Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina

Authentic gnocchi alla sorrentina recipe. Baked, cheesy and garlicky gnocchi casserole. A comforting weeknight dinner with tons of Italian flavor. Along with my tortellini al forno, chicken sorrentino and baked mostaccioli, this gnocchi alla sorrentina is one of the easiest Italian recipes that I know. I’m all about baked pasta casseroles because they save me … Read more

Pasticho (Venezuelan Lasagna)

Pasticho is the Venezuelan version of Italian lasagna. Layers of pasta, bolognese sauce, bechamel, mozzarella cheese, ham and topped with a lot of parmesan cheese. A scrumptious, indulgent and filling dinner. Pasticho Sundays were my favorite days at my “Tia Meche’s” house — my aunt Mercedes’. And the recipe comes directly from my grandma. My … Read more