Stoneline Cookware Review (StoneDine)

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What if I tell you that there’s a non-stick cookware set that lasts forever? I´m pretty sure that you wouldn’t believe it, neither would I.

So when this cookware set crossed by my sight I was like “OMG I need this”. Because the main problem with non-stick sets is the lack of durability compared to sets of stainless steel, for example.

I´m pretty sure that many of you are already familiar with this brand.

If you don’t know about them –maybe you are new to this market- this is a well-known brand that has come out to the market promising the non-stickiest pans.

Also they allege that their products could resist a lifetime span of time.

They came to America making a big amount of infomercials and presentations in TV shows, in magazines and newspapers. StoneDine (called StoneLine in US) are a cookware superstar brand.

Of course, all this media exposure generates a high expectation and hype around their products. Sometimes you need to read a cold and objective review, so that’s why I’m here.

In this article I will make an effort to enlist the best things of this set and the not so good aspect that I found.

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What’s Good About Stoneline Cookware?

Non-Stick Properties

The coat of these pans is made of a stone micro-coating that makes them non-stick.

The big question is, are they really 100% non-stick?

Well, you can cook an egg with little oil and it will be cooked evenly. I’m satisfied with the results.

The big deal is that their famous infomercial promises that you will never use oil. That is not completely true. Even when you don’t have to use the normal amount of oil per meal, you will have to “seasoning” your pan with little oil.

The Cleaning

This is a strong point. Cleaning one of these pans is a piece of cake. You can use a dishwasher and you’ll be perfectly fine.

I prefer handwashing to preserve the integrity of the pans, especially because you don’t have to make a big effort to clean them.

You can check my guide to clean pots and pans without damaging them


It´s PFOA-Free, lead and cadmium-free.

If you are a real cookware geek, you will know that classic nonstick pans with Teflon release toxic fumes when they overheat.

Some studies have demonstrated that these fumes can cause respiratory diseases. They are particulary toxic for birds or small animals.

Usually, the safest option is a ceramic pan, but if you aren’t a big fan of ceramic this may be your perfect choice.

Suitability with ALL cooking methods

This is an extremely important point because nowadays the induction cooktops are invading our kitchens. It’s not very common to find a non-stick set that is suitable for induction because they usually don´t have a stainless steel disc at the bottom of the pans that conducts the magnetic waves from the stove.


The set comes with 12 years warranty. That is pretty impressive because is not limited as most cookware set warranties.

Another thing is that they gives you 60 days when you are free to test your set and if something bothers you, they refund all the money you invest on the StoneDine set.

This gives you a good idea of how sure they are of the resistance of the pans.


The Stoneline cookware set only comes in one color: an original black with little white spots. This color makes a resemblance of the stones of Swedish Alps – or at least that’s what the infomercial says. The truth is that it looks elegant and professional.


What’s Not So Good About Stoneline Cookware?


When the StoneLine set arrived to America, the hype exploded. The big chefs used the set on their particular TV shows.

They had infinite commercials announcing the benefits of the set.  For that reason, the price can be a little high. It’s the trendy cookware set.


I know that the main promise this brand makes is that “it can last for a lifetime” but the reality is that by the moment no one has proven that this is true. This pan was released in 2012, which is not enough time to test this set and claim how long it can last.

With my experience I can confirm that they are more resistant than most of the non-sticks pans out there in the market. They’re sturdy enough and the coat is not going to peel easily.

Some consumers report that these pans started to show scratches on the surface after a couple years. The majority of these cases are for the lack of proper care for the pans.

I highly recommend using silicon or wood utensils for the sake of you pans longevity.


After all this review, my final advice is that this set is of good quality and it has the perfect non-stick coat.

The pans are not going to last forever as their infomercial said, but with the right care –using silicon or wood utensils and hand washing- they can last more than regular non-stick pans set.

I think that this set is the right solution for those who love the low fat cooking but aren’t completely convinced of ceramic. Also has the sturdiness of the stone.

See you soon with more reviews 🙂

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