Red Copper Pan Reviews 2023 (+ 6 Top Red Copper Cookware)

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Best Red Copper Cookware

For most of us, the kitchen is one place we love to be. We enjoy experimenting with various recipes. We derive pleasure from the feel of new foods, textures and experimenting with food from various cultures. Besides, it is a great way to hone our culinary skills.

However, food sticking on our pans is probably something that has spoiled our culinary adventures severally. Food sticking on pans causes me a lot of frustration and sometimes anger. The time it takes to remove the sticky mess from the pots and pans is also discouraging.

Personally, I hate to see my hard work and ingredients wasted when the food sticks. For years now, I have tried watching my food keenly, but still, food does stick on the pan no matter how careful I become. The nightmare is now behind me since I discovered red copper cookware. I can now make my meals without the fear of it sticking.

When I first bought my non-stick red copper kitchenware, I had all the doubt about its durability, effectiveness, and quality. Having previously bought non-stick pans that delivered many disappointing results, I was very skeptical even when purchasing my red copperware cooking set. However, three months later, purchasing the red copper kitchenware is the best decision I have made in my culinary journey. In this red copper pans review, I will tell you all about the red copper cookware, how it works, its quality, red copper products and care and maintenance tips.

What is Red Copper Cookware?

My first contact with red copper pans was through a TV infomercial. The tempting way the eggs slid off the pan enticed me into buying the red copper pan to test how well it worked.

Red copper pots and pans are a collection of products made from copper, ceramic and aluminum. They are meant to provide you with a great experience cooking with non-stick kitchenware.

Unlike most non-stick ware, red copperware is made for efficiency and durability. Efficiency in the sense that they are lightweight, therefore easy to manipulate when cooking.

Another noticeable feature of the red copper kitchenware is their high heat conductivity. Copper has for a long time been used for electric conductivity. Using it in cookware is an invention that red copper cookware has incorporated to provide pans and pots that are resistant to heat damage while at the same time absorbing heat and distributing it evenly over the surface of the pot or pan thus cooking the food evenly.

Benefits of Red Copper Cookware

Red copper products bring a wide range of benefits to your kitchen:


Red copper kitchenware absorbs heat quickly thus reducing the time taken to cook food. A product such as the five-minute chef electric cooker cooks food in just a few minutes. Therefore, you spend less time cooking. The non-stick surface of the pan saves the time required for cleaning as you can easily clean by wiping off food residue with a paper towel.

Cost saving and versatility

Red copperware is versatile in that they can be used both in the oven and on a stovetop. This saves you the money and space you would require to purchase specialized cookware and storage space. The red copper pots and pans can also be used with various cooking methods.

Cons of using red copper cookware:

Some customers have complained about several factors associated with red copper cookware:


Some customers complain about the requirement of the company to pay the shipping fees after purchasing red copper cookware as well as handling fees should you require returning the product. This stipulation hinders most buyers who are not satisfied with the product since the shipping fee is also nonrefundable. The long period taken for red copper products to reach their consumers has led to disappointments.

Sticking food

Some customers have also complained of food sticking after using the pan for a few times. The complaint may arise if you do not follow the care and maintenance instructions.


Some customers complain that after using the pan for about six months, their pans infuse a coppery taste when food is cooked in it.

Deluxe coating

Red copper products come with a deluxe coating, which creates confusion on its difference between it and the regular coating.

Color deposits

One customer complained that her pan produced red color deposits as she was wiping after seasoning her pan.

Counterfeit products

Some customers complained of getting a counterfeit red copper pan, whose features are dismal.

Despite these negative reviews, most customers praise the efficiency of their red copper cookware.

How Durable is the Red Copper Cookware?

Red copper cookware is one of the most durable non-stick variety in the market. The materials used to make are highly durable. Rust, surface destruction, and heat damage are the major contributors to the durability of non-stick pans.

The use of copper and aluminum in red copper pots and pans eliminates the occurrence of rust in the pan. Aluminum in the red copper pots and pans also improved their durability since aluminum does not bend or warp with continued exposure to heat.

Copper is also a good conductor of heat therefore not easily destroyed by heat. However, you should take note not to exceed the recommended threshold of 500F.

Lastly, red copper cookware is relatively strong and the surface is scratch resistant. While the company advertises red copper pans as scratch resistant, it is possible to cause damage to the ceramic surface. You will, therefore, want to treat your red copper utensils with respect so that they can last longer. Therefore, with the right tools and care, red copper pots and pans are the most durable non-stick utensils in the market.

Is Red Copper Cookware safe?

Most non-stick pans are made from Teflon, which release toxic fumes when is overheated and it may trigger the development of headaches and some people believe that there is a link with some types of cancer --- some studies indicate that this informations is just a myth.  However, red copper cookware is very safe to use. The ceramic coating on the pan, which provides a non-stick environment, is made from safe materials. Red copper pans and pots do not have the environmentally unfriendly chemicals PFOA and PTFE, found in most non-stick cookware.

The making of red copper kitchenware is done with all the health and environmental concerns in mind. It consists of copper, ceramic and aluminum. The surface of the red copperware is made from ceramic infused copper. Ceramic has been used in the creation of baking tools for a long time, without any negative effects on the body and the environment.

While the presence of copper in the product may raise doubts in your mind, you should know that the copper is mainly in the layers underneath. Copper here is used for heat conductivity, durability and ability to spread heat evenly on the pans and pots when cooking. Using the red copper pans and pots even in high heat does not release any toxins into the food or air.

You may be wondering whether red copper cookware really works in reality

You may have watched the red copper cookware infomercials on TV and are wondering how true they are. Your skepticism is understandable. Since most of these are designed to drive sales towards the product, some may take advantage to dupe you into buying substandard goods.

However, red copper products really do work. You can also achieve the same results as they achieve on the infomercials. Positive reviews all over the internet also support the fact that red copper cookware does indeed work.

Red copper cookware is designed to prevent your food from sticking when cooking and to last longer. Its ceramic surface is highly durable and resistant to scratches. The cookware allows for different cooking methods without the food sticking. The surface of the red copperware has a high rate of heat absorption, which helps in cooking food faster.

The non-stick properties of the cookware make it an ideal choice for individuals who do not want to use too much oil in their food.

Comparison between Copper Chef and Red Copper cookware

Copper Chef and red copper cookware are two non-stick cookware brands that compete for the buyers’ attention in the market.

Let us look at some of their similarities and differences.

Both models are strong non-stick cookware made with ceramic. They are both safe for use as they lack unfriendly chemicals and have the ability to resist high temperatures.

Their major difference lies in the making of the two. Copperware is made up of five layers: a stainless steel induction blade, an aluminum core, a base layer made from the non-stick ceramic coating and a double layer of ceramic coating. These layers provide strength and durability to Copper Chef pans.

​Red Copper 

​Copper Chef



  • ​Durability
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​100% Non-stick
  • ​Low heat tolerance
  • ​Pricey



  • ​Inexpensive
  • ​G​ood quality
  • ​Safe up to 500ºF
  • ​Heavy
  • ​Get stained easily

Caring for a Red Copper Pan

The care and maintenance you give to your cookware determine how long it will serve you. Generally, red copper pans only requires simple care. Like most pans, it is advisable to season your pots and pans before using them and every six months afterward.

Seasoning your red copper pots and pans serve several purposes including optimizing the functioning of the pan, improving durability:

​How to season a Red Copper pan

  • ​Clean your pan with water and soap to remove any residues from manufacturing or packaging. Leave it to dry completely.
  • Spread a thin coat of vegetable oil using a paper towel or kitchen rag on the entire inner surface of the pan or pot.
  • ​Pre-heat the oven to 300F and put in the greased pan for twenty minutes.
  • ​Remove the pan from the oven and leave it to cool. Remember to protect your hands when removing the pan from the oven.
  • ​After the pan cools down, wipe off the excess oil and use your pan.

You may need to re-season your pan every six months for the longevity of its non-stick properties. However, if you feel the pan is not working as efficiently, you may re-season it. When re-seasoning, clean the surface by wiping and proceed with seasoning.

Avoid using cooking sprays as they may leave a permanent residue on your pan or pot.

Cleaning your red copper cookware also determines how long it lasts and the kind of service it provides you. Manufacturers of red copper cookware indicate that it is okay to clean the pan in soapy water in a dishwasher. You may also just wipe off the leftovers with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Cleaning the surface through wiping prevents the surface of the red copper cookware from drying out by filling up any irregularities on the finish, thus improving the non-stick properties of the kitchenware.

To protect the surface of the pan, never use scouring pads, steel wool or abrasives, which may scratch the surface. Once the surface is scratched, the nonstick coating wears out thus food may stick on the pan.

When your pan is hot, avoid dipping it in cold water. Dipping the pan in cold water when hot, leads to rapid cooling of the pan and warping of the surface. Cracks destroy the quality of the non-stick pan finish. If you are not planning to clean the pan immediately, fill the pot or pan with hot water to prevent the food residues from sticking onto the pan.

Sometimes, your pan may have stubborn residue on it. Here is a tested tip to care for it without damaging your pan.

  • ​Make a paste using water and baking soda.
  • ​Spread the paste on the residue. Baking soda acts as an abrasive but does not scratch the surface.
  • ​Scrub the surface with a soft non-abrasive nylon scrubber.
  • ​Rinse the pot or pan and dry using a soft cloth.
  • ​After the pan cools down, wipe off the excess oil and use your pan.

The tools you use when cooking with your red copper pans and pots determine the durability of your pan. Although the manufacturers of red copper kitchenware promote the materials as non-scratch, it is best to err on the side of caution. Metallic spatulas, spoons, and forks will scratch the non-stick surface and spoil it over time. The best utensils to use are plastic tools and those made from Teflon. Avoid cutting food on the surface of the pan to protect the surface finish.

When using red copper kitchenware, do not expose the pots or pans to temperatures exceeding the recommended threshold of 500F. While no specific information on what happens when you exceed the temperature, it is safer to follow the instructions rather than risk damaging your pan or having your food stick on the pan.

Oven use

Unlike most non-stick cookware I have used before, red copper cookware is safe for oven use. Red copper cookware is built to withstand temperatures of up to 500F.

This makes it easy to transfer from a stovetop to an oven without having to change the tools. Most non-stick pans are not usable in the oven due to their silicon handles.

Now that you know the basics about red copper kitchenware, let us look at the specific items and models available.

There are many models of red copper cookware available in the market. These models come in various shapes and sizes and are built for different functions to make your cooking enjoyable.

Best Red Copper Cookware

1. Red Copper Square Pan 5-piece set

The red copper five-piece set from Bulbhead is made in the square shape, which provides uniqueness to the set as well as ample space for your food.

The set consists of a non-stick surface on the interior of the pan. The red copper surface is resistant to scratching. The set is multipurpose, therefore, covers all your cooking needs.

The set is made from high-quality copper and the handles of quality steel making it a durable addition to your kitchenware. The high-quality materials used make it a versatile cookware, which can be used, on the stovetop and in the oven. Some of the recipes you can use with this red copper cookware set include roasting, deep-frying, broiling, and baking.

Like all other red copper products, it is easy to clean and maintain. The downside of this set is that the items are heavy thus may be a little cumbersome when cooking. Faulty imitations in the market lead to bad reviews of the product and disappointment in their customers.

The square shape of the pans and pots increase the cooking area available thus, you are able to cook more food in these pots or pans.

Bulbhead’s red copper cookware set comes with some additions in its packaging including a steaming and roasting tray, a deep frying basket, vented glass and a recipe book from award-winning Mrs. Cathy Mitchell.

With this set from Bulbhead, you can test and improve your cooking skills and make meals your family enjoys.

Ensure to season your pots and pans before use and re-season regularly to maintain the non-stick properties. Follow the cleaning instructions to ensure your pots and pans last longer.

2. Red Copper Non-stick Ceramic Cookware 10-piece set

The ten-piece set from Bulbhead is an ideal way to stock your kitchen with non-stick pots and pans.

The 10 pieces set comes with the most essential cooking pieces you need in your kitchen.

The set includes an 8- and 10-inch frying pan, 1.5-, 2.5- and 6- quart sauce pots each with a lid, and an aluminum steamer insert.

The cookware has a copper infused ceramic coating for a non-stick property, aluminum rings for even heat distribution, tempered glass lids with a metal handle and a steam vent and they are safe for use both for your health and to the environment.

Buying the 10-piece set is an inexpensive method of restocking your kitchen compared to buying each item individually. However, buying one item at a time is advisable where you do not have enough money.

3. Red Copper Square Ceramic Non-stick 10” and 12’’ cookware pan

Also by Bulbhead, two set square frying pans are an ideal addition to your kitchen. The frying pans are suitable for a variety of your cooking needs including sautéing, searing, baking and shallow frying. Their square shape is an added bonus, which allows you to fit in more food into the pan. With these two pans of different sizes, you can easily adjust the amount of food you cook.

The non-stick surface of the pans saves you the time you would have spent cleaning them. Besides, when cooking, you are at peace with the knowledge that your food will not stick to the pan. The pan features all the properties of red copper products including ceramic copper-infused surface, aluminum rings, and a sturdy steel handle. The handle is important in facilitating transport of the pan from the stovetop to the oven.

When using the pans in the oven, wear oven mitts to protect your hands from burning as the metal handles will get hot.

4.Red Copper Five-minute Chef

The red copper five-minute chef is a product of Bulbhead.

The electric cooker is one of the fastest cooking tools you should add to your collection. The cooker is portable therefore efficient for use when traveling.

The size of the cooker means that it will take up less of your countertop space thus leaving you with ample working area. The red copper five-minute chef is convenient for people living in small areas and rooms.

The electric cooker consists of two cooking wells measuring 3.5 and 8.5 inches. Both wells have a copper infused ceramic coating. The red copper five-minute chef presents a number of benefits including a non-stick surface, which allows food to slide off the pan. The non-stick property of the pan allows you to cook healthier meals with little to no oil.

The copper used when making the outer part of the pan allows it to distribute heat evenly thus food cooks evenly. The wells in the pan allow fast cooking of food. Typically, using the red copper five-minute chef cooks your food in minutes.

The red copper five-minute chef is stretch resistant which improves its durability.

Since the cooker is electric, cleaning should only be done by wiping with a clean cloth. Submerging the cooker in water will destroy it.

5. Red Copper Dance Non-stick Ceramic Cookware

The red copper dance non-stick cookware is a quality piece of kitchenware you will enjoy having in your kitchen.

Made from high quality and safe material, the non-stick pan allows you to concentrate on your food instead of how to keep it from sticking on the pan.

The spacious cookware is easy to clean and comes with all the benefits of copper-infused ceramic cookware. With the proper care and maintenance, the red copper dance non-stick ceramic cookware will last for a long period.

The cookware is an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals. The non-stick quality of the cookware allows you to cook food with little or no oil, which is healthy. The pots and pans are also made from environmentally safe materials, which do not pollute your food or the environment. The cookware is safe for all family use. The large size of the pan allows you to make more food at once.

6. Copper Chef Round Pan 3 pack set

Copper chef round pan 3 pack set consists of 8”, 10” and 12” pans. Copper Chef Manufacturers produce the pans.

Copper chef round pans are very easy to clean and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

The pans are very versatile and can be used in the oven and on the stovetop.

The pans can also be used for roasting, frying and be steaming.

The different sizes of the pans provide you with a choice of the size best suited to your cooking needs. The pans are made with the environment and your health in mind- PTFE and PFOA compounds are not in the pans. The pans are very tolerant to heat and can withstand temperatures of up to 850F.

Each pan has riveted handles, which provide a secure grip when handling the pan.

The non-stick surface of the pan is easy to clean. The stainless steel induction plate at the bottom of the pans helps in promoting even distribution of heat around the pan. The pan has a non-stick surface that is easy to clean. The surface allows you to cook a variety of foods without it sticking.

The Copper Chef products

Copper Chef established kitchenware manufacturers who also deal with multipurpose non-stick square cookware. Their cooking ware is highly versatile with one pan offering 6-in one cooking features. the pans can be used on gas, electric, ceramic and induction stovetops. Copper Chef products are made with Cerami-Tech non-stick technology. Some of the products by cookware include non-stick pots and pans, induction cooktops, bake and grill mats, copper chef knives and cookbooks.

Copper Chef provides a wide variety of versatile non-stick cookware which is aimed at equipping your kitchen with fewer multipurpose tools. Their square pan, for example, is very versatile and can be used in the oven, for boiling, deep-frying and any other cooking purpose your pans and pots serve. Copper Chef products are easy to clean therefore, you have more time to focus on improving your culinary skills rather than spending the time cleaning a lot of cookware.

All the products are free from PTFE and PFOA. You can, therefore, make your meals without worrying about your health or the environment.

Copper Chef makes non-stick pans and pots using a combination of ceramic, stainless steel and tempered glass. The extra layering provides increased heat resistance. Copper chef products can withstand high temperatures of up to 850F. The non-stick surface of the pan allows food to cook without sticking which eliminates the need for too much oil, fat or butter.

Apart from providing, you with the pans and pots to cook your ingredients in, Copper Chef also provide cookbooks with various recipes to help you in your culinary adventures. Their cookbooks provide you with skills in tasty non-stick cooking.

Copper Chef is also concerned with the food preparation tools such as knives. They have very lightweight knives that are designed for toasting and cutting through fresh as well as frozen foods.

Their bake and grill mats allow you to introduce non-stick qualities to your grill. With their reversible and reusable grill mats, you can now comfortably barbecue your steak without the worry of having to scrub the char off the grill later on. The grill mats are also easy to clean and are safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Copper Chef is also understanding of your need to make meals on the go. With their induction cooktop, you have a portable means of preparing your own food when away from home. The induction cooktop can be used in small spaces such as an office or a dorm room.

Recipes you can use with red copper cookware

Red copper cooking pans allows for several cooking methods including flambéing, broiling, shallow frying, stir-frying and whip cooking.

Frying with red copper cookware

Add a teaspoon of oil onto the pan and let it heat. You may test the temperature of the oil using a drop of water, a wooden spoon or a kitchen thermometer. If the oil is heated, proceed to fry your food normally. For meat and cheese, keep the pieces separate from each other. Do not put the food in layers so that it fries well. Turn the food regularly until it is ready.

Flambéing with red copper cookware

Flambéing is a cooking method in which you burn the ingredients directly with a flame for a short time. The red copper pan can withstand high temperatures making it suitable for flambéing. However, be careful when flambéing so that your food does not lose its consistency or remain with an alcohol flavor. The choice of alcohol should complement the food you are cooking.

How do you purchase the right red copper cookware?

As with every product you see on infomercials, it is possible to get information that is a little exaggerated. Sometimes, the promised benefits are only meant to get you to purchase the product.

The dealers you buy from are also a source of concern, their reliability affects the choice to buy from them or not. Here are some of the guiding principles you should follow before purchasing any red copper cookware.

When you buy your cookware from a reliable source, the chances of getting a good quality product are high. Most reliable dealers also allow for the return of unsatisfactory items within a specified period after purchase.

Look out for product promotions and discounts. Product promotions provide you with information about a product. By using the information, you are more equipped to make an informed decision regarding what to buy. Discounts enable you to acquire similar products at a reduced price. We all love having some extra money and discounts help us do just that.

Look for review about the products. Most customers of red copper cookware have provided their reviews online about their experience with red copper cookware. By going through the reviews, you can then make a decision whether to purchase the product or not. You can get review through sites such as Amazon and YouTube.

The features of the red copper item you are purchasing. Red copper pots and pans come in various shapes, sizes and have varying features. The needs of your kitchen will shape the decision on what item to buy. For instance, if you are planning to make smaller meals, a small pan is enough.

The controversy surrounding the use of red copper cookware

Red copper non-stick pans have suffered through several controversies particularly concerning how well they work. Some of these controversies lie in the making of the pans and the materials used in their making. Different user experiences also generate a lot of questions and misunderstanding about the quality of the cookware and their effectiveness in the kitchen.

One such controversy is a claim that red copper pans produce grey marks on foods as well as chipped coating. Red copper products have a number of limitations in the market from unscrupulous manufacturers. While it is impossible to control the production of counterfeits, you as the buyer should check to ascertain the quality of the red copper product you are buying. Some of the pointers for quality include the reliability of the seller and the quality marking from the company. Genuine red copper pots and pans have a red copper logo on their bottom.

Another controversial issue is that red copper kitchenware affects the taste of food. Red copper products are coated with a ceramic layer on the top therefore, food has no contact with the copper unless the ceramic is scratched and the copper exposed. Copper reacts with both alkaline and acidic foods thus producing a metallic taste and grey streaks on food. However, red copper pans have a low amount of copper, which hardly comes into contact with the food. It would also require a lot of copper exposure to develop negative health effects.

Which is the best non-stick cookware?

When purchasing non-stick cookware, selecting the best is a challenging task. With the market flooded with a variety of brands from various companies, selection becomes quite hard. However, with the right skills and knowledge, you will be able to select the best cookware geared towards enhancing your skills and culinary experience.

You can choose between ceramic, teflon or red copper.

Between copper chef and red copper cookware, I prefer using red copper products. While red copper cookware does not have a high heat tolerance like the copper chef, their durability is very high. The durability of red copper pans comes from the durability properties of both copper and ceramic. The presence of ceramic provides a quality non-stick coating whose strength is enhanced by the infusion of copper.

Red copper pans are also strong yet lighter than Copper Chef models. The lightweight of red copper pans makes them ideal for kitchen use, especially where food will be manipulated often. Among the red copper products, the 10-piece set is the best as it provides a number of items in one package. Having all items in one package saves you the need to purchase other specialized kitchen tools as these are already serving a versatile purpose. Besides, purchasing the ten piece set saves you as much as 40% compared to purchasing the items individually.

You should take the purchase of cookware as a serious investment towards the future of your kitchen performance. Selecting good quality materials with generating a lot of satisfaction during food preparation, cooking and eating your meals. Apart from the functionality of your cookware, consider the aesthetics of what you purchase. Your cookware should enhance the style of your kitchen.

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