Foods That Start With V

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Everyone has a favorite food. For some, it is a traditional meal, while for others it may be a sweet dessert to satisfy their sugar cravings. While food preferences develop and change with time, what doesn’t ever change is the joy and comfort brought by food.

What is there not to love about food? Irish-American writer and teacher Frank McCourt once stated: “After a full belly all is poetry.” In our experience, this could not be any truer. Food can uplift a person and make them notice the finer things in life.

Here’s a list of foods beginning with V, and we hope you enjoy it v much, pun intended.

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Continental cuisine

Vanilla bean creme brulee

Creme brulee is a French specialty that tastes deliciously flavored with vanilla beans. Vanilla bean creme brulee is super easy to make, with hardly 6 ingredients required. The dessert is topped with caramelized sugar which compliments the vanilla to perfection.


Vatrushka is a pastry dish native to East Europe. It is made in the form of a circular dough centered with a quark, which is made by chunks of fruit or raisins. Some variations also have a cream cheese filling which makes a delightful energy-rich snack. This dish is perfect to serve at tea time!


Vichyssoise is a soup with a thick consistency. It is made with boiled leeks, onions, cream, potatoes, and chicken stock. This type of soup is generally served cold but may also be consumed hot if preferred.

Source: Philos Kitchen

Vitello tonnato

Vitello tonnato is a traditional Italian dish made with slices of veal served in a thick fish sauce. The fish sauce is generally made from tuna, capers, and anchovy. The dish is topped with whole capers.


Viennoiserie is baked items made using yeast as a raising agent. It is made in a similar way to bread but has additional ingredients. They are sweeter than bread and are often eaten as breakfast food.

Vori Vori

Vori Vori is a viscous soup of a yellowish color, with small balls which are made of cornflour and cheese. It is also called corn dumpling soup. This is a very good starter dish for your meal!


Vol-au-vent is a puff pastry hollow from within. It is topped with a variety of toppings. This yummy snack is originally from France. Vol-au-vents can be consumed as snacks or served as a side dish with a meal.

Vienna sausages

Vienna sausages are cylindrical meaty snacks made with minced meat in a casing made of sheep intestines. They are traditionally made with beef or pork. They can be eaten on their own or put inside a sandwich and topped with mustard and ketchup.

Venison Bourguignon

Venison Bourguignon is a dish made from deer meat. Deer meat is rich in nutrition and one of the healthiest kinds of red meat as it is full of protein, iron, and vitamin B. It is also low in fat, making it optimal for people who are cautious about their cardiovascular health.

Veal piccata

Veal piccata is a dish of Italian origin. It is made with veal cutlets, flour, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, lemon, capers, butter, parsley, and veal stock. This yummy dish would make a perfect serving at the dinner table!

Velvet Pioppini

Velvet Pioppini is a type of edible mushroom with a distinct taste. They can be seasoned and cooked to eat, as they have a rich texture and an earthy taste. The stalks of the mushroom are also edible. These mushrooms may be topped on pizzas and pasta or cooked and eaten as they are.

Vegetable macaroni

Vegetable macaroni is a yummy pasta recipe made with elbow macaroni mixed with a combination of different chopped vegetables. The macaroni may be spiced with various chilies or enjoyed with pasta sauce as per your preference! Some recipes also include chicken.

Source: The Comfort Of Cooking

Indian cuisine

Vada pav

Vada pav is a yummy vegetarian fast food originating from Maharashtra, India. It consists of a bun sliced in the center and stuffed with a deep-fried potato dumpling. It is also known as the Bombay burger.

Vegetable biryani

Vegetable biryani is a spicy rice recipe made with basmati rice added with an assortment of veggies, herbs, and spices. The dish is perfect to serve on any occasion and as opposed to chicken biryani, is also vegan-friendly! The dish may also be garnished with nuts and dry fruit.


This Indian curry dish is popular in several parts of India including Goa, Vasai, and Kerala. The dish is extremely spicy and is made with various types of meat, such as mutton, pork, or beef. This is the perfect dish for spice lovers!


This is another meaty Indian delicacy popular in Bangalore. It is usually made by cooking marinated chicken seasoned with garlic, curry leaves, black pepper, cinnamon, fennel seeds, and dried chilies. The dish is spiced with an assortment of chilies which make it just the right amount of savory. A little lemon juice in the recipe gives it a citrus zest which complements the spices to perfection. This Indian dish is perfect to be served on any occasion!

Vegetable curry

Vegetable curry is a cuisine rich in aroma as well as nutritional value. It is the perfect combination of the natural taste of vegetables complimented by the spicy relish brought by the curry. The dish is super easy to make and almost all the ingredients can be found in the pantry.

Vindi masala

Vindi masala, also known as bhindi masala, is an Indian strong suit made with fried ladyfingers. The vegetable is seasoned and spiced with chilies before being fried and served in some spicy gravy. The result is the perfect combination of a savory gravy with crispy ladyfinger inside; a delicious delight!

Asian cuisine

Vermicelli noodles

Vermicelli noodles are a type of pasta. It is prepared in different ways in various regions around the world. The dish is super easy to cook up, often with chopped vegetables and sauce, which make it taste wonderful.

African cuisine


Vetkoek is a South African masterpiece comprising fried dough. It can be eaten on its own or along with curry or stuffed with a filling like a sandwich. This yummy African delight makes a great tea-time snack too!


Vatapa is an Afro-Brazilian specialty. It is made with bread, coconut milk, shrimp, palm oil, and ground peanuts. The ingredients are mixed to make a thick paste. The dish is often eaten on top of white rice. Alternatives to shrimp such as cod or tuna are also used in some recipes.

Multinational cuisine

Vanilla ice cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? The frosty creamy bites coming in a variety of flavors are just the perfect dessert for a warm evening. Vanilla ice cream is a popular ice cream, often eaten as a combination with other flavors or by itself. A scoop of vanilla ice cream also tastes great on top of waffles or pancakes!

Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is a broth full of nutritional value. It is made in different variations across the globe but the primary recipe includes an assortment of chopped veggies along with salt, pepper, and other seasonings inside a thick broth. It is easy to make, and is the perfect starter dish for any meal!

Victoria plum preserve

Victoria plums are delicious pulpy fruits that taste great when eaten fresh and also as a preserve. Victoria plum preserve is super easy to make, with just 2 ingredients required. You can also add granulated sugar to further sweeten the taste of the fruit preserve.

Vanilla bean pie

Vanilla bean pie is a yummy pie made with vanilla beans or vanilla extract. It has a smooth, velvety texture and tastes mouth-watering. The pie is often iced with cinnamon powder which further enhances the taste.

Valerian tea

Valerian tea is a delicious tea made from the herb Valerian, which is known for its numerous medicinal properties. The herb is known to decrease stress and anxiety and even treat insomnia. This is a perfect warm beverage for you to have after a stressful day of work.

Vanilla crinkle cookies

What is there to not love about cookies? This yummy confection is baked like regular cookies but savored with vanilla extract or vanilla beans. These treats make the perfect snack for sugar lovers!

Source: Two Pink Peonies


As said by American civil rights activist Caesar Chavez: “If you want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him. The people who give you their food, give you their heart.” It is so very true that food cooked by a person for another is so much more than just material food. It is a gesture of love and kindness. It is an act of caring for others enough to want to nourish them. Food is easily one of the best means of expressing your love to one another. We hope this list of foods was an interesting read for you and we hope you found it to be worth your time.


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