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Salmon Tartare Peruvian Style

I can remember exactly the overwhelming excitement that I felt the first time I tasted this Salmon Tartare. It was my first new year in Lisbon. My cousin had made a reservation in Segundo Muelle, a famous Peruvian restaurant chain that now has a new restaurant in Lisbon. The kind of celebration that I enjoy: […]

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Black Beer Caramelized Onions

  Black beer caramelized onions are my favorite topping for my meat hamburgers.  I never need mayo or ketchup when I make this beautiful topping. It is sweet but just in the right point. After all, the black beer helps to make the flavor deep and prevent an over sweet finish. Also, it is so […]

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Mango and Shrimp Salad

  O.M.G this salad is what I needed for the summer! This is my first summer in all the meaning of the word. Living in Venezuela, especially in Caracas, is like having the most stable weather all year long (20º – 28º). That’s why Caracas is called “the eternal spring city”. I know people complain […]

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