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Russian Salad (Ensalada Rusa)

Authentic Russian salad recipe in less than 30 minutes. A fulfilling and customizable salad. This is a quick recipe that you can easily adapt to feed a crowd. This salad is also called Oliver salad or Olyvieh. The creator was a chef named Lucien Oliver —hence the name — and it quickly spread through eastern […]

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Sopa de Ajo Castellana (Spanish Garlic Soup)

Authentic Sopa de Ajo Castellana for a cold winter night. Just 4 main ingredients: garlic, olive oil, bread and beef broth (+ a little cooking secret) Spanish cuisine has utter respect for humble ingredients. It’s never about stuffing soups like in an American chowder (that I also love). It’s more about combining a few ingredients […]

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Jamaican Steamed Cabbage Salad

Steamed cabbage Jamaican style is a tender, sweet, spicy and overall flavorful salad. A delicious side dish loaded with vegetables in less than 20 minutes. This salad is wildly popular in the Caribbean islands for good reasons. It’s a refreshing and sweet salad that goes well as a side dish with almost any main dish […]

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Puerto Rican Bacalaitos (Codfish Fritters)

Puerto Rican bacalaitos are one of the most flavorful appetizers out there. Easy codfish fritters made with everyday ingredients. These fritters are a staple recipe on the island, and for a good reason: they are incredibly tasty. Seasoned with fresh herbs and spices. Crispy outside with a fluffy and salty inside. And being an anti-cod […]

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Red Velvet White Chocolate Chips Cookies

These red velvet white chocolate chips cookies are my San Valentine dessert recipe for this year. You can’t go wrong with this match-made-in-heaven combination. These eye-catching bright red cookies with white chips are the perfect gift for this special holiday. In previous years, I’ve made chocolate-based dessert for this day because — let’s be honest […]

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Smoky Black-Eyed Peas Soup

Hearty black-eyed peas soup with chorizo and a ton of veggies. A delicious, fulfilling, and comforting soup for the cold winter nights. My favorite food season of the year: soup season! I’m one of those few people that enjoys winter. I love the weather, the rain, cozy clothes, hot chocolate and, of course, soups. But […]

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