HexClad Hybrid Cookware Review

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Hexclad is one of those brands that seems to be everywhere these days. If you are a foodie and a home chef like me, unless you’ve been living under a rock you will be familiarized with these pans.

They are truly impressive just looking at them. Their hexagonal coat is eyecatching and the technology behind, very promising. So… 

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Is HexClad Cookware good?

HexClad Cookware is the best if you want cookware that can stand high temperatures and is stainless steel.

These pans can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and the handles won’t even get hot unless you stick them directly under a flame.

They are lightweight, stylish, and dishwasher safe, so anyone can use them! Also, they can work on any stovetop, whether that be induction, gas, ceramic, you name it!

HexClad Cookware can be used with any metal utensils without fear of scratches on either side, which also means you can clean it with the toughest of sponges.

There is even a lifetime warranty on your cookware, so if anything hinders the use of it the pan will be replaced.

The lifetime warranty only covers anything that effects the functionality of the pan. The only thing that HexClad does not cover is cosmetic damages or discoloration or minor scratches as these will not affect the functionality of the pan.

Some discoloration is expected with HexClad pans, however, if you clean after every use to prevent build up it will keep the food particles from hardening up on the surface of the pans. The stains should be removed after they have soaked in soapy water and cleaned with the abrasive side of a sponge.

When you use these pans, you definitely will not have to cook at a higher temperature as you usually would. They are great at distributing heat to all areas of the pan, so remember to use a lower temperature than normal when cooking with HexClad Hybrid Cookware.

Even though this pan is considered nonstick, you must first season with a small amount of oil for the first use. It is also recommended that you use oil when cooking things that do not have their own natural fats or vegetables. This is because the nonstick coating does not cover the entire surface of the pan, and so it will not perform as well as a normal nonstick.

Make sure that you season the stainless steel portion of the pan. When cleaning, use warm soapy water as this will not cause the pan to lose its seasoning.

Is HexClad Cookware toxic?

These types of pans contain some PTFE which is safe and chemically inactive. This is also used in dental implants and heart stents, which are implanted into the body.

HexClad does not use PFOA chemicals and other chemicals that others use that other brands use, such as fabric protectors to protect the surface of other nonstick coatings.

It also contains aluminum between stainless steels, rendering it safe for all stovetops. All that is required is a steady temperature.

However, once you start reaching temperatures over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the cookware begins to decompose.

This can be lethal to pets, birds, and cause flu-like symptoms in humans – this is called polymer fume fever. Symptoms usually start after a few days of inhaling a low dose of the fumes, but it is very unlikely to cause a life-threatening issue.

Nonstick cookware that does not contain PTFE, however, can not handle long periods of use.

The largest pan that HexClad tested held up for 45 minutes of continuous use. There are a few other brands that have gone “green” that produce cookware that does not include PTFE or PFOA, however, costumers reported that they will continuously have to replace their pans after extended use.

If you are cooking foods that need to be higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit, you should probably look into a different brand of cookware that does not contain PTFE. 

Where is HexClad made?

Hexclad products are currently being designed at their headquarters located in Los Angeles. All products are then manufactured in Asia. The factory there captures the rare expertise that this brand needs to create the perfect patented laser etching on the pans.

However, there is little information on the manufacturer, so this could mean that it is made in China.

HexClad Hybrid Design

HexClad Hybrid Cookware has a unique 6 sided, a laser-etched hexagonal design that is completely safe with an abrasion-resistant nonstick surface.

The pan is tri-ply constructed with a top layer of magnetic stainless steel so it can work on any kind of stovetop, as well as a middle layer of aluminum acting as the heating element, then one more layer of steel.

It is made from the highest-grade Japanese ceramic non-stick coatings infused with diamond dust to increase durability. This design delivers consistent, even heating. 

The reason for this tri-ply design is because the aluminum core is a great conductor of heat and keeps the pan lightweight.

But, it will react with acidic foods, so stainless steel is added on top to keep the reaction from happening.

This design was originally invented by All-Clad, who held the patent until it expired. To this day, most major manufacturers of cookware will create and use some form of this design, which shows just how great of a design it is.

There are also many valleys and peaks inside the pan. This is to keep the food evenly cooked and to prevent sticking.

The peaks are made of aluminum, while the valleys are made of the nonstick ceramic coatings. The etching on the pan also prevents hot spots so all heat is distributed evenly. It also helps with sauteing and searing the food.

All of this also allows for an easy clean-up and for food to slide right off the pan. 

The finishing touch on the design of this pan? Diamond dust. It is layered in a way that will increase durability and adds a blue shimmer to the pan. While performance matters more than the look, this makes the pan absolutely stylish and gorgeous!

The handle is all stainless steel with a heat choke at the base. This lets it stay cool and gives it a higher oven-safe temperature. However, unlike plastic handles, if you do stick the pan in the oven, the handles will get hot. Make sure to use a type of glove to remove the pan.

The base of the skillet is wide with a low side that promotes the evaporation of liquid and creates an easier way to move food. Other pans have tall sides that get in the way of this. It also has a rolled lip that aids in pouring liquids, as others with straight lips will roll down the side.

HexClad Full Set

This HexClad Hybrid Cookware set contains a 12″ pan with one lid that works great if you are cooking for multiple people.

This pan can easily cook two steaks at a time.

The HexClad 8″ pan is wonderful for preparing individual servings or to prepare veggies, sauces, and more.

It’s a perfect size for eggs or cooking a single chicken breast. The 10″ pan is good for cooking meats, fish, and homemade sauce. It also has deep sides to eliminate an over-spill.

Lastly, the 12″ woke has enough space for sauces, pasta, and even soup. It is 3″ deep, making it easy to lift and transfer contents.

Each of these pans except for the wok include a tempered glass lid to protect against breaking. Each cover has steam vents and a handle that will stay cool throughout its use.

These pans are amazing and worth the price. The cons are that they will last for a long time to come, and since they are considered nonstick pans, even if you burn something in them they will easily wash out! With other pans, they would need to soak in water for some time.

Some cons on these pans are that they can be expensive if you purchase the full set. Some people have even noticed that a burned old color begins to form on the surface. A few people have said that after a few months of use, the pans begin to stick no matter how much oil or spray you put on. The lids are also said to have a plastic ring between the lip handle and glass that melted over time.

HexClad 12″ Wok

If you love to eat or cook stir-fry, this is the perfect pan for you! You can cook about twelve ounces of beef or lamb on this pan or one pound of chicken or pork. 

Many costumers have found enjoyment with the wok, as it has better heat distribution than any other wok.

It creates a char and deep browning that is perfect for them!

It is truly nonstick and heats quickly, faster than any other pan that they have used. It has the same qualities as the pans.

There are a few cons associated with this product. If you try to buy just the 12″ wok instead of the complete set, you will end up spending more money in the long run. It is a better deal to buy the entire set.

Also, there is no lid included with just this one pan, while the others have one. This pan is also a little on the pricy side. However, this pan also comes with a lifetime warranty as well and you should never have to replace it.

HexClad Saute Pan

This pan is perfect for cooking eggs in! Many costumers cook theirs scrambled or fried on medium to low heat, and have reported that it slides right off the pan.

It not only is nonstick on the inside but on the outside as well to keep the rest of the cookware in pristine condition.

Some cons for this product is that it includes all the features of the other pans, as well as being small enough to test the brand if you have never used HexClad before.

A vented glass lid is also supplied. This is a plus as the wok doesn’t include this in either the set or individually. 

However, this too is a better deal only when you buy it in the full set. It’s also not suited for larger meal preparations and will need occasional seasoning to keep it from sticking.

Some costumers have also reported that this particular pan will scratch very easily, even though the product description says that it will not.


So, is HexClad pans worth the price? According to other people, it is a better value to buy the full set instead of each individual pan, so if you would like a brand new set of cookware this would be perfect for you!

However, if you want to test out a single pan than they recommend the saute pan, as it includes a vented glass lid that you can try out as well while the wok does not.

If you decide that you don’t want or need the full set and just want an individual pan regardless of price, then you may want to look into the wok and saute pan. Customers have been extremely satisfied with the 12″ wok and the saute pan, so these would be perfect options for you.

It seems like some of these pans may not be as nonstick as the product description says, but the majority of reviews are positive. Having pans that are PFOA free is also a plus, as most familiar brands of nonstick pans have this chemical. 95% of all pans have PFTE, so there is no going around that one. However, it will stay inactive as long as you do not exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit while cooking.

The lifetime warranty is also a great appeal for anyone. You won’t need to continuously reorder a new one, and if you do, it is covered by the warranty. However, these pans are meant to last a lifetime and shouldn’t need to be replaced. Many have owned these pans for 4 months to 2 years and they still have not needed to be replaced.

These pans are super reliable and sturdy and can withstand just about any kind of abuse, whether it is a lot of scrubbing or throwing the pan straight into a dishwasher. Heat distribution and the lightweight aluminum is the most popular aspects of these pans, so if that is something you are looking for, these pans are a perfect match for you. These pans are the best when it comes down to what cooks the best restaurant-quality meals.

The stainless steel peaks also keep the pan from peeling and flaking like most other brands, as well as giving you high-quality results. You can safely use a metal spatula, tongs, or metal cutlery on these without fear of scratching the coating.

Only a small percentage of customers have ever reported their pans becoming scratched, and this was after a long time user of the product. So you can rest assured that the cosmetics of your item will remain as dazzling as when you first bought it. 

On the same pan, you can cook a batch of scrambled eggs as well as cook a crispy golden salmon fillet. You will never need to use two separate pans for two dishes, just one HexClad pan can do the job perfectly!

However, if you are wanting to cook with higher temperatures, it might be best to consider different cookware to use. Hexclad products can cause polymer fume fever if you are not careful. These fumes released can also be toxic to birds, so it is best not to have pets where you are cooking.

Also, the glass lids will shatter and break if you immediately subject it to an extremely hot temperature at one point, so you must be careful. Although it has been made so you can initially look inside, once it heats, the glass becomes fogged up and you can’t see anything. A different type of lid would have been a better choice for this set. 

With these types of pans, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. It’s a nonstick pan with little harmful chemicals, it is a great price for a big set of cookware, and can be used for years. There isn’t anything you can’t cook in these pans, from vegetables to steak.

It’s a perfect set to have if you cook every night either for your family or just yourself.

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