Where and What to Eat in Split, Croatia (Food Guide)

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Split is an underestimated travel destination in Europe. It’s one of Croatia’s largest cities and it’s filled with beautiful Dalmatian architecture, great beaches, kind locals and, of course, lots of great food!

It’s an especially nice place for people that are looking for more peaceful traveling experiences within Europe since Croatia has some “heavenly” vibes very similar to those offered by cities in Italy or Greece, but with much smaller crowds of tourists. 

As for the food options, Split is full of alternatives, regarding both style of cuisine and prices. In this quick and insightful guide, we’ll help you to find great places to eat in this Croatian city, and offer you some tips on what to eat in those locations. 

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already hungry just thinking about it. 

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Tomato Paste Wrapper with Steak Carpaccio at ZOI

ZOI is one of the most famous and traditional restaurants in Split. It offers the customary Mediterranean cuisine you’d typically find in the city. Zoi is also well-known for having an outstanding quality of service.

The restaurant has 1 Michelin star and I must say it’s not a budget-friendly dinner. Be ready to pay around 100$ per person without drinks.

The location is amazing. ZOI is located on the walls of one of the city’s greatest historical/architectural marvels: The Diocletian Palace. The palace was constructed based on traditional Dalmatian architecture; in other words: the place looks straight out of a classic Disney movie. 

In the 5-course dinner offered by ZOI, you’ll find the chef-selection olives and sun-dried tomato paste wrapper with steak carpaccio. The dish is more of an amuse-gueule, but the quality manages to overcome quantity. 

The strong flavor of the olives matches perfectly with the saltiness of the tomato paste. You’ll experience strong flavors but in a well-balanced way.

In the dessert department, ZOI also does no wrong! Some of the great available options are the Bitter Orange Sorbet with Caramelized Apple and the Hazelnut Mousse, both of which have outstanding flavors and are great closers for your experience at ZOI. 

Zoi’s Terrace

I wrote my full experience in this article.

Fantastic Wraps at Sexy Cow

Sexy Cow is located a few blocks from the Croatian National Theater, in the center region of Croatia.

The staff is really friendly and service tends to be highly praised by customers, although the wait time before entering could be a bit much for some. Also, the place has a more personal and cozy vibe to it. It’s small, but also very clean and well put together. 

The house specialty is wraps! The selection is nicely varied, with beef, chicken, and also delicious vegetarian options. And, for real, you probably didn’t taste a wrap the right way until you eat one of these Sexy Cow’s wraps. 

Chicken Wrap

These wraps are nice and juicy, with an amazing selection of sauces, salads, and veggies you can choose as your sides. You can also choose sides to go on top of your fries, which are commonly ordered appetizers that also taste delicious. 

I highly recommend you to try the Naughty Cow. It’s perfection: melted cheese, guacamole, and extremely tender meat. My husband ordered one almost every day we stayed at Split last summer.

Sexy Cow also has a great selection of authorial and classic drinks you can go for to spice up the experience. 

P.S.: They’re also known for giving some free shots to customers from time to time… which is always a plus, right?

Exquisite Meat Dishes and Drinks at Fig Split

Also located in the center of Split – A.K.A. “Old Town” – the Fig Split is the newest, and also largest, location of the Fig restaurants. And just like ZIO, this option is also located within the surroundings of the Diocletian Palace. Not a bad location at all.

The menu is fairly small-sized, but alternatives are varied regarding dishes’ country of origin and overall flavor experience.

The internal decorating is quite beautiful, with different styles that combine to form an ambient that feels rustic and modern at the same time. 

Meat options such as pork and chicken dishes seem to be the most beloved by customers. The cocktail menu, mostly formed by classic drinks such as Margarita and Blood Mary, is also a great way to go in here. Delicious drinks!

Fig is also well-known for its vegan and vegetarian options, which are just as good – or even better – than the meat options. The Candied Bacon, Apple, and Blue Cheese Salad and Chimichurri Potatoes are a couple of the options that deserve some praise.

Chimichurri potatoes
Shredded Flan Steak
Vegetarian Curry

Amazing Vegetarian Dishes and Seafood at Portofino

Also located in Split’s Old Town, the Portofino restaurant has a mid-sized menu that is able to offer essentially any kind of plate you’d be willing to go for: meat, fish, crabs, pastas, risottos and amazing vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. 

The place has a cozy and intimate ambience – especially on the inside –, which is definitely suited for romantic occasions, but also fits better for a group reunion in the external space. 

Not only that, they pretty much seem to nail it in every single one of the food categories too. In the seafood department, you’ll find exotic – and delicious! – options such as Crab Risotto and Sea Bass. 

In the meat section, the steak dishes are also amazingly cooked and taste amazing, with an incredibly smooth texture to them.

Amongst the salad, you’ll find traditional options such as Caesar Salad or Gazpacho Salad, as well as salads with more local flavors and spices. Both routes will offer great flavor experiences.

Great Steak and Drinks Combo at Kaša Grill & Bar

Located in the historical village of Stobrec – which is also part of the city of Split –, and about 5 miles from Old Town, the Kaša Grill & Bar is a family-run food business that is known for its amazing steak and cocktail options. Not to mention an extremely amicable and dedicated customer treatment from the staff and the owners themselves! 

The environment is simple and certainly doesn’t go for a “fancy look”. Which is great depending on the occasion. But when it comes to the actual food, the spot definitely makes an impression. A very savory one. 

The house’s specialties are steaks and drinks, so you can bet that the place begs for a meat and alcohol combo, very suited for gatherings of 4+ people. Prices are also more reasonable compared to other spots on our list, but that certainly doesn’t mean less quality.

All meats are extremely tender and well seasoned, which opens up the appetite for a delicious drink, and vice-versa. These two options open up the gates for a delicious cycle but don’t lose yourself in it if you know what I mean.

Desserts are also referred to as one of the grill house’s strongest suits, with the honorable mention going to the Homemade Cake.

The Best Seafood in Split at Laganini

Laganini — A.K.A. Konoba Laganini – is easily one of the most well-known food spots in Split. You can find the place just a few feet away from Peristil Square, right at the heart of the Diocletian Palace. 

Located on a very charming and romantic Dalmatian-style terrace, Laganini’s strong suit is definitely the variety and quality of the seafood options, although they offer many other delicious alternatives on their menu. 

The service, as you would expect, is great; very attentive and likable waiters that are knowledgeable about the great food they’re serving.

As for the food: ordering a seafood-related dish will offer you an unforgettable experience! We can highlight the Fettuccine with Seafood, the Risotto ‘Al Dimi’ and the Sea Bass Fillet. All spectacular choices that will likely make you want to come back to the place as many times as you possibly can – nope, isn’t that cheap there, but it’s that good

The wine selection is also great, with some nice sparkling wine and even dessert wine options if you want to diversify things a bit.

Tip: If you’re going there during the daytime and in the summer, take a table in the external space and enjoy the wonderful sunlight and breeze – propelled by some nice fans – offered by this spot. Amazing experience! 

Going Italian at Croatia with the Help of Pizzeria Gust

To close up our list, we have a peculiar, and also more affordable option. 

If you’re not that into Mediterranean cuisine, or simply already went to too many Mediterranean food spots during your time in Croatia, then this place might be just the thing for you. I present to you a good ol’ fashioned Croatian pizzeria, the Pizzeria Gust.

The place definitely has a very rustic Italian vibe to it, which of course, suits the whole proposal perfectly. It also replicates the space characteristics of a tavern, both inside and outside, which adds a nice and fun decoration touch to the place. 

In Pizzeria Gust, you’ll find several delicious options for pizza, that include the classics (such as Margherita, Mozzarella, etc) and special flavors more strongly attached to the local cuisine (such as the Dalmatia).

You’re also free to order some exotic flavors such as Pineapple and Corn or help yourself to some of the delicious vegetarian flavors available. All pizza options taste incredibly good, with a thin and crispy base, fresh ingredients, and, surely, some amazing cheese.

I truly enjoyed my latest trip to Split. I always enjoy my stay and the food makes me come back again and again!

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