Foods That Start With Z

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In the words of the brilliant Italian-American chef Giada De Laurentiis, “Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s the nourishment of the soul and body; it truly loves.” Food is more or less a universal language.

No matter what the region of the world and the culture that’s lived by, a shared interest is always has been and always will be, the undying love of food. Food connects people and cultures and establishes a sense of harmony amongst them, which is why we love to talk about it.

Here is a list of all the wonderful foods that start with the letter Z.

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Asian cuisine

Zheng Jiao

Zheng jiaos are oblong-shaped dumplings native to China. They are typically filled with a mixture of veggies and minced meat. The dumplings are generally steamed in a bamboo utensil so that the fresh essence of the ingredients is retained.

Zhangcha duck

Zhangcha duck also called tea-smoked duck native to China. It is marinated with black pepper, tea leaves, Sichuan pepper, ginger, garlic, salt, camphor leaves, and several other seasonings, giving it a distinct flavor. The meat is deep-fried until its skin turns crispy.

Continental cuisine


Zucchini is a delicious vegetable seasoned and cooked in various parts of the world. It is super healthy and rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is also great for weight loss! here is my favorite zucchini curry recipe to try!

Zagorski Strukli

This dish is commonly eaten in Croatia. It has different variations prepared in different ways. Typically it is made in the form of baked dough stuffed with cottage cheese, egg, and creme fraiche. The dough is made with flour, sunflower oil, egg, and water.

Source: Eileen Kitchen Stories


Zacusca is a vegetable spread that is widely eaten in Romania. It is made primarily with either eggplants or cooked beans and roasted red peppers. It can be used as a spread or a sauce, as preferred.

Zander fillet

Zander is a type of fish often eaten as a fillet. It is marinated and fried and often served along with vegetable noodles. These yummy fillets make a perfect dinner time serving.


Zweiback is a crispy rusk eaten in various parts of Europe including Poland, Germany, Scandinavia, Austria, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. It is baked from dough twice to make crisp, brittle slices. Zweiback is a delicious snack that can be served with warm tea.


Zwetschkenknödel is plum dumplings native to Austria. The dish consists of fruity dumplings iced with icing made of cinnamon, icing sugar, bread crumbs, and butter. These sweet snacks will make a wonderful addition to your desserts table!


Zerde is a Turkish dessert dish. It is a form of sweet rice pudding. The dish is colored yellow using saffron. It is generally a festive dessert popular at celebratory occasions such as birthdays and weddings. The name Zerde comes from the word ‘zard’ in Persian which translates to ‘yellow’. The dish is also widely eaten in Pakistan, where it is called ‘zarda’.


Zeppole is a pastry of Italian origin. It consists mainly of a small deep-fried dough ball of differing diameters. This dish is generally iced with powdered sugar. It may contain custard, jelly, pastry cream, or butter and honey filling.


Ziti is a type of pasta tubular in shape. It is originally from Campania. The pasta comes in the shape of a long, wide tube that needs to be chopped into smaller pieces manually to be cooked. Ziti is pretty similar to penne pasta in appearance but they are usually stuffed and baked while penne is cooked in pasta sauce or utilized in pasta salads.

Zupa Szczawiowa

Sorrel soup is a soup made with broth and sorrel leaves and seasoned with salt. The soup has different variations in which sorrel leaves are substituted with either spinach, nettle, goutweed, chard, ramson, or other plants. It is a yummy starter dish perfect to be served before lunch or dinner.

Zucchini and sweet corn pizza

Zucchini and sweet corn pizza is a delicious vegetarian pizza that combines the nutritional value of zucchini and the sweet, juicy taste of corn. The pizza is usually topped with mozzarella cheese which gives it a nice sour touch. This is the perfect dish to serve at parties or dinners.

Zucchini corn soup

Zucchini corn soup is a delicious broth made with zucchini, chicken stock, creamed corn, and evaporated milk. It is an easy-to-make, 4 ingredient soup with high nutritional value and great taste. It can be served as a starter dish or on its own.


Zrazy is a meat dish commonly eaten in Poland where it is known as Silesian rouladen and other parts of Europe including Western Belarus and Lithuania. The dish consists of rolled-shaped meat, typically fine slices of beef, seasoned with salt and pepper. These rolls are typically stuffed with veggies, mushrooms, eggs, and potatoes but other stuffings are also used. The rolls are secured with toothpicks which are removed before eating. The dish is served in sauce.


Zopf, also called Züpfe, is a kind of Swiss bread that is prepared using white flour, milk, eggs, and butter. Yeast is used as a raising agent for the dish. The dough is glazed with egg yolk before baking, which gives its crust a golden color. Zopf is prepared with a criss-cross pattern on its surface. It is a breakfast dish traditionally eaten on Sunday mornings.

Source: Eat Little Bird


Zurek is a Polish soup dish made with sour rye. It has a distinct, strong piquancy to it which leaves you wanting more. It contains rye, meat stock, and vegetables which give it a rich flavor. Ground pepper is also added for seasoning.

Zuppa Inglese

Zuppa Inglese is a dessert originating in Italy. It consists of layers of custard over sponge cake, much like a trifle dish. This delicious dessert has several variations.


Zapiekanka is also referred to as Polish pizza and is a toasted sandwich that is served open. It is made with sliced baguette bread or any other form of longitudinal bread loaf. The dish is topped with sautéed white mushrooms, cheese, and at times ham. Zapiekanka may be served with condiments like ketchup. The dish has been a widely eaten street food in Poland for many decades.

Source: Eating European


Zabaione, also termed zabaglione, is a dish native to Italy served as a dessert or a beverage. The beverage is prepared with egg yolks and sugar added along with a sweet-tasting wine. Some variations of the recipe include spirits like cognac into the drink. The dessert variety includes a light custard which is thoroughly whipped to include a large amount of air and be fluffy.


Zakuski is an appetizer native to Russia. It is served in between alcohol shots to drinkers. These appetizers typically include an assortment of cold cuts, salads, cured fishes, and pickled vegetables.


Zarangollo is a widely eaten cuisine in the Murcian countryside of Spain. The dish is commonly served in tapas bars located in the region. It consists of scrambled eggs with zucchini, onions, and sometimes potatoes, sliced very finely, fried in olive oil, and then mixed with beaten eggs.

African cuisine

Zebra steak

Zebra meat is a rarely eaten but delicious meat. Steaks made from Zebra meat have a distinct taste to them and are usually made on the grill. The dish is commonly eaten in South Africa. The steaks have a rich red color to them.


Zaalouk is a Morrocan dish made with seasoned eggplants and tomatoes. It is a type of cooked salad seasoned with paprika, cumin, garlic, and an assortment of herbs. The eggplants are generally roasted to add a smoky flavor to the salad.

Source: Pants Down Aprons On


Sharing a meal with your loved ones is a heartwarming experience. Getting together and eating the same food while enjoying a light-hearted conversation makes a person feel at peace and connected with those around him. It makes a person appreciative of his loved ones and instills him with a deep sense of belonging. It can be said without a doubt that food tastes best when eaten together. We hope you liked this list of foods we compiled after extensive research and found it to be amusing!


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