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Banana Coffee Smoothie

Let’s talk about the ultimate breakfast smoothie. This creamy and rich banana coffee smoothie has it all: banana (sweetness, vitamins, and potassium), coffee (energizing) and my secret touch … peanut butter (extra creaminess). You can drink a glass of this banana coffee smoothie and be satisfied for a good couple hours. I like it as […]

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Brown Sugar Bacon

Take any boring breakfast and turn into something amazing with this caramelized brown sugar bacon. Everybody will drool over this delicious and crispy bacon! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. If I have a good breakfast I feel like my day is going to be brighter. And what is the ultimate breakfast food? […]

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Spanish Torrijas

One of the most famous Spanish desserts: Torrijas. These are so decadent that you can’t eat just one. Another traditional Spanish recipe on this blog. I just can’t get over Spanish cuisine. Torrijas are a holiday dessert that is often prepared during “Cuaresma” and “Semana Santa”. They are basically bread soaked in milk — other […]

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Spinach Apple Smoothie

In case you are following this blog for a while, you probably know that this is not the healthiest blog on the food blogging community. I’m not aiming to become the next Oh she glows! — Btw I love her recipes. But recently I’ve found myself enjoying the benefits of juicing. For that reason, I […]

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