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Baked Sweet Potato Slices

These oven-baked sweet potato slices are the easiest side dish that you can find. Just 2 ingredients + 4 seasonings. Easy and healthy! With the peel or without? I don’t know why sweet potato peel is not as popular as regular potatoes peel. Some people even think it’s inedible. Well, let me tell you this: […]

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Refried Black Beans Recipe

Refried black beans or caraotas refritas — as we know them in Venezuela— it’s an easy and delicious vegetarian side dish. It can be made with only 6 ingredients. Can you use canned beans? Yes, you can totally use canned black beans. In fact, that is my favorite way. I’ve told this a million times […]

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Roasted Mini Peppers

These roasted mini peppers are a quick and healthy side dish that you can use with almost any main dish. It’s easy and requires only 4 ingredients (including salt). What is the best temperature to roast peppers in the oven? I’ve tried multiple temperatures and time settings for this recipe. Thus far, for the size […]

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Parmesan Garlic Broccolini (Oven Baked)

Oven-baked parmesan garlic broccolini is an easy and healthy side dish that doesn’t require a ton of time or effort. This is a toss-and-done type of recipe. You only need one baking pan and a few minutes for prep. The rest of the recipe is to take the broccolini to the oven for 20 minutes […]

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Mango Pico de Gallo

Refreshing and sweet mango pico de gallo is the perfect and easiest nacho dip or taco sauce. This recipe is a tropical sweet twist to the traditional and more well-known pico de gallo. Don’t be scared of using sweet fruits with more pungent and sour flavors like onions and lime juice. They will complement each […]

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5 Minutes Cucumber Salad

This easy cucumber salad will just take you less than 5 minutes to make. It’s super refreshing and the perfect side dish for the upcoming summer days. In the summertime, there is no time to waste hours in the kitchen. In this time of the year, I’m all about easy and quick meals that allow […]

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