat cooked together and served along with rice. This yummy dish is made in different varieties.


Rickey is a refreshing cocktail made from gin or bourbon. It is mixed with carbonated water to add fizz and a twist of lemon for a gentle sour taste. Almost no sugar is added to the drink so that it retains its original essence. A rickey served on the rocks is just what you would want on a warm evening.

Reuben sandwich

Reuben sandwich is a grilled sandwich of American origin. It consists of corned beef, Swiss cheese, fermented cabbage, and Russian dressing, grilled in the middle of rye bread slices. This meaty sandwich is easy to make and perfect for picnics and teatime snacks.

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout is a delicious and nutritious fish that can be prepared in different ways. Baked rainbow trout is a highly scrumptious dish made by marinating the trout with lemon, pepper, garlic, salt, and oil. The light marination retains the natural zest of the fish while seasoning it to perfection. It is often served with a side of vegetables such as asparagus.

European cuisine

Raisin cookies

Raisin cookies are chewy, yummy biscuits made like typical cookies but with raisins and oats. These cookies work great as a breakfast snack as well as any other time of the day. They are easily available in bakeries and super easy to bake at home as well!

Rabbit curry

Rabbit curry is a dish made with rabbit meat inside some delicious gravy. It is often spiced with cassia, cumin, cardamom seeds, and various kinds of spices. Rabbit meat is a less commonly eaten meat but worth a try!

Roast chicken

Roast chicken, as the name implies, is made by roasting chicken on a grill or stove. It is a delicious way to prepare chicken as it retains the meat’s original taste while adding a smoky flavor to it. Roast chicken is typically marinated with garlic, lemon, oil, and spices before roasting.

Roast beef

Roast beef is a beef dish typically prepared on a grill. The meat is cut and marinated before leaving to be heated on a grill. While roasting, one should start with a high temperature and then let it slowly heat up at a low temperature to let it get thoroughly cooked. The dish works great as a main course while its leftovers may be utilized in sandwiches and salads.


Ravioli is a shell-shaped type of pasta with a filling inside it. It is available in different shapes like circular, semi-circular, and square. Ravioli is served either in broth or with some sauce.


The dish might pop a name in your mind from a Pixar animated film featuring a rat. It is a French stewed vegetable-based dish originating in the city of Nice. The basic ingredients used in this cuisine are tomato, garlic, onion, zucchini, brinjal, capsicum, and traditional herbs. The dish is often served as a main course.


Rigatoni is one of many exquisite variations of pasta shapes. These are shaped like little tubes like elbow macaroni but with less curvature. They are often made with tomato paste and cheese and seasoned with peppers.

Rye bread

Rye bread is a sort of bread that is made with different types of rye flour. The bread may be light or dark-colored; it depends on the type of flour that is used and also on the number of coloring agents added. Rye bread is generally denser than bread made from wheat flour.

Roasted Asparagus

Roasted asparagus is a healthy veggie snack that is super easy and quick to prepare. It can be eaten on its own or as a side dish with the main course. All you need to make this tasty dish is olive oil, parmesan cheese, trimmed asparagus, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and garlic. If you’re not a fan of the bitter asparagus taste, this dish is perfect for you as it mellows down the bitterness to a great extent.


Rolls are small, round pieces of bread served alongside meals. They can be eaten on their own or sliced in transverse sections to stuff with filling. Rolls can also be used to make sandwiches or utilized like bun slices.

Raspberry pie

Raspberry pie is easy to make and fast to finish due to its delightful sweetness. It consists of a crusty base with a sweet and sour raspberry filling inside it. This dessert is perfect for all occasions.

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When it comes to food, there is always plenty to talk about. Being rich in not only flavor but also culture and history, food is nothing short of an excellent conversation piece with so much to learn about. Even a single cuisine in the food world has multitudes of stories within its roots and culture which are beyond fascinating. We hope you found this article to be highly interesting and to your liking.


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