Buenos Aires Food Guide (What and Where to Eat)

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First and foremost I LOVE Buenos Aires. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. So this year I decided to return and I wanted to bring my ultimate food guide to this amazing city.

A very exciting and cultural city, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a great destination for tourists wanting to know some of the greatest places in South America.

Argentina is particularly well known for its fine wines and for being a “piece of Europe in South America”. But the country also offers very rich cuisine, with a wide variety of delicious food options. Buenos Aires is THE city to visit if you want to get a full gastronomic Argentine experience that you’ll never forget. 

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Las Cabras – Best Carne Asada

Red meat is one of the specialties of Argentine cuisine. In Las Cabras, a classic steak restaurant in Buenos Aires, you’ll find many delicious variations of red meat, with some amazing side dishes too. The “Asado” (the Argentine version of the American barbecue) is cooked in a wood oven, which gives the meat an extra special smoky flavor. 

One of the most ordered meat dishes in the restaurant is the Macho Argentino, which consists of 800 grams of delicious grilled T-Bone steak, served with mashed potatoes, grilled onions, rice, peppers, french fries, and eggs. 

But, be careful, because this dish can easily serve up to 3 (very hungry) people. Be sure you have enough appetite at the table to match this delicious order.

Chori – Best Choripan

If you want a sandwich stylized according to typical Argentine cuisine, then you must make sure that Chori is in your travel plan. 

Chori is a fast food sandwich spot with delicious options, beloved by both tourists and natives. Amongst the sandwich options, you’ll find the good ol’ choripan. The choripan is a local sandwich that can be referred to as Argentina’s version of a hot dog. 

And just like a hot dog, the sandwich consists of two slices of bread with a sausage in the middle. However the Argentine sausage is juicier and thicker compared to the usual American sausage, and the choripan is also tempered with one of two sauces: the salsa criolla or the chimichurri. A delicious combination!

I love choripan so much that I already posted my very special choripan and chimichurri recipe so you can recreate it at home.

Niño Gordo – Best Fusion Dishes

Niño Gordo is a fancy place with an oriental vibe, known for its fusion and grilled dishes, but that has several delicious dessert options on the menu. 

For those unfamiliar with fusion cuisine, it consists of mixing elements from different culinary traditions to create unique dishes that harmonize the very best of different regions. The menu’s not so widely varied, but in it, you’ll find grilled steaks, shrimp, chili-based dishes, and vegetarian options.

The restaurant also has a very nice selection of wines and the drinks don’t disappoint at all.

La Panera Rosa – Best Cakes

If you’re in the mood for some scandalous sweets, then La Panera Rosa is the place to visit during your stay in Buenos Aires.

La Panera Rosa is a chain restaurant that specializes in brunches. They have over 10+ locations in the BA province. They have a beautiful pink aesthetic that makes them extremely Instagram worth it.

The delicatessen’s strongest suit is definitely its cakes and pies, and, yes, they do have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Their cake and pie slices have heavenly flavors and smooth textures and go great with some coffee. Customers also have the option to buy the whole cake or pie – and trust me, this urge it’s likely to come up.

Croque Madame – Best French Restaurant

The Croque Madame is inspired by French cuisine, with great wine options and an extended variety of dishes that include risotto, pasta, salads, great sandwiches, and tasty desserts.

The environment is simple yet elegant and does feel “Frenchy”. The setting (and menu) options also make the place surprisingly adequate for breakfasts, brunch, and even night dates. The Caesar salad is a very ordered and complemented dish, and the same goes for the sandwich that carries the restaurant’s name.

And if you want a nice dessert, you simply can’t go wrong with the cheesecake with raspberry topping. 

Kansas – Best Pork Ribs

If you want to get some drinks while eating delicious food to start off your night, then Kansas is the perfect place for you. They have a famous happy hour that happens every day and attracts a lot of customers.

In Kansas, you can go wrong with the meat dishes. There are several meat options, with the Houston Barbecue Ribs probably being the most famous dish and also one of the most ordered. The dish consists of roasted pork ribs covered in barbecue sauce, french fries, and cabbage salad.

La Dorita – Best Steaks

La Dorita is yet another traditional Argentine steakhouse perfect for carne asada lovers. The place has a rustic yet really vibrant decoration and is perfect for family or friends gatherings.

This place has several types of red meat that are typically served medium rare and accompanied by amazing potato-based sides, side salads, over-easy eggs, or thick sausages. You can order a delicious choripan here too.

Other dishes worth mentioning are the empanadas, which can be ordered with different filling options, the pork ribs, the T-Bone steaks, and the stuffed gnocchi.

El Mercado – Amazing Wine and Pasta

Located in the famous 5-star luxury hotel Faena, El Mercado is an elegant choice for travelers that don’t mind spending a bit more on a food night out in Argentina. 

You can expect a spectacular environment going to El Mercado. The interiors are beautifully designed and very charming, and the exterior is equally astonishing, carefully lit, and fresh, providing a perfect setting for a romantic dinner. The service is also amazingly attentive and polite.

Hard to miss with any of the orders, but we should highlight the carbonara, the rib eye, and the spectacular wine selection.

Pottery – Best Brunch

Pottery is a cute delicatessen and coffee place, with fantastic cake, pastries, and juices.

It’s a small and usually quiet place, suited for that afternoon meal you’d have as the sun goes down. On the menu, you’ll find great juice and coffee options as well as the usual breakfast options such as eggs, toast, or some nice bruschettas. 

You’ll also find a tasty brunch option for brunch for two, that includes toast, orange juice, sandwiches, and more.

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