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Macaroni Salad

My mom loved to take this recipe to our outdoor trips.  I can remember the taste of this macaroni salad in my beach days. This is the most retro salad recipe that I know. For me, this salad is perfect for a picnic on a sunny summer day. It is super easy to assemble, it […]

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Turmeric Rice

This is a healthy and exotic twist to the classic white rice side dish. I just love how fragrant this turmeric rice is. I have to confess that I’m not a rice lover. In my house, my mom used to make rice almost every single day and I wasn’t thrilled with the idea. So, now […]

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Chicken Riggies

This spicy and creamy chicken riggies recipe is a great way to give an extra special flavor to your regular rigatoni pasta. The predominant flavor on any chicken riggies is peppers. You can add a wide variety of peppers. I suggest you to use a classic sweet bell pepper to create the base of the […]

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