Blue Lagoon Lava Restaurant Review

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It’s not a secret that Iceland it’s one of my favorite countries to travel to. Waterfalls, glaciers, back beaches, volcanos, and hot springs. I keep going back year after year. 

The country is worldwide famous for its geothermal activity and a massive amount of natural hot springs. 

Without a doubt, the most famous is the Blue Lagoon. 

blue lagoon

If you are thinking about visiting Iceland, you probably already saw the beautiful images of baby blue water natural pools out there on the internet. This is definitely one of the major tourist attractions in the country. 

And because I’m a foodie I’m always looking for the best places to eat in each location I visit, so I can review it here in the blog for all of you thinking about visiting the same sites. 

So the blue lagoon has three places where to eat inside the compound: the cafeteria, the Lava restaurant, and the Moss restaurant. This is the order from cheapest to most expensive. 

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How much does it cost to eat in the Lava Restaurant? 

I must say even tho the Moss restaurant is the most expensive of these two restaurants, this doesn’t mean that the Lava restaurant is cheap. In Iceland is particularly expensive to eat out. A lot of products are imported so this adds to their final cost. 

Without wine or expensive cocktails, you can plan to spend about 50$ – 70$ per person. If you pay the premium entrance to the Blue Lagoon, it includes the reservation of the table and a glass of champagne. For me, it was enough alcohol with that so I didn’t order any wine.


The menu is online and they usually change it a bit according to the season. You can check it here with updated prices. 

lobster soup lava restaurant
Lobster Soup

My personal suggestion is to try lobster soup. In Iceland, lobster soup is basically the national dish. It’s rich, thick, buttery, and slightly spicy with sweet and tender bites of Icelandic lobster. And after a morning of swimming if thermal waters and then walking in freezing temperatures, it feels like a cozy reward to have some delicious warm soup. This soup’s way more filling than it looks, I guess because of the high-fat content. 

Another dish that I highly recommend is the lamb. It comes with glazed carrot and mushroom sauce that complements the perfectly cooked lamb fillet. 

lamb lava restaurant

I must say the portions are small, so if you’re quite hungry after all that swimming, I highly recommend you to order their three courses menu. 

The desserts are also incredible, especially the creme brulée. Again the only drawback is the portion size. I think for the price — 22$ — the portion should be larger. 

creme brulee lava restaurant
Creme Brulée

Do you need a reservation?

The restaurant it’s quite big and usually, you can get away without a reservation. But, if you buy the premium entrance they will automatically reserve a table for two hours for you. 

Dress code

Unlike the Moss restaurant, there is no dress code. You can even enter using your spa robe. But, you must be dry. They will deny you access if your clothes are wet. 

You can also let your stuff at the table and go for a swim at the lagoon but you have to notify the staff first and make sure to reenter the restaurant using a dry robe. 

I prefer to change completely just because I don’t feel as comfortable just using my robe. But it’s up to you. 

lava restaurant

Is the blue Lagoon worth it? 

I know this article is about the Lava restaurant mainly — because this is a food blog — but I received this question multiple times while traveling through Iceland.

For me, it’s worth it because of the luxury experience —- especially if you pay the premium package —. the facilities, the lockers, the spa, and the bathroom have everything you could need: shampoo, conditioner, soap, gel, plastic bags for wet clothes, dryers, towels, robes, etc. 

Actually, I took too much stuff with me that I didn’t end up using. So for me, it’s worth the price tag in that regard. 

Also, because it’s so popular a lot of agencies include the transfer and it’s super convenient whether you come from Reykjavik or Keflavik. So, blue lagoon is the most suitable option if you don’t rent a car in Iceland or just want a luxury experience. 

But, other options are cheaper and incredibly beautiful like Secret Lagoon and Sky Lagoon. These two offer a pretty similar luxury experience and some tourist agencies also offer a transfer. 
But if you want the local tip for a super cheap dive into a geothermal pool, just go to the closest public pool near your Hotel or Airbnb. Iceland has one of the highest amounts of public pools per capita. It’s common for locals to meet at their local pool for a swim and then catch up over warm coffee. If you stay in Reykyavik this one is a good option.

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