I Went To A Happy Pancake Tokyo: Honest Review!

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So, right now I’m in the middle of my two months Japan trip and one of my foodie bucket list items was “fluffy Japanese pancake”. You probably have seen thousands of videos on social media about these beautiful-looking jiggly pancakes. 

So to say I was excited to go to one of the most famous places for this type of pancake in Japan was an understatement

I’m extremely fortunate that I have a few Japanese friends that guide me through the huge amount of restaurants in Tokyo. And the general consensus was that the best place for fluffy pancakes in Tokyo was A Happy Pancake, but is it really true? 

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Reservation process and prices

Firstly I highly recommend you make a reservation if you really want to get into the restaurant. It’s usually packed and with a long line. Because I’m not a fan of waiting for 1 hour and a half —- real waiting time— I made the reservation three days in advance. 

The process is super easy through their website https://magia.tokyo/reserve/

If you don’t have the time to make a reservation you have to take a number at the door and then wait outside. If the line is too long they usually move it outside the building (the store in Ginza is on the 7th floor)

I would say to be prepared to pay about 2000 yens per person including drinks.


The location in Ginza can be a bit confusing to find because even if they appear on google and on their website as “A Happy Pancake”, they have only the Japanese name on the front of the building. So be on the look for this: 幸せのパンケーキ  

The restaurant is on the 7th floor. 

They have multiple locations in Tokyo: Shibuya, Omotesando, Ginza, Ikebukuro, and Kichijōji. So you can try the one that is closer to your hotel.


As no surprise, they only serve pancakes. The set consists of three medium-sized fluffy pancakes with a wide variety of toppings. I found that the number of pancakes was generous.

Here is their menu, where you can see updated prices and seasonal toppings: https://magia.tokyo/menu

For example, when I went they offered a sakura special for cheery blossom season, but it was sold out that day 🙁 

I ended up having a raspberry with ice cream and my husband a chocolate banana one. 

I must say the raspberry marmalade was amazing. 

To drink they offer teas, coffee, and sodas. I choose a chai latte and it was super tasty I highly recommend trying it if you go. As usual in Japanese restaurants, water is free.


Here is where this review turns a bit sour. The pancakes were disappointing, to say the least. 

I liked the number of pancakes — they were three pancakes that left me full for a long time — and the generous toppings. 

The topping was great. High-quality ingredients: chocolate, ice cream, whipping cream, matcha, fruits,  etc. 

My problem was the pancake itself. It was too eggy and it had a bland flavor. Almost no vanilla scent that you would expect from a pancake. It tasted like a slightly sweet omelet, definitely not what I was looking for. 

The texture was ok, they serve you freshly made pancakes so they are as fluffy as you can expect. 

It was not the worst pancake I ever had but I don’t think it’s worth the hype. 


Based on flavor, ambiance, and value for money, I would give A Happy Pancake 3.5 stars. I found that the flavor doesn’t match the beautiful fluffy pancakes. 

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