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Loaded Cheesy Portobello Mushrooms

loaded cheesy portobello mushrooms

These loaded cheesy portobello mushrooms are out of this world! I can’t even write this sentence without my mouth watering just thinking of the strings of mozzarella cheese and pieces of crunchy bacon inside these mushrooms. HEA-VEN-LY!     Can you guess the source of all the flavor of this recipe? Indulgent and greasy stuff. […]

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Bacon and Corn Dip

bacon and corn dip

What is a good party without good dips? Is it just me or do you also evaluate a party/social meeting according to the food? This bacon and corn dip is my trick inside my sleeve for game days, birthday parties and even as a simple afternoon snack.     Well, I will give you the […]

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Cheesy Zucchini Fritters

cheesy zucchini fritters

These cheesy zucchini fritters are ridiculously easy and amazing at the same time. Serve them with some sour cream or mustard sauce and you have a crispy and tasty appetizer.     You probably will notice that my last three or four recipes include zucchini in any way. Even though I like them, it’s not […]

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How to Make Tequeños (Venezuelan Cheese Sticks)

The day has finally arrived. Yeap, the day I’m finally adding this beloved recipe to The Cookware Geek recipes. Today I’m going to make Venezuelan tequeños 🙂   I previously talked about our main ethnical dish that is arepas. Well, tequeños are the arepas of social events. How’s that? Let me explain: In Venezuela, tequeños […]

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