What to eat in Brussels? (Complete Food Guide)

Besides its beautiful architecture and extensive cultural offer, Brussels is a paradise for foodies! From its famous chocolate, waffles, and fries to the most delicious mussels and stews, Brussels offers diverse gastronomy with influences from France, Germany, and the Netherlands to satisfy all curious palates. Oh, and that’s not to mention the countless types of … Read more

Top 11 Breweries in Brussels

As far as beer goes, Belgium is one of the best countries you can travel to. Accordingly, the capital of Belgium, Brussels houses numerous breweries and craft-beer bars. However, since there are so many in Brussels, it can be slightly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff in this department. Hence, if you want … Read more

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21 Salvadoran Foods and Recipes

The most interesting thing about Salvadoran gastronomy is the evident presence of ancestral traditions in it. It works from very natural ingredients that are combined to give shape to dishes full of flavor. Although little known, Salvadoran gastronomy manages to fuse the culture of corn with that of foreign peoples in delicious recipes that awaken … Read more

The Best 15 Daikon Radish Dishes

No matter what you call it, the white Daikon radish is delicious raw, or cooked. It’s a curiously long white root that’s often used in pickled salads and is a favorite in Japanese and Asian dishes. It can also be found in Indian and Pakistani dishes. For most people, it’s not so common to find … Read more

Does Cast Iron Work on Induction?

People are becoming increasingly aware of the superior cooking technology of induction burners. Instead of an electric heating coil, the burners employ magnetic currents to heat pots and pans.This cooking method has several advantages, including faster healing, easier cleanup, and precise control. However, because cast iron cookware is heavier than other pots and pans. So, … Read more