Foods That Start With X

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Food is so very important for people not only at an individual level but also as a collective community. Food defines a community’s culture and traditions and encapsulates their rich history and civilization in a delicious, mouth-watering bite.

From India’s spicy specialties to France’s tasty varieties of baked goods, the world has a whole lot to offer when it comes to food.

We hope you enjoy reading about this extensive list of foods from around the world that begin with the letter X!

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Asian cuisine


Xacuti, also spelled as Xacutti, is a spicy curry native to Goa, India. It is spiced with a combination of seasonings, which include white poppy seeds, grated coconut, and dry red chilies. The dish is usually made with lamb, chicken, or beef meat. It is also called Chacuti in other parts of the world.


Xiaolongbao is the name given to soup dumplings in China. This dish consists of dumplings with a pork filling drenched in hot, rich soup. Although pork is traditionally used as a filling inside the dumplings, other fillings are also used such as a mixture of crab and fork, and seafood.

Xia Mi

Xia Mi is a shrimp-based dish in China. It is made with dried shrimp served with sticky rice. This dish is widely enjoyed by Chinese food lovers all over the world.


Xoi is a dish native to Vietnam. It is made with glutinous rice and can be either sweet or savory, depending on the variety that is prepared. Xoi is eaten for lunch or dinner by many people in Vietnam. The dish is rich in carbs which make it a great source of energy.

Source: Wok and Kin

Xingren Donfu

Xingren Donfu is a popular dessert in China that is also eaten in various other parts of the world. The dish is made by combining almond milk, agar, gelatin, and sugar boost. Other types of milk are also used as alternatives to almond milk in some recipes.

Xi Gua Lao

Xi Gua Lao is a popular Chinese dessert dish native to Beijing. It translates to ‘watermelon jelly’ andis made with watermelon, agar, cherries, sugar, and vanilla powder. It has a wobbly, jelly-like consistency that tastes absolutely yummy.


Xidoufen is a Chinese soup widely eaten in the province of Yunnan. It is made with boiled peameal and seasoned with crushed garlic, ginger, coriander powder, spring onion, chili flakes along Sichuan pepper oil. The dish is often consumed alongside deep-fried youtiao or types of Chinese flatbread.

Xo sauce

Xo sauce is a condiment native to Hong Kong. It is often eaten alongside seafood to enhance its taste and pump-up the experience as it is deliciously spicy. The main ingredients of this dish include dried scallop, chili peppers, dried shrimp, garlic, canola oil, and Jinhua ham. This condiment is highly versatile and works perfectly with almost any salty or sour dish.


Xiaomian is a noodle dish often eaten as breakfast in China. It is the staple dish of Chongqing. The dish is prepared by seasoning noodles with a combination of spices and sauces which make it a flavourful dish.

Source: Red House Spice

Xigua Popsicles

Xigua popsicles are watermelon-flavored ice lollies. They are super easy to make, requiring you to slice watermelon into triangular pieces, inserting Popsicle sticks into the pieces, and freezing them until they are ready. They are a great refreshment for a warm summer afternoon!

Continental cuisine

Xavier soup

Xavier soup is a thick, creamy soup named after the missionary Francis Xavier. The dish consists of dumplings inside a soup of dense consistency. Chicken stock is added to the soup to give it a nice meaty touch. The thick, creamy consistency is brought by the addition of butter, heavy cream, and cheese, generally Parmigiano-Reggiano.


Xouba is the Galician name given to pilchards, a ray-finned fish. These are typically marinated and grilled. In Spain, they are served alongside cachelos. These fish are a rich source of Vitamins!

Source: Celina’s Recipes


Xanthia is a refreshing cocktail. It is made by mixing dry gin, cherry brandy liqueur, yellow chartreuse liqueur, bitters, and either chilled water or regular water over ice. This is the perfect post-dinner cocktail for any occasion.


Xiphias is the name given to swordfish in Greek. It is usually prepared by baking, but may also be grilled or fried. The fish is coated with olive oil and lemon juice prior to cooking.

Multinational cuisine

Xmas cookies

Xmas cookies are a festive dish made to celebrate Christmas time in various parts of the world. These baked confections are usually made in a variety of shapes such as Christmas trees, stars, snowflakes, and candy canes. The cookies are iced with colored frosting and sugar.

Xmas cake

Xmas cake is a festive dessert inspired by Christmas. It is often decorated with edible decorations like frosting, icing, or toppings with a Christmas theme. The cake is made with different recipes, with or without wine.

Xmas muffins

Xmas muffins are a festive confection made to commemorate Christmas time. These are small, bite-sized cakes often decorated with various forms of frosting and icing often themed around the occasion. These little treats are great to serve at your Christmas party!

Pan-American cuisine

Xavier Steak

Xavier steak is a steak made with meat marinated with salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. These are prepared on an outdoor grill with Asparagus and Swiss cheese topping. This yummy meat dish makes a perfect energy-rich meal.

Xnipec salsa

When it comes to flavor, this Mexican condiment leaves nothing to be desired. It is made with Habanero peppers which make it extremely spicy; a perfect condiment for spice lovers. The ingredients of this salsa dish include tomatoes, red onions, peppers, cilantro, orange juice, lime juice, and salt.

Source: Veggie Desserts

Xalapa punch

Xalapa punch is a delicious blend of beverages. It takes only twenty minutes to prepare and is loaded with delightful pleasure. The punch consists of rum, brandy, wine, and black tea infused with honey, orange, and lemon. The punch is served on ice.


Xocolatl, or Aztec hot chocolate, is the perfect warm drink for a chilly winter evening. It is of great historical significance as it was enjoyed by the Aztecs and Mayans. The taste of the drink is intensified with chili, vanilla, and cinnamon in just the right proportions to leave you craving more.

Xampinyons en Salsa

Xampinyons en Salsa is a Mexican dish made with mushrooms inside a rich salsa sauce. It is made by preparing the salsa and letting the mushrooms simmer in the sauce in a pan until it is ready. This Mexican dish is perfect to serve as a side dish or even as a light main course.

Xoconostle Salsa

Xoconostle Salsa is a yummy condiment made with prickly pear. It is prepared with Xoconostle, dried chilies, onion, and salt. The condiment goes great with anything!

African cuisine

Ximenia caffra tea

Ximenia caffra is the name given to sour plums. Sour plum tea is a delicious tea loaded with health benefits. It is usually drunk iced. This beverage is the perfect drink for a hot day.


Food, being such an essential part of a region’s customs and rich culture, is an integral part of the economy. Food occupies a large part of the world’s trade and makes the money go round, thereby uplifting a country’s economy. From Pakistan’s mangoes to New Zealand’s Kiwis, international export of a country’s regional fruits connects regions and establishes good diplomatic relations as well. There is more to be loved about food than we thought!


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