Bariloche Food Guide (What and Where to Eat)

Bariloche is a marvelous city located in Argentina, South America. The city’s natural beauties are unmatched, and the local gastronomy is equally pleasing, making this travel destination an excellent choice for food-loving tourists.  I’m completely biased because Bariloche is one of my favorite places in the entire world, but every time I visit I left … Read more

10 Best Dishes to Order in India

Culturally speaking, India is one of the richest countries in the whole world. But besides all the visual pleasures and History trivia it can offer to tourists, a whole trip could (and should) be dedicated just to getting acquainted with the country’s amazing food scene.  This year I had the AMAZING opportunity of traveling to … Read more

Where and What to Eat in Split, Croatia (Food Guide)

Split is an underestimated travel destination in Europe. It’s one of Croatia’s largest cities and it’s filled with beautiful Dalmatian architecture, great beaches, kind locals and, of course, lots of great food! It’s an especially nice place for people that are looking for more peaceful traveling experiences within Europe since Croatia has some “heavenly” vibes … Read more

ZOI Restaurant Review

I’m trying to start a new section on TCG, focused on restaurant reviews from around the world.  I always loved to travel and now that the world is finally open after the pandemic -I’m sure this will sound sooo weird re-reading about the pandemic years ahead– I’m back on my traveling adventures.  My most recent … Read more