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Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Wings

These BBQ Chicken Wings are a great excuse for using your slow cooker for really good party food. For me, chicken wings are the synonym of a great time with a friend watching some tv show or a game. There’s not better feeling than a couple of beers while eating some sticky and fall-off-the-bone chicken […]

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Filipino Chicken Adobo

I must say that this recipe is a big culinary revelation for me. It is acid and salty and you get a lot of garlic notes. What is chicken adobo? In the Philippines “adobo” is a marinate made basically with soy sauce, peppercorn, and vinegar (Philippine vinegar or white vinegar). Usually involves some crushed garlic. […]

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Salt and Pepper Chicken

Chinese salt and pepper chicken is one of the favorite dishes in the takeaway world. It’s a spiced fry chicken that everybody will love. This is one of the few Chinese dishes that I can say it’s pretty simple. The recipe is basically small fried chicken pieces seasoned with Chinese spices. As the name indicated […]

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Chicken Riggies

This spicy and creamy chicken riggies recipe is a great way to give an extra special flavor to your regular rigatoni pasta. The predominant flavor on any chicken riggies is peppers. You can add a wide variety of peppers. I suggest you to use a classic sweet bell pepper to create the base of the […]

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