Vremi Cookware Review

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When it comes to cooking delicious home cooked meals that all the family will enjoy there are many ingredients we need to have the recipe for success. These ingredients include using the right cookware!

The brand Vremi is not one that you will find on every home cooks lips but it is growing a healthy following and reputation mainly down to its affordability and quality. The company’s goal is to provide its customers with high quality stylishly designed pieces at an affordable price. Vremi’s fifteen-piece nonstick cookware set is a good example of this.

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Nonstick Heaven

The three cooking pots, two frying pans, and a saucepan that come with this fifteen piece set are all nonstick. This means that all your cooking will be easy with the need for very little oil. Cleaning of your pans after cooking is also made easier when they are nonstick. It should take very little more than a wipe with hot soapy water!

The nonstick coating is PFOA free ensuring there are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Each pan has two layers of nonstick coating improving their performance. It is still recommended, however, in the user manual that you season your pans before use.

Ventilated Glass Lids

There are many reasons why a ventilated glass lid is a really great feature of any cookware set. Firstly being glass they allow you to carefully monitor how your food is cooking without having to remove them and let vital heat out.

The purpose of the air vent is to let steam out without having to remove the lid or leave it over your pan on a tilt. This not only provides ease of cooking but also prevents mess escaping your pan and ending up all over your stove top. Some people also use the steam vent to place a thermometer into the pan and monitor cooking temperatures.

Stove To Oven Cooking

Whilst the glass pan lids cannot be put into the oven all the cooking pots and pans can. Vremi’s cookware will withstand temperatures up to 480℉. It should be noted that although the handles stay cool over the stove they will not be when coming out of a hot oven.

This feature can come in incredibly handy since recipes such as stews call for browning of the meat on the stove and then lengthy oven time. With oven proof pans this means that you will save on transferring your meal from pan to pan losing tasty morsels that cling to pans and creating piles of washing up.

Lightweight Design

Many pan sets available on the market nowadays are extremely heavy and cumbersome when performing kitchen tasks such as draining pasta and transferring food to plates. With the Vremi cookware set, however, this is not the case.

All the pots and pans contained in this set are lightweight making them easy to handle and move around the kitchen. It also makes them ideal to take with you should you go on a camping trip or such. Since they also stack for easy storage being lightweight also makes it easy for you to lift the top three in one hand to get to the bottom pan.

Every Utensil You Need

The Vremi cookware set also comes with five essential cooking utensils. These are a ladle, potato masher, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, and spatula.

All the cooking utensils provided are made of nonstick nylon that won’t warp or scratch. They are also heat resistant, BPA free and come with handles designed for comfortable use. Storage wise they would look stylish in any utensil holder but can also be hung on display by their specifically designed holes for hanging. Since the pans also come with the ability to hang on display you could make a feature of the whole set!


Due to its design and manufacture, this cookware set by Vremi is extremely versatile. For example, it can be used on either gas or electric stoves meaning that your use of them is not limited. Buy a new stove with a different energy source? It doesn’t matter, this cookware set can be used. Electric stove at home but gas when camping? This again doesn’t matter as you can use your cookware for both.

Vremi cookware also has great versatility when it comes to cooking through to service. You can cook with your set on the stove, transfer to the oven and serve straight to the table.

Easy Storage

Not everyone has a kitchen with endless storage space meaning that this can be a big consideration when purchasing kitchen equipment. Vermis cookware excels at being storage friendly as all its pots and pans are stackable. The glass lids can also be stored in this stack just by inverting them. Here the vents are again used as they allow air to circulate in the pans preventing stale air.

Should you want to display your pretty cookware, all utensils and pans come with hanging holes so that you can make a kitchen feature using them. With the pots and pans being attractive this is an option that is popular.

Modern Technology And Durability

When it comes to their cookware Vremi uses modern technology and great design to create great long lasting pieces of kitchen equipment. The joints which hold the pots and pans together are securely riveted and the high-grade non-toxic food grade aluminum is of a good thickness resistant to warping.

These pans are also decorated with a well-enameled exterior resistant to chipping and handles that are sturdy whilst being chic. The lids are made of tempered glass with ergonomic knobs.
The Vremi cookware set is also incredibly safe health wise being PFOA and BPA free!

​Overall Vremi Cookware Review



  • check
    ​Stylish and colorful
  • check
    ​Everything you need for a basic kitchen startup
  • check
    ​​Affordability, the NuWave cookware is not exactly cheap but neither is its cost too far from other ceramic cookware. ​
  • check
    ​Manufactured with modern tech and excellent durability
  • check
  • check
  • ​It is hand wash only
  • ​Cannot be used on induction hobs
  • ​It hasn't lids for the frying pans

​In conclusion, this set is extremely good value for money and packed with great features that far outweigh its downfalls. Whether you are just starting up a home or looking for replacement pots and pans, the Vremi cookware set is well worth a look!

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  1. I absolutely am in love with my new Vremi cookware set! I tell everyone about it. I have the yellow set with the cream interior. I am so tired of the dark insides of pots and pans. Clean up is a breeze!! So glad I bought it.


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