Top 7 Best Roaster Ovens

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While it might seem like a challenge to find the best roaster oven worthy of your hard-earned cash, it isn’t unfeasible.

So, if you’re wondering what the best roaster ovens on the market are, then worry no more.

After hours of research, and reading tons of reviews online, we have searched the market, and we are happy to share with you the top 7 roaster ovens on the market. 

So, if this is what you’re looking for then let’s dive right into the list.

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What Is A Roaster Oven?

A roaster oven is a tabletop electrical cooking device that roasts food by distributing heat throughout the roasting chamber rather than heating with the use of gas or exposed coils similar to a conventional oven.

Unlike the typical oven everyone has at home, roaster ovens are smaller and exert less heat. 

Benefits Of Buying A Roaster Oven?

As a result of their size, roaster ovens are easily transportable and much better fit for small households.

These compact kitchen appliances have less space to heat, so you do not have to spend a long time waiting for it to heat. Roaster ovens also cook quickly and do not require as much power as many conventional ranges to prepare a meal.

If you have ever tried to prepare a large meal, you know that your oven fills up quickly. A roaster oven is popular for its versatility. It can be used to cook, bake, broil, etc.

What this means is you can roast your turkey with it, as well as cook a big batch of casseroles, traditional chili, fish, lasagna, steam bread, cookies, etc.

Interestingly, because of the covered roaster traps and the fact that a roaster oven recycles moisture from the food as it cooks, no additional water or other liquids are needed unless called for in a recipe when using it.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Roaster Oven

When purchasing a roaster oven it is important to look out for four things:


It is important to get a multipurpose roaster oven. This way, you spend little for more. You do not just want a roaster that only roasts your turkeys, you want a roaster than can help prepare side dishes, taco bars, party appetizers, etc. So, you do not want to limit your meals with just one roaster.

When considering the purpose you want to use your oven for, then considering the lid type is important. For example, a high dome lid is helpful when roasting a large turkey, or tall ham. So, you need to consider getting a lid that works best with the type of meals you prepare.

Choosing The Right Size:

Depending on the occasion you will be using the oven for, you have the option of choosing between a smaller oven and a larger oven. Most people prefer to purchase a roaster oven with a large pan like a 22-quartz oven.

This way, when preparing large quantities of food, you wouldn’t have to worry about the size and weight if you plan on using it to cook at large gatherings such as homecoming. On the other, when it is just a normal family dinner, then you might want to consider getting a small pan such as a 16 quartz or an 18-quart roaster.

Even though you might think getting a large oven is a no-brainier, however, you might want to consider the space you have available for storage. Roaster ovens can be quite bulky, so it is important to consider your storage options and the roaster oven dimensions.

Consider the Material Type and Lid:

Choosing the right material plays an important role in heat distribution. We recommend you choose a roaster made of removable enameled steel. This is because enameled steel cooks well due to its optimum heat distribution and heat retention. Most of the enameled steel ovens are removable and are dishwasher safe.

Choosing The Right Temperature Range:

Depending on the type of meal you want to cook with your roaster, you want to choose the roaster with the right temperature range. This is because the temperature range of every roaster varies, therefore it is important to choose the right temperature which best suits the type of meals you’ll cook.

Now, we have that out of the way, let’s dive into our list:

Best Roaster Ovens

1.Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid, 18 Quart, Black (CKSTRS18-BSB-W)

This Oster 18-Quart Roaster Oven features a high domed lid and is not only roomy but also self-basting therefore saving you time and effort.

The handy viewing window lets you keep an eye on what is cooking. This electric roaster oven fits up to a 24-pound turkey and offers true cooking versatility. 

You can roast, keep warm, and serve, all in the same roaster but it is also great for baking, slow cooking, defrosting, and more. The defrost setting lets you take food from frozen to roasted in hours, not days. You get to save 30% more time whenever you use it. Also, you can save up to 36% more energy than a traditional oven (based on average time and energy savings when using a roaster as compared to when using a conventional oven). It also speeds cooking time. 

Use it to double your oven space when entertaining especially when your main oven is full; the removable enamel-on-steel roasting pan makes for fast cleanup. This includes the baking rack. There are many great ideas for bringing fresh tastes and lots of convenience to your kitchen. Some features of the Oster 18-Quart Roaster Oven are the electric grill oven, it’s capacity of 23 liters, the 3 cooking levels, the programmable timer, and an adjustable thermostat.

The Oster 18-Quart Roaster Oven is unusual in its functionality. At the same time, you can prepare two different dishes in it, with two different baking temperatures. This dual cook system will allow cooking two dishes simultaneously by dividing the oven space into two; the upper and the lower. 

Equally, the Twin LED display in two rows will display, for each compartment in another row, information on baking time, temperature, and other selected settings.

The oven is equipped with electronic control. The control knobs are located on the front of the oven. There are six functions to choose from, including automatic baking programs and a pizza function. The interior of the heating chamber is made of ceramic enamel and has been equipped with lighting. It includes two metal shelves and two mesh shelves. The oven also has two heaters with a temperature range of 40 – 250 C.

Additionally, you can also use the grill and the function of the hot air. The manufacturer of this model also thought about the safety of the user which is why the housing of the roaster oven was cooled in the oven and the so-called cool door.

As a result of the dark coloring of both the interior and exterior of the Oster 18-Quart Roaster Oven, it is not prone to staining. When washing or cleaning, oil and residue leave immediately and your roaster oven will still look brand new.

Topping its immunity to stains is the fact that scratch marks often remain on the roaster cooker and even if they do, the dark color of the Oster 18-Quart Roaster Oven camouflages such scratch marks and hides them from an unobservant eye.

In addition to these, a safety switch and a blockade were included in the roaster oven to protect the accidental operation.


  • Large area for cooking the perfect dinner on any occasion
  • You save 36% energy compared to conventional ovens
  • It is easy to clean
  • A variable temperature from150 F to 450 F


  • Temperature can be off

2.Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid | 22 Qt, Stainless Steel

Oster 22-Quart Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid has a large capacity of 26 pounds and an oval shape. It is made from stainless steel and is thus easy to maintain.

The self-basting lid fits very well and serves its purpose to perfection – this means that you do not have to open the lid and taste meat while baking it. In this way, the heat stays trapped inside and the meat is done more quickly with less energy spent.

This Oster roaster oven comes with an enamel-on-steel roasting pan that can be removed when needed. The pan allows for even heat distribution and easy cleaning. It has two handles for easy handling as well. The steel roasting rack permits you to bake almost everything you can bake in your conventional oven – from mini pizzas for your kid’s birthday to the actual birthday cake.

The temperature you can choose varies from 150 to 450 Fahrenheit and is regulated by a variable dial. On the downside, insulation is not the strong point of this roasting oven. In translation, be careful when handling the elements such as lid the, as they can become quite hot as well.

Some of the advantages of using the Oster 22-Quart Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid are first, it has a large baking/cooking capacity of up to 26 pounds. Secondly not only is it lightweight and portable but it is also attractive and made with stainless steel design. It has a smart self-basting lid and is extremely budget-friendly considering all the features it contains. Lastly, depending on where you purchase the Oster 22-Quart Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid you will be offered a one-year limited warranty. What this means is, subject to some terms and conditions, if the toaster oven gets damaged within a year of purchase, you will be entitled to receiving a brand new Oster 22-Quart Roaster Oven.

On the other hand, a disadvantage of using the Oster 22-Quart Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid is that the outside of the roaster oven can become very hot due to poor insulation. Also, the cover handle gets hot too. This product is a 26-lb roaster oven that can maintain the moisture of foods, keeping it delicious and nutritious. This is made possible with its exclusive self-basting lid feature that is 22-Quart.

This feature also helps save heat, time, and energy which is very important and surely gives the product an edge to other units and models. You will be able to save 30% of your time in cooking and also save 36% of the consumption of energy compared when you use a traditional oven. It is made from stainless steel finish and ideal to use when preparing big meals for holidays and other special occasions. It includes a removable roasting pan that is enamel-on-steel and a steel roasting rack. The cooking temperature control of the unit ranges from 150F to 450F, giving you the perfect heat you need. With its large capacity, it can be considered as the best turkey roaster in the market today.

What most users like about it and recommend this product, is because it can keep the delicious flavor of the foods which is very essential. The energy-saving feature is also one of the reasons why the model is the best electric roaster as well as its large capacity wherein you can roast a 26-pound turkey while doing other things in the kitchen.


  • Removable roasting pan and racks make it easy to clean
  • Can be used to slow roast, slow cook, and bake
  • Large space- enough to fit 26 lbs turkey


  • Large foods amounts can easily be overcooked.

3.NESCO 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster Oven, 6 quarts, White

With a NESCO Roaster Oven, you can roast, bake, cook, steam, slow cook, and serve. Its removable steel rack is designed for better baking and fat-free roasting.

The porcelain in the roaster oven cooks well. There is always a recipe guide and user or care manual included in its packaging.

The NESCO 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster Oven has a 750-Watt heating base for moist and even cooking. Its removable 6-quart cooks and well serves up to 6 people. The NESCO Roaster Oven has full-range temperature control (200f – 450 Fahrenheit), a durable porcelain enamel finish, and stays cool side handles. It also includes a cooking rack with lift-out handles. It is oval and weighs 8.95 pounds.

Since 1932 the NESCO brand name has been synonymous with Roaster Ovens. With a NESCO Roaster Oven, you can roast, bake, cook, steam, slow cook, and serve. The Roaster Oven is portable so you can make great tasting meals wherever you go. The exclusive “Circle of Heat” heating element wraps around for moist, even cooking. 

The automatic temperature control maintains even cooking temperatures from 125 degrees to 425 degrees. The removable steel rack is designed for better baking and fat-free roasting. Its 6-quart size is designed for everyday use. Its versatility and size make it a perfect appliance for preparing family meals. Its porcelain is fused to the steel at a high temperature producing a non-porous, inert glass-like surface that is easy to clean.

Some features of the NESCO 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster Oven is it contains a 6-quart roaster oven with an exclusive Circle of Heat heating element.

Also, it roasts, bakes, cooks, steams, slow cooks, and can be used for serving. It has automatic temperature control, a removable chrome rack, and a porcelain cook well. Its porcelain can be baked into the cook well coating. It has a domed self-basting cover and cool-touch side handles.

Lastly, it measures approximately 24-1/2 by 16-1/2 by 9 inches and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Durable finish
  • Adjustable temperature control from 200F to 450F
  • It can serve up to 6 people


  • A bit pricey

4.NESCO MWR18-14 Roaster Oven, 18 quarts, White

Roasting a big meal is easy with a NESCO 18 Quart Roaster Oven.

You can even make bread or cinnamon rolls using its patented circle of heat technology.

You will be able to roast, bake, steam, slow cook in the brown warm poach and serve food in a short amount of time. 

The 18 Quart Roasters can roast up to a 22-pound turkey. Its chrome roasting rack features convenient lift-out handles and the cook wells are even removable for easy cleanup. 18 Quart Roaster Ovens are available in clear white or stainless steel and every product comes with porcelain cook wells. Some come with nonstick surfaces.

 The adjustable thermostat controls temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and the red light will turn off when the roaster is preheated. This go-anywhere oven is perfect for any event where large groups gather.

 The professional buffet server kit will fit any existing NESCO 18 Quart Roaster so whether you’re cooking ham, a roast turkey, or just about anything else the NESCO 18 Quart Roaster is a must-have in your kitchen.


  • Removal enamel makes it easy to clean
  • Temperature range from 200F to 450F makes it easy to call all variety of foods
  • 18 quarts capacity means more cooking space for family dinner


  • It might be too heavy for you

5.NutriChef Convection Countertop Toaster Oven 

This is the best NutriChef Convection Countertop Toaster Oven.

This Convection Countertop Toaster Oven is designed to produce succulent meats steak, pork, chicken, vegetables, and more.

It cooks your food up to 50 percent faster than the usual conventional oven and it does so better, faster, and with less electricity usage.

There is no need to thaw frozen meats or preheat and defrost to have the best flavor and taste of your food. NutriChefs Convection Countertop Toaster Oven also uses a patented trio of cooking methods conduction for the heat to go straight up to your food convection to circulate the heat and infrared radiant heat to cook food from the inside out that leaves your food perfectly moist and flavorful. Some of its most important features are that it cooks thoroughly and retains flavor for all inserted ingredients.

 The Convection Countertop Oven of NutriChef uses a cooking technology that cooks your food evenly and serves the highest level of satisfaction to its users. Its process also can maintain flavor and texture to a perfectly cooked food smart meal prep healthy cooking without adding any extra oil. 

Explore the sizzling new world of healthy cooking with NutriChef. It requires little to no oil which makes it very healthy thanks to its patented trio of cooking which leaves its moisture and juices on the inside but has that lovely crispy skin on the outside. It prepares meals faster than a conventional oven. 

This product cooks your food up to 50 percent faster than other conventional ovens and best of all it saves a substantial amount of energy. Now you can prepare delicious meals for your family and loved ones that also saves time and money. Its built-in fan circulates air for effective and even cooking. This product has a built-in fan that circulates air for highly effective and even cooking that keeps the temperature even inside to avoid cold spots or burnt edges on your food. 

Also, it enables the person cooking to do all oven cooking methods that save you cooking time and energy as well as a hassle cooking. The NutriChef Convection Countertop Toaster Oven has a free and easy to use function. You just simply need to select the desired temperature and time that is needed to cook your food, leave all the work to the toaster oven, and wait until your food is perfectly moist and flavorful. 

It can cook, bake, grill, steam, broil, roast, and air fry. If you are looking for an alternative for cooking in the kitchen or at home then the NutriChef Convection Countertop Toaster Oven is perfect for you. It is very much capable of baking, grilling, steaming, broiling, roasting, air frying, and more. It is also perfect for all-round even cooking and it is versatile as well.

Some features of the NutriChef Convection Countertop Toaster Oven are its hassle-free electric convection oven cooker, large capacity, extra wide cooking glass bowl, removable heating oven top lid – high-powered heating element, convenient tabletop design, led indicator lights, automatic power-off when the timer expires, safe for placement on any counter/tabletop and easy-to-clean & heat resistant glass cooking bowl.


  • Can be used to fry, roast, steam, boil, and any other type of cooking you want to do
  • Cooks meals faster
  • Cooks food evenly and effectively
  • Convenient and easy to clean


  • Buttons may melt when overheated (in rare cases)

6.Oyama 12 Liter Turbo Convection Roaster Oven (BLACK), 13L

Some of the main features of the Oyama 12 Liter Turbo Convection Roaster Oven are its conventional design glass bowl with heater in the lid and high-speed fan for even cooking.

It is not a halogen as it uses a direct heating element supplied with a wire rack only.

It has a capacity of 12.5 quarts (12 liters) and a simple dial control for temp and time.

Scoring an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 and having 5-star ranking given in 57% of all reviews takes some beating. No doubt the super low price has something to do with it, but really, this cut down basic model is in high demand. It is ideal for college kids, students, and anyone living alone. The standard size roaster oven is 12 Liters, so the Oyama is as ideal as they come and can be used to prepare single meals.

Although it is quick, it is not quite as quick as an equivalent Halogen heater. Halogens give instant heat, but this model, partly because of its size, does a pretty good job and will cook frozen items, straight through and make an impressive and very tasty meal. 

Meat joints, fish, and chicken, both whole and pieces are terrific to cook. They do not lose flavor or moisture in cooking and cooked evenly. Using the wire rack, you could do vegetables or potatoes at the same time as the meat, under the rack, just be careful to leave some space for the hot air to circulate. 

Do not pack things in too tightly or it will not cook. Ideally, if you have a perforated dish, put some water in the bowl base. That is the best method of steaming the vegetables and cooking the meat on the rack. Some users do not like the fact that the temperature settings are in Centigrade/Celsius as well as the more usual Fahrenheit degrees. However, it helps if your recipe is perhaps from Europe, saves making a monumental mistake converting it.

If you are going to use the Oyama 12 Liter Turbo Convection Roaster Oven frequently, I would recommend you purchase a few extras, Amazon has a set available for the few ovens sold without. 

For most Halogen ovens with the deep bowl design tongs to extract the food on or off the rack are fairly essential if you are to avoid a burn. Oyama provides a peculiar handle that will lift out the rack. Although as I have said a few times that the wire lid racks are not perfect, they tend to skate around on the countertop when you are trying to put it down. The lid is hot and fairly heavy, so you do need somewhere safe to put it when you are moving the chicken around or lifting food out at the end of the process. 

Most users do not use the perforated pan for steaming vegetables a lot, so I would recommend at least those few parts, to make life a bit easier. Take a good look at the control markings – I can almost guarantee that they will have rubbed off within a short time. Also, there is no instruction book as such, just a couple of pages with about two recipes, so arm yourself with a good Halogen cookbook.


  • Can be used to air fry, grill, roast, and many cooking ways
  • It is simple to use
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • 12 L means enough capacity for a family meal
  • Automatically shuts off when the lid is lifted


  • Sometimes it doesn’t turn on when the lead is placed back

7.BELLA 24-Pound Turkey Roaster with Variable Temperature Control & Removable Pan & Rack, Black

BELLA 24-Pound Turkey Roaster features a variable temperature control system. You can easily regulate the temperature of the unit to suit you better.

This product has a large capacity of 24lbs to cook large volumes of turkey. To add more, it is highly durable and safe. The unit is fitted with a detachable pan, which allows for easy cleaning and care.

Also, this quality turkey roaster is widely applicable since you can use it for most cooking tasks. The sleek compact design allows for convenient storage and with the carrying handle. It is simpler and safe to hold.

Some features of the BELLA 24-Pound Turkey Roaster are that it has a 24-pound large capacity, a variable temperature control system, a detachable cooking pan, cool-touch side handles, and high-quality durable materials With the BELLA 24-Pound Turkey Roaster, you can easily roast a whole turkey and have that extra oven space you have always wanted.

The roaster oven is the perfect addition for big parties or dinner with family and friends. The BELLA Turkey Roaster can be conveniently used as a second oven and can roast up to a 24-pound turkey to serve family and friends.

 It includes a metal rack for cooking and provides easy food removal with its large 18-quart capacity. The adjustable thermostat lets you precisely control the cooking temperature to give you a perfectly cooked turkey. The detachable power cord allows you to keep the gravy warmer on your table and serve right out of it.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to clean after use thanks to its removable pan and racks
  • Durable
  • Can accommodate up to 24 lbs of food


  • Temperature adjustment can be off sometimes

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