The Ultimate Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review

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When it comes to cookware, the choices are almost infinite. The market is always being flooded with new cookware products, sometimes it is very difficult to pick the right one that will fit perfectly into your kitchen.

In the same vein, all of the positive reviews and hype that follows the release of a new product just make things a lot harder.

Nearly every product claim to have all the solutions, but judging from experience this isn’t always the case.

However, there are a select few new products that live up to their hype though. And in a moment, we would see if the rave of the moment Copper Cooker set is one of such products.

The highlights of this review will include the good and the not-too-good aspects of the cooking set, its specifications, and our verdict/recommendations.

With all that out of the way, let’s get right into the review.

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Wonder Chef Cooker-The Ultimate All-purpose Kitchen Companion

Before we get into discussing the features multi-purpose cookware, let’s take a quick look at what to expect if you do decide to buy it.

First off, it is important to let you know that the Copper Wonder Cooker is not a one pan type of cookware. It is an entire cooking set that models after a brownie pan, lasagna pan, and grill pan which may sometime vary from seller to seller.

Whatever the case is, these are the essential parts that must be in the complete set after you have made the purchase.

  • Shallow roasting pan
  • Two deep fry baskets
  • Glass pan Lid (Tempered)
  • Copper crisper rack
  • Deep roasting pan

Product Claims

The Copper Chef Cookware company makes a bold claim that the Wonder Cooker has the capacity to replace 14 different pans and pots that you currently have right there in your kitchen.

From a baking pan to a stock pot which can be used both on a stove top and in an oven. They have an amazing heat retention capacity of up to 454 degrees Celsius and a finely fitted induction plate that allows you to place them any cooktop without having to worry about damaging your new cookware.

The finely designed glass lid brings a whole new dimension to the supposed dynamism of the Wonder Cooker. With this lid, the roasters can be converted into a stock pot. It wouldn’t also be out of place if convert it for baking recipes or any other relevant cooking procedure.

Since the cooking set comes with two deep roasters, you can use them to deep fry fries and nuggets and boil vegetables concurrently. The crisper tray allows for frying without using any oil additives while using alongside pans.

The deep roaster is the ‘go-to’ piece in the cookware set when it comes to roasting meat like turkey.

The shallow pan, on the other hand, is designed to act as the roasting apparatus for smaller items like vegetables and potatoes. It has ridges mean also that you can convert the shallow pan to grill meat or vegetables whether on a grill itself or on a stove top.

You can get creative and use both pans together because they are both stackable. So in the end, what you’ll have on your hands is a two-dimensional roaster. Or you can use one pan as a lid cover for the other.

Flipping the shallow pan over the deep pan will create a dutch oven. In a reverse scenario, the deep pan can also be used as a lid cover for the shallow pan.

In simpler terms, there are several combinations that can be created from the different pieces contained in the Copper multifunctional Cookware set.

So it is easy to understand why the company makes the bold claim that their new cookware can function in 14 different ways. The multi-cooker is made from thick cast aluminum and a specialized non-stick coating that is both PFOA and PTFE.

They are also not hard to clean and won’t cause a mess when washed using a dishwasher.

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Regardless of what you may have heard or thought about the Wonder Cooker Cookware set before now, the fact remains there are quite a number of positives to look forward to if you decide to buy the cookware set.

Space management: The multifunctionality of this amazing cookware set means that you do not have to keep hundreds of pans and big sized pot in your kitchen. You can save space and still get most of your cooking done.

Budget-friendly: Since Copper cooking set can replace up to 14 different cookware in your kitchen, you most definitely won’t have to spend money on buying different cookware just to get your cooking done.

Versatility: You must do an awful lot of cooking if you go on to exhaust all the 14 different combinations that you can make out the Copper cookware set. With this level of versatility, it means that with this cookware, you can get all your daily cooking routines covered without having to spend a lot of money.

Enormous Capacity: The deep roast alone can contain an entire 15lb turkey. This size will allow you to cook different types of food for the entire family.

Non-stick: The Wonder Cooker is coated with an impressive non-stick material which means that you can clean the cookware easily after multiple uses.


This COPPER COOKING SET review will not be complete if we don’t show you the ‘not-so-exciting’ aspects of the Wonder Cooker.

The basic truth is that this cookware won’t come into your kitchen and ultimately solve all your cooking problems. You have to deal with some negatives and the major ones are listed below.

Non-stick Coating gets old and diminishes: It will be unrealistic to expect the Wonder Cooker to remain in optimum working conditions after multiple uses. Even some of the best cookware made from ceramics do go on to experience some level of stickiness after a long period of consistent use. This means that all non-stick cookware will at some point wear off if you use them long enough. In the case of the Wonder Cooker, you have to start preparing for this reality right from the first day of use. Quite a lot of reviews have indicated that the non-stick coating Copper cooking set is the first part of the cookware to diminish. You have to get ready for this possibility if you have decided to buy the multipurpose Wonder Cooker for your kitchen.

Can’t Multi-task: One thing you can’t do with the Wonder Cooker cookware is to try to cook different means simultaneously. For instance, if you are using the pans available as an oven alternative, you can’t use them for anything else until you are through cooking their content. But with your stackable cookware sets, you can do this an even more. If you do a lot of cooking at once, you are likely going to struggle if go ahead to buy the cooking set and make them the major cookware in your kitchen. They are perfect for when you want to cook in a stepwise manner.

Our Verdict/Recommendation

If you have followed COPPER WONDER COOKWARE review right from the very beginning, then by now you should have some of the ideas of what your kitchen routines would be like if you go ahead to take a positive view and buy the cooking set.

For example, if you are just looking to buy your first set of cookware for your kitchen, then you will be doing the right thing if you decide to give this a go and see where it gets you in the end.

However, if you have a large kitchen space and you already have different sets of cookware lined up your kitchen cabinets, then you are not really in serious need of the Wonder Cookware set.

There are instances where you may want to do away with all of your in the and bring some entirely new ones.

The Copper Wonder Cooker set may give you an alternative to fall back on but you need to really ask yourself if clearing your kitchen’s cookware just to replace them with one multi-purpose wonder cooking set is the right thing for you to do.

If you are comfortable making this decision, then you must brace yourself up to enjoy both the many advantages of then Wonder Cooker cookware and the slight disadvantages that comes alongside.

We will, however, recommend that you do not make this decision in haste as you are not completely sure what your personal cooking experience will be when you do get down to business with the cookware. It is even critical when the non-stick coating of the cookware begins to diminish.

Ultimately, our copper wonder review has shown that this cookware set has the capacity to function in different ways.

But you do not need to clear your entire kitchen cabinet just to accommodate them. You can at best add them to your already robust collection and take advantage of their multi-functionality when you absolutely need to. Your kitchen needs and budget capacity should be the major determinants if you decide to go on with this plan.

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