NuWave Cookware Review

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Visually attractive to look at, extremely affordable and lightweight, the NuWave Cookware does combine a polished magnetic steel exterior that has a stylish copper-colored ceramic coating interior that makes it very strong and more durable compared to most Teflon surfaces.

The NuWave cookware is a good option for removing the fuss out of your cooking. Advertised as a full package with an awesome high-quality ceramic coating with stay-cool handles even at the highest temperatures the set made it to the top nonstick cookware sets on the market.

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What The Set Contains

The set comes with a:

– 12” fry pan.

– 3-quart sauce.

– 2 quart pans with closing lids.

– 5.5-quart stock pot

All pots and pans comes with closing lids that are made of shatter-resistant premium glass.

Key Features of NuWave

It is PTFE and PFOA free

Knowing that these chemicals have been linked to cancer over countless studies, it is actually a great thing to get pots and pans without them. The fact that the cookware has made this much-needed omission, as a plus, this also makes it easy to clean the cookware set.

Induction safe

The cookware is an induction heat ready type cookware if you hate cooking over a hard stove, switching into induction cooking is just the perfect thing for you. Induction heat does distribute really well throughout the entire pan to achieve the right evenly cooked food.

Hard anodized construction

The high-quality anodized metals that are used for construction will ensure the meals are perfectly heated evenly.

Tempered glass lids

These high-quality lids will assist in sealing in all of the heat and flavors. Looking after the dish without a hassle.

What is The NuWave Cookware Great For?

NuWave pans and pots are the perfect choices for one who is on a budget and does not need to spend a fortune while still chasing quality. Each piece in the cookware set has its use during the preparation of meals.

The cookware set is ideal for preparing soups and sauces on its 3-quart saucepot as well as preparing light meals. Larger portions are perfect using the 5.5-quart pot for stews, past or morning breakfast cereals for the family.

Each of the meals will perfectly reflect the craftsmanship in its hard anodized construction which evenly heats the food in addition to ensuring it is awesomely easy to deal with the cleaning.

Kitchens that have a limited cooking space can also be advantaged by the compact cookware set. With just enough kinds of pans, one can prepare any meal at any designated time.

The cookware set is really ideal for your induction heating systems or other appliances.

You will need less grease, cooking oil or butter with such an asset which is PTFE free as well as PFOA free non-stick precision.

The small but versatile cookware set will enable the creation of a variety of meals involving very little effort.

The Nuwave cooktop pans and pots are designed with simplicity and quality for ultimate convenience.

Handles will stay cool as you cook and will offer reliable and long lasting performance when given care and good maintenance.

The single portions do benefit from the 2-quart pots which would usually scorch when prepared with a larger pan.

Tempered glass lids will keep flavors and heat in as you wait for your food to be prepared; the perfectly comfortable riveted pot handles will keep your hands comfortably insulated from heat as you cook your fabulous recipes.

Its copper-colored interiors ensure resistance to scorching as well as baked-on meals even when you increase the heat to higher levels.


​Quick NuWave Cookware Review



  • check
    ​Induction compatible
  • check
    ​Easy to cook with, because of its construction with a slick Duralon coating.
  • check
    ​Affordability and good price-quality ratio.
  • check
    ​Attractive to look as it is made with a 2 tone color, a stainless steel for the outside and copper on the inside.
  • check
    ​Easy to clean
  • check
    ​Heats up fast
  • ​Non-stick does not last
  • ​ Handles are not too comfortable

​Full Pros and Cons


1). Induction compatible, as mentioned, NuWave is among the few induction cookware which is available on the market. On top of that, if you need a ceramic made cookware, the choice is even narrower. So, for one with an induction cooktop, NuWave is one of the top choices to consider.

2). Relatively easy to cook with, because of its construction with a slick Duralon coating, the cookware is easy to prepare meals with. This is because nothing sticks on the sides.

3). Affordability, the NuWave cookware is not exactly cheap but neither is its cost too far from other ceramic cookware. This makes its affordability relatively cheap compared to most of its peers.

4). Works perfectly with the Nuwave induction cooker.

5). Attractive to look as it is made with a 2 tone color, a stainless steel for the outside and copper on the inside.

6). The cookware is amazingly easy to clean due to its special coating that it is made of.

7). It has the perfect set of pans and pots that one actually needs without unnecessary extras.

8). The cookware heats up fast, cutting down the cooking time used to prepare meals.

9).The cookware set is PTFE free and PFOA free.10). Great for sticking into the oven for heat that is below 450ºF.

11). Thanks to its nonstick ceramic coating, you never have to use an extra amount of butter or oil again. It makes them perfect for preparing healthy meals.


1). Non-stick does not last. There are many complaints about the non-stick coating of the cookware's fry pan falling off after a lengthy period. Others even complained that after some time, the pans and pots become sticky.

2). Handles are not too comfortable, A few buyers who have used it aren't too pleased with the handles that seem to gain some relative heat.

3). No lid for the frying pan. The fry pan doesn't come with its lid for the 7 piece set.

​The Veredict

​A person searching for a quality cookware that is equally functional and has style and color, the NuWave set may be the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Its attention-grabbing copper colored interior will get raving opinions from your guests and family, especially if they are enthusiasts of great works of art and design.

The cookware works well as promised to produce a perfectly heated meal together with an easy cleaning surface. The cookware will cater for all your popular and inductive cooktop needs.

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