Russian Salad (Ensalada Rusa)

Authentic Russian salad recipe in less than 30 minutes. A fulfilling and customizable salad. This is a quick recipe that you can easily adapt to feed a crowd. This salad is also called Oliver salad or Olyvieh. The creator was a chef named Lucien Oliver —hence the name — and it quickly spread through eastern … Read more

5 Minutes Cucumber Salad

This easy cucumber salad will just take you less than 5 minutes to make. It’s super refreshing and the perfect side dish for the upcoming summer days. In the summertime, there is no time to waste hours in the kitchen. In this time of the year, I’m all about easy and quick meals that allow … Read more

Imitation Crab Salad

Today I will introduce you to the easiest imitation crab salad that you can find online. It’s full of flavor and the perfect filling for a midnight sandwich. Let’s talk about lazy food because this is exactly what this crab salad is. It’s extremely simple, no fuzz in the kitchen and the best of al … Read more