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Shrimps and Chickpea Soup

This shrimps and chickpea soup is one of the soups that I like to make the most in my house. It has a lot of Mediterranean flavors: bay leaf, thyme, and fresh garlic. It is a rich and chunky soup — my favorite type —- that has bold flavors and a lot of personalities. You […]

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15 Minutes Crack Slaw

This is the easiest and quickest recipe for a crack slaw. This keto friendly meat with cabbage and a lot of oriental flavors are here to stay. It’s a quick dinner idea that takes less than 15 minutes! What is crack slaw? Crack slaw is an Asian stir fry that consists of ground meat — […]

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Mexican Aguachile

Aguachile is a cold dish that is a perfect summer lunch for the upcoming hot days. It’s healthy and fresh, full of strong flavors and contrast textures. Aguachile could be translated as “chile water” and it gives you a huge hint on the presentation of this recipe. It’s lime marinated shrimp in a watery sauce […]

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Easy Lox Spread

Lox spread is a salmon and cheese cream spread that is often used as a bagel filling in cities like New York.  It’s an easy recipe that will make any sandwich a culinary experience. This is a spread with a ton of personality. It has strong flavors that work so well and harmoniously. For one […]

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