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Easy Mushroom Risotto

This is the easiest and creamiest mushroom risotto recipe that I know. Risotto can be quite challenging for novice cookers but this recipe makes the process way more simple. I really enjoy earthy flavors that may seem so simple but turn out to be comforting to my palate. I learned to make this meal when […]

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Turmeric Rice

This is a healthy and exotic twist to the classic white rice side dish. I just love how fragrant this turmeric rice is. I have to confess that I’m not a rice lover. In my house, my mom used to make rice almost every single day and I wasn’t thrilled with the idea. So, now […]

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Black Rice and Shrimps Salad

A healthy sour and sweet black rice and shrimps salad. An exotic twist to the regular shrimp salad.     Black rice is one of China’s best kept secrets. It used to be consumed by the royal family exclusively and It almost disappeared until it was brought back thanks to its amazing benefits. I’m not […]

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