Foods That Start With Y

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Good food can work wonders for your quality of life by maintaining your physical and mental well-being.

A good diet will ensure you the very best of health while also making sure your brain releases the right amount of dopamine to make you happy and feel the best you can feel.

Here is a list of recipes, ingredients, and foods that begin with the letter Y. We hope you enjoy the read!

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African cuisine


Yamarita is a dish of Nigerian origin made with plain boiled yam coated with egg, flour, ginger garlic, and salt and then fried. It can be served with condiments like ketchup, egg sauce, or Monica sauce, as preferred.

Yam pepper soup

Yam pepper soup is a soup native to Nigeria consisting of pepper soup with yam added into it. This is traditionally served to mothers after they give birth to nourish them. It is believed to have medicinal properties which will speed up your recovery from sickness.


YamGizdodo is a yummy dish made with a combination of chicken gizzard, fried plantain, fried yam, and spicy pepper or tomato stew. Alternatives to chicken gizzard may also be used in the recipe such as breast, minced meat, or even beef. It is a delicious main course dish perfect for any occasion.

Source Sisi Jemimah

Yakhnet batata

This is a stew dish of Lebanese origin. It is made with potato and beef added into a thick broth. The stew is spicy and prepared with various types of seasonings.


Yassa is a dish from Senegal made from onions and marinated fish. It is widely eaten throughout West Africa. The dish also includes lemon and mustard which give it a sour yet savory.

Asian cuisine

Yogurt Kebab

Yogurt kebab is a dish made with minced meat rolled into hollow cylindrical shapes, often made on skewers. Yogurt is added to the minced meat along with spices and seasonings to add to the flavor. Usually, chicken meat is used but beef and mutton may also be used for the recipe.

Yellowtail sushi roll

Yellowtail sushi roll is a Japanese dish made with flying fish roe, yellowtail flounder, rice, sugar, mayo, sugar, and nori as the main ingredients. This Asian cuisine is perfect for seafood lovers.


Yokan is a traditional Japanese dessert. It is made with red bean paste, agar, and sugar. This sweet delight is served in the shape of cubes. The dish has two varieties: Mizu yokan and Neri yokan. Mizu yokan contains a large amount of water and is served chilled in summers.

Source: Just One Cook Book


Yakitori is a dish made with pork or chicken skewered over a grill. It is native to Japan and is usually grilled over a charcoal fire. The meat is generally seasoned with salt or tare sauce. This meaty dish is often served with a side of salad.

Yuzu marmalade

Yuzu Marmalade is a citrus fruit preservative made from Yuzu. It has a tasty sweet and sour tang to it. The marmalade may be used as a spread on rolls as well as as a topping on desserts like cakes.

Yam fritters

Yam fritters are delicious, savory sweet potato cutlets. The dish is made by grating yam and seasoning it with spices, herbs, and turmeric. The mixture is deep-fried in little fragments. 

Yardlong beans

Yardlong beans are crunchy green beans of Chinese origin. They are super easy to cook, requiring hardly ten minutes. These beans are seasoned with red chilies, Sichuan peppercorns, and sesame oil and then stir-fried, which brings out their taste even more.


Yakhni is a type of rich soup found in the subcontinent. It is a thick, chicken broth added with seasonings. Onions and garlic are also added for aroma. Yakhni is known for its medicinal properties and is often served to the sick.

Yellow Moong Dal

Yellow moong dal is the most popular type of lentil used in India. It’s a small yellow lentil that cooks really fast. They are usually cooked with onion, garlic, and spices to be served as a side dish or as a main dish with rice. It’s an easy vegetarian dish.

Multinational cuisine


Yabbies are freshwater crustaceans that are roasted and served with garlic mayonnaise. They are marinated with egg yolks, vinegar, mustard, spices, and olive oil. This is a perfect dish for seafood lovers.

Yeasted lemon cake

Yeasted lemon cake is a citrus-flavored fruit cake made using yeast as a raising agent. It is typically made in a ring shape with a hole in the center. The center is typically filled with fresh strawberries to serve.

Yogurt cake

Yogurt cake is a cake made using yogurt instead of milk. It is a delicious baked good available in many different flavors such as lemon yogurt cake and peach yogurt cake. The cake is very popular in France.

Source: An Italian In My Kitchen

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna is a tropical fish often served in the form of steaks. It is marinated with toasted sesame, soy sauce, and honey. It can be served over rice or with salad.

Yam pockets

Yam is the name given to sweet potatoes. Yam pockets are made by mashing sweet potatoes till they are free of lumps, adding butter, egg, salt, peppers, garlic, royco, and vegetable oil. They are often stuffed with a filling like minced beef.

Continental cuisine

Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding is a widely eaten side dish of British origin. It consists of a baked pudding made from a batter prepared with eggs, flour, and milk. The pudding may be served in a variety of ways with different accompanying dishes.


Yiros — AKA Gyros—are a Greek street food made with skinless chicken breast, lamb, or pork cooked on a vertical rotisserie. They are typically served with flatbread or pita bread along with a salad, fries, and crumbled feta. They are a great dish for chicken lovers!

Pan-American cuisine

Yak jerky

Yak jerky is a dish consisting of dried strips of meat made from yak meat. It is low in calories and high in protein, making it super healthy and nutritious. It is generally made from Tibetan Yak.

Yolk cookies

Yolk cookies are yummy biscuits with a rich texture and yellowish color. These cookies are a great way to utilize egg yolks left from meringue-based desserts. Toss in some chocolate chip cookies in the batter for an even more flavourful experience.

Source: Cloudy Kitchen

Yellow eye beans

Yellow eye beans are nutritious beans prepared by baking. These beans are soaked overnight and boiled till they soften, added with chopped onions, bacon, cloves, molasses, mustard powder, vinegar, and other ingredients, and baked. They can be eaten as a salad or as a main course.

Yankee pot roast

Yankee pot roast is a meat dish of American origin. It is made with beef broth added with olive oil, chopped onion, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and other ingredients. This oven-roasted dish leaves you craving for more.


The vast variety of food people have developed over time makes sure of the fact that food is something you can never possibly get enough of. You can try multitudes of different cuisines and there will still be limitless more for you to try. Even for a single dish, there are countless different regional variations, all special in their unique way. We definitely can never get tired of the food, and we bet neither can you!


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