I`m María and as you may notice I’m The Cookware Geek.

I LOVE food, cooking it, seasoning it, baking it and of course eating it! My favorite therapy for a sad day is to hear this song and bake a bunch of chocolate cakes.

I also have other passions like makeup, travels, photography, and movies. But at the end of the day cooking is what makes the magic happen.

Why Did I Start The Cookware Geek?

In 2016 I was leaving Venezuela (my native country) and my boyfriend Will and I were starting a new life in Portugal, specifically in Lisbon.

When I moved out from my house I found myself with plenty of free time (while I was waiting for my residency in Portugal) and I just decided to put into practice all my skills as my mom’s kitchen assistant. I rediscovered my love for food because now I was the one that was in charge of the food.

This led me to create a good number of recipes that I personally tested and approved and I wanted to share them in some way. A food blog looked like the best way to achieve it.

Another incentive was to open a blog written in English, and in that way reinforce my skills in this language (by this time I speak three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese and aiming to learn some more). For that reason, if you see some major grammatical mistakes in any recipe, please let me know to fix them and learn a little bit more at the same time.


5-year degree in Social Communication with a specialty in Audiovisual Arts.


What can you find on this blog?

  • South American recipes. Classical Venezuelan savory dishes and desserts that have been tested for generations in my family.
  • Portuguese recipes.
  • Easy 20-minute recipes
  • Ideas for everyday meals. I’m not particularly the fanciest cook.

Measures in the recipes:

I do not get along with measures. At the beginning of my food journey, I just cooked my meals tasting everything and adding things without caring too much. This obviously changed when I decided to start a food blog because who wants a recipe that has as an instruction “Add chili until your eyes are watering and don’t feel your tongue”. Even today I still don’t like measures, so please bear with me. If any recipe has a big problem with the measures, please let me know and I will fix it.

I usually work with tbsp, tsp and cups —Americans can be so weird sometimes— because my main audience is from the US. If I’m talking about any meat, seafood or fish I will use grams as a measure.

The temperature measure that I will use is the ºC because my oven uses it, and it’s so weird to me to use ºF.


The Team:


Will “Technical support and Taster”



He is the answer to my questions, like “why have I done that I crashed the website?”  or “does this petit gateau need more ice cream?”. He is currently my hands model so you can say he has the “hands on the dough” all the time.

You can find him sitting at his computer thinking about the next online business or playing Dota 2  (he loves that shit more than me).



Luna “Model and Residual taster”

Luna lovemeow

“Draw me like one of your french girls” Luna Winslet – Titanic


Our beautiful “doll face” Persian kitty.

What can I say about her? She is the laziest cat in the world until she smells tuna. Then she becomes a demanding princess that will climb every counter to eat it. Although she prefers to cry out loud to have us give her what she wants. She is not at all like our little Pug —who we had to leave in Venezuela with Will’s mom. He obtained what he wanted no matter the cost (yes, he was an asshole).

If you want to see her model career, check her Instagram @luna__lovemeow

The asshole pug (we still love him)








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