Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II Review

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Previously I made a review about the Rachael Ray Hard Enamel set because it’s one of the greatest porcelain sets on the market. While I was looking for information, many people were asking about the Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II to compare. So I decided to make a deep review of what I found interesting on this set.

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Who is Rachael Ray?

I have to confess that one of my first approaches to the cooking world was through this woman and her famous TV show “30 Minute Meals”.

Rachael Ray

She is one of the most famous tv gurus who brings simplicity to the kitchen.  Her recipes are well known for being easy and fast to cook.

She didn´t have professional training, and for that reason, many people feel related to her. She popularized the phrase “home cook for everyday”

After many years of successful TV shows, she decided to start his business career and released her cookware line.

Of course, her products were an instant success because of her fame; nonetheless, the main reason why her sets became top sellers is the high quality of her products.

What does Hard Anodized mean?

Anodizing a metal part involves putting it into an electrically conductive liquid, typically an acid solution called an electrolyte.

The result is that the coatings are typically far thicker and harder than normal. It’s really difficult to damage a surface that has been anodized, for that reason it’s a good method to enhance cookware. This increase in durability doesn’t imply that the pieces are going to be heavy or difficult to handle.

Finally, another big improvement is that a hard anodized pan is immune to corrosion.

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Rachael Ray Hard Anodize I vs Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II

The first edition of this set was incredibly resistant, truly nonstick, and well-constructed. The only complaint consumers had was that the pans weren’t dishwasher safe. Normally a nonstick set isn’t dishwasher safe, but people had high expectations because of the Rachael Ray name.

The next summer the company decided to relaunch the set with the characteristics that customers previously loved and added the dishwasher-safe feature.

This second edition was a hit. The pans work incredibly well a can resist the continued use of a dishwasher.

Features of the Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II:

Good looking

Appearance seems really important when you see a Rachael Ray set. As the Hard Enamel set, this one adds colors to your kitchen.

Of course, this is classier. The exterior coating is a matte black that counteracts the bright orange of the rivets. It only comes in this color combination.


As I said before, this is the strong point in every hard anodized set. You won´t have any problem using any kind of kitchen tool. Also the pans can handle high temperatures easily. It is oven safe up to 400°F.

Distributes heat evenly

This set works particularly good with gas stoves because the flames don´t harm the exterior surface.

One of the cons of a hard anodized set is the prolonged time it takes to heat up the pans. But this doesn’t happen with the Rachael Ray hard anodized set. For me this was quite impressive and I have to say that I love how the surface heats in a couple of seconds.

Nonstick finish easily releases food

Yes, there is no better feeling than putting an egg without any kind of oil on a pan and see how easily slips to your dish. These pans didn´t let me down. They do exactly what they promise and I like it.

You can use dishwasher but it is so easy to hand wash that for the sake of the pans I prefer this last choice.

Handles and lids stay cool on the stovetop

Besides the handles on this set being beautiful thanks to the bright orange color they have, the handles are very functional too. They have an ergonomic design, which makes them comfortable at touch and resistant –even in the oven.

Final thoughts

Well, after saying all the good things about this set, there is no doubt about why it’s a best seller. The only con that I found was the appearance of stains after prolonged use, which happens if you use the dishwasher frequently. This doesn’t bother me due to the hard anodized construction that allows cleaning the pans with abrasive cleaner without any problem.

So if you’re looking for a nonstick set that can last for many years in your kitchen, the Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II won’t let you down.

See you in another review!

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