Starfrit The Rock Review

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If you have cooked for while now, then you’ll probably know the flaw common to most non-stick Cookware. They don’t last! And that is putting mildly.

Refreshingly, the manufacturers of these Cookware are well aware of this big let-down. And to keep up with competitors and equally remain appealing to their customers, they tend to always come up with innovations in the manufacture of non-stick cookware. This gives them the opportunity to add the ‘long lasting’ feature to the elaborated product’s description.

Starfrit is one of such manufacturers, and they have a stunning new product called Starfrit The Rock 10-piece cooking ware.

Does it work? Of course it does, but does it last? Well, we’ll be looking at that and a lot more in this Starfrit The Rock review.

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Starfrit The Rock Set

Before we get into the review proper, let’s take a quick look at what Starfrit The Rock Cookware is all about. It is 10-piece cookware consisting of:

  • 2-quart sauce pan with accompanying lid.
  • Deep frying pan (11-inch) with helper handle and lid.
  • 6-quart sauce pot with accompanying lid.
  • 3-quart sauce pot with fitting lid.
  • 1-quart sauce pan with equal sized lid.

Product Description

Due credit to Starfrit here, they really pushed themselves to the limit here. All of the pieces mentioned above are reinforced with a thick aluminum base and a stable rim. As you’d expect, the thick base of these cookware means that they are well crafted for effective heat distribution.

The design also features a two layer coating which suggests some level durability that is missing from most non-stick cookware in the market now.

Rock.Tec Thecnology

If you didn’t know about Starfrit cookware before now, then it is important to let you know that they use a patented manufacturing process for the interior designs of their Cookware. It is called the Rock.Tec surface. This is a technology that involves the use of small metal pellets to reinforce the internal surface of the cookware so that they almost have rocky feel when touched. This meant to add some needed steel to the overall design

They interior surface is scratch and abrasion resistant and adapted to release food 3 times faster than what you will find in an average non-stick Cookware.

You’ll also find a 3-layer non-stick coating system (PFOA free) engrafted into the interior design. This makes The Rock a lot stronger and dishwasher safe. However if you use very strong detergents continuously, you’ll end up discoloring the cookware.

Does this affect its performance? No, but nobody likes ugly-looking Cookware.

The handles are riveted and well adapted for a firm grip. Once you get a grip of the Cookware, it sticks and doesn’t slide off when you move your hands. The accompanying lids are made of tampered glass and have steam vent situated at strategic locations. But what you’d probably enjoy the most is the fact that nothing sticks to the surface. The pots and pans are durable and are better than what other average non-stick cookware have to offer.


If you have gone through a fair bit of Starfrit The Rock review online, then you probably have noticed some of the products clear advantages. If you haven’t, a summary is listed below for you.

  • Pots and pans do not get sticky or chipped. This means that food doesn’t stick to the pot’s or pan’s surface during cooking. Cleaning after use is equally easy and you may not need a dishwasher at all. It is probably fitting to also say that this feature is further enhanced by the patented manufacturing process employed by Starfrit. Nothing is as offensive as buying a non-stick Cookware but having to scrap it clean every time it gets mounted on the gas burner.
  • The non-stick coating does not fade away over time. In fact, some reviewers online have made bold claims that the non-stick surface has remained intact even after 2 years of continued usage (not many non-stick Cookware can boast of this). While this is a long shot and largely depends on how well you manage the Cookware, it’s still an sign that Starfrit The Rock Cookware is worth a mention.

This is the first point that will suggest that The Rock can actually last long. It is still no guarantee anyway, but it does show that the longevity of the Cookware depends on how you handle them in the long run


  • When it comes to the interior design, Starfrit seems to have gotten everything right. However, it’s when you get to the bottom exterior that things get a little messy. Most reviewers online complained of a depleted bottom exterior after sustained periods of using the Cookware. This is not supposed to be a major problem since the bottom is not visible all the time. But the deterioration gets so bad that it becomes visible. At this point, the Cookware becomes ugly.

This is not a big let down as these Cookware do not belong to the high-end class and for the price, the quality is OK and a good fit for any standard kitchen. But if you are looking for snug-fitting lids and crisp exterior designs, then you’ll have to pay more for high-end Cookware.

If you are on a budget, however, the Starfrit The Rock Cookware is perfect and should more than get the job done.

With all that out-of-the-way, let’s take this Starfrit The Rock Review a little further by answering some FAQs. Hopefully your questions will fall into these categories.


Is the Starfrit The Rock safe ?

Yes it is. Like we said earlier, the 10-piece Cookware is PFOA free. This means that is safe for use under normal cooking conditions. However, it was not stated that it is PTFE free. So it is not exactly safe to say that some chemicals aren’t present. But in general terms, Starfrit The Rock is safe.

Can it withstand high heat?

No, The Rock cannot be exposed to intense heat. In fact. non-stick Cookware to date will have their protective coatings damaged if exposed to high heat. So only medium-high heat is recommended when you are using Starfrit The Rock in your kitchen. It is important to note that the warranty may not cover this sort of damage, so it is in your interest to stick with moderately high heat.

Is it oven safe?

The Rock can withstand oven temperature up to 375 degree Fahrenheit with its lid is on. If you wish to crank the temperature to as high as 450 degrees, then you will need to take the lid off.

Is the Starfrit The Rock dishwasher safe ?

While you can use a dishwasher to clean the Cookware, the detergents could do some damages. This includes discoloration or dullness. The warranty policy does not cover this sort of damages.

Can it be used on a induction cooktop?

No, most non-stick Cookware aren’t. However you can checkout a few of their other products that are compatible. Although this might be problem depending on your location. Asides this, you’ll need to go through the products manual if you are bent on getting Cookware that can be used on an induction cooktop. Ensure that it is safe before you buy it. This way you don’t lose money and equally put yourself at risk too.

Is the Starfrit The Rock worth it?

This probably is the major question on your mind, so I’ll just get right to it.

For the price, Starfrit The Rock’s quality is just perfect. It’s not cheap and it’s not overly expensive either. If you are on a budget, then the choice to make is obviously The Rock.

While high-end Cookware will definitely give you a different dimension, they are not without their flaws too. This is why we do not recommend buying high-end Cookware. Their coating will eventually fade away even if you are careful majority of the time. It’s all just a matter of time. So it makes no sense to spend so much on a Cookware that will lose its appeal faster than you would have loved it to.

Starfrit The Rock on the other hand has a pretty good non-stick coating. If online buyers reviews are anything to go by, this coating doesn’t represent a major problem. This should make the Starfrit The Rock a smart buy.

With all of its coating and design dexterity, we cannot guarantee that it will last a decade. In fact, the cons section of this Starfrit The Rock review highlights some flaws that you will have to deal with if you go on to buy the Cookware. But in general terms, the advantages of the product far outweighs its disadvantages. So with its mid-range price, you’d have a lot to gain than lose when you buy the Starfrit The Rock Cookware. At least you will not spend your money on a cheap ceramic that will only last for a few heat exposures before cracking under pressure.

On the flip side, Starfrit offers warranty for their products. You can take advantage of this cover to overcome some of the challenge you may encounter when using the Starfrit The Rock 10-piece Cookware. Further information on terms and conditions are available on the company’s official website.

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    • Hi Marta! The site claims that they are 100% PFOA and PTFE free. They don’t mention if the pots and pans are specifically lead or cadmium free.

  1. Hello. I just wanted to tell you that I bought the Rock 11inch deep frying pan about a year and a half ago. It is the best frying pan I have ever had and I’ve been cooking for over 60 years. Nothing sticks, it will wipe out with paper towels after use if you need it again right away. I use it as a frying pan and also to make soup and stews and frying fish, etc. Everything comes out so good. I’m making honey garlic chicken tonight and that’s why I wanted to know if I can use it in the oven.


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