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Banana Coffee Smoothie

Let’s talk about the ultimate breakfast smoothie. This creamy and rich banana coffee smoothie has it all: banana (sweetness, vitamins, and potassium), coffee (energizing) and my secret touch … peanut butter (extra creaminess). You can drink a glass of this banana coffee smoothie and be satisfied for a good couple hours. I like it as […]

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Spinach Apple Smoothie

In case you are following this blog for a while, you probably know that this is not the healthiest blog on the food blogging community. I’m not aiming to become the next Oh she glows! — Btw I love her recipes. But recently I’ve found myself enjoying the benefits of juicing. For that reason, I […]

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Spanish Tinto de Verano

While I’m waiting for the warmer days to come —still in the middle of winter here —-I wanted to share with you one of my favorite beverages for summer: Spanish tinto de verano. I know it sounds exotic but there is no mystery behind this drink. A tinto de verano is basically red wine mixed […]

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Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

What else can I add to “Peanut butter hot chocolate”? Two of my favorite guilty pleasures in one mug. Add some marshmallows and crunchy peanut and I have a winter winner beverage.     Peanut butter is 100% an American thing. I mean, in South America we’re used to seeing peanut butter in the international […]

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Cointreau Orange Hot Chocolate

Cointreau orange hot chocolate

This super cozy Cointreau orange hot chocolate promise to warm up the chilling nights that are coming!   I absolutely love autumn. And winter, even more, but living in Lisbon gives me the weakest winters ever. I guess I cannot complain because I came from Venezuela — a completely tropical country without seasons. Right now […]

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