Orgreenic Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Cookware Set Review

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Finding the perfect cookware to add to your kitchen arsenal can be challenging because of the many options on the market. The most interesting thing about cookware is that many of us start off with one pot and one pan and then as the family stabilizes we add more.

We often go for the cheap pots and pans because we go for quantity, never quality. Investing in high-quality cookware at once is actually more economical than purchasing many cheap pans and ports.

The type and quality of your cookware will greatly contribute to your cooking experience. It’s for this reason that you should take your time researching and selecting a cookware set to purchase.

Many families today chose nonstick pans and pots because of their convenience. These pans don’t require rigorous scrubbing and you can also use little oil when cooking in them which allows you to make healthy meals for your family. So there is nothing more annoying than buying a non-stick pan only to be frustrated two weeks later by your foods sticking on the pan.

Ceramic coated non-stick cookware is rising in popularity because of their premium options and budget-friendly price. In this article, we examine the OrGreenic Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Cookware. Let’s see if it’s worth your time and money.

Unboxing the Orgreenic Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware

There is nothing fanciful about the green on the cooking side of the Orgreenic cookware, but to be fair the name is a sellout for this. When you order for this set, you expect 5 pans of different sizes with 4 lids and one aluminum steamer insert. The pans are generally appealing and their stay-cool handle adds to their beauty.

The set flaunts hard anodized aluminum, PTFE-free material which makes them safe for cooking. This ceramic-based nonstick material is more improved than the petroleum-based non-stick material and because of this, environmentally friendlier.

Performance and Design

According to the designers of the Orgreenic cookware, the coating on these pans won’t wear off, flake or scratch into your food because their ceramic surface is set atop an aluminum body. Reviews support their claim that the pots are extremely easy to clean and they don’t stick food at all. However, there have been one or two reviewers who claimed that they noticed the coating on their cookware coming off after only one year and a few months of use. It’s expected that if you care for these pans as instructed and don’t use extreme temperatures then they should last you many years.

This non-stick natural ceramic surface of the Orgreenic pans supposedly require very little to no fat or oil. They must, however, be seasoned prior to the first use and after every six months of use. What this means is that you will be dissatisfied with the performance of the cookware if you don’t know the proper way of “treating” them or if you don’t read the instruction and begin using them right out of the box. A number of reviewers felt that this is cumbersome, but there are many others who find no issue with this.

Turning to the overall design of these pans and the first thing you should know is that they are heavy than most of their counterparts of similar size. They are not a heavy as cast-iron pans. Their bottom is very is very delicate and therefore one should avoid sliding them as this could cause scratches.

According to the Orgreenic  reviews, these pans have cool handles that give you confidence while cooking. The handles, however, lack some form of heat protection and since the aluminum conducts heat, you should be careful when holding them to avoid being burnt.

Is It Worth A Buy?

Based on the reviews, users have mixed feeling about the value of the Orgreenic  pans. There is no major discourse over the quality of the pans, it is, however, a feeling of many that the non-stick surface is not as quality as the manufacturer claims. Another notable frustration with many reviewers is the need to “season” the pans as recommended by the company. This means you cannot just use these pans out of the box, you must first read the instructions to learn how to “treat” the pans. You will need to treat them again after six months of use.

While these pans are promoted as completely non-stick, one user claimed that they are not non-stick for all foods. Sugar, for example, will stick on the pan so if you’re preparing a course that involves sugar or honey this will caramelize and stick to the surface.

Non-stick pans, when cared for the correct way, can last you many years. Part of this caring is how you clean them. The instructions state that you should wash them with a soft washcloth because obviously, a scrub would scratch the surface. You can’t also put them in the dishwasher because that would destroy them.

The Pros and the Cons


• They feature a supposedly new ceramic-based nonstick material which is claimed to be environmentally friendlier compared to nonstick pans made with the petroleum-based material.
• They are non-stick and non-toxic which presumably makes them safe for preparing meals.
• Since they are non-stick you only need to use a little fat or oil, and can even cook without this.
• The natural ceramic, according to the manufacturer, does not flake off, wear-off or scratch.
• The pans are presumably easy to clean because of their non-stick surface.
• They are advertised to be free from PFOA which is a carcinogenic chemical.


• They are heavier than similar pans of the same size.
• They must be “seasoned” first before the first use and after six months of use for maximum performance.
• They should not be used on extremely high temperatures.
• You can’t use the pans with metal or sharp materials as this will mess up the nonstick surface.
• They are not safe for the dishwasher and so you must clean them under the faucet.
• There have been complaints about the nonstick coating wearing off over time.

Purchasing Orgreenic  Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Cookware Set

There are online vendors selling cheap imitations of the Orgreenic Ceramic cookware so you must be careful about where you buy. Unfortunately, if you don’t buy from a reputable vendor like Amazon or on the company website you can’t be certain of the safety and non-toxicity of the product. Some reviewers have complained about the high shipping cost when you buy directly from the site, and how it’s stressful to get a refund from them. You may want to consider these before making your purchase on the site.

When buying the Orgreenic skillets from any vendor, look up the warranty terms. You want to be confident in the seller such that you can return the product if you feel that it doesn’t give you value for money after a few months of use.

Final thoughts

There are several cookware products on the market and your choice depend on your preferences and what you value. If you feel comfortable with the construction and style of the Orgreenic cookware set and you find that the quality is worth the price then go ahead and buy them.

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