What and Where to Eat in Disneyland Paris

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I’m not a Disney person but even I must admit that is one of the most magical places on earth. So this past summer I decided to treat myself and my husband to a flash trip to Disney Paris.

No trip is complete without tasting delicious food, and if you’re planning a visit to Disneyland Paris, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a yummy meal full of magic.

From a classic hamburger to an exotic dish that you would hardly find somewhere else, there is always an option to delight any Disney fan.

So, if you are looking for what and where to eat in Disneyland Paris, here are my top 10 places to try on your next trip to the park!

Note that some of these places are very famous and visited by tourists from all over the world, so you should plan your visit with time and make reservations if necessary.

I would say that using the Disney Paris App is a must for reservations, attractions, and fast passes. It’s available on Android and in the Apple Store.

That said, let’s begin!

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1. An exotic meal and an unforgettable experience at Captain Jack’s

Located in Adventureland, Captain Jack’s is practically a copy of the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland in California, and it’s simply amazing. The ambiance sets you in a pirate tavern on a Caribbean beach at night, and the lantern decor makes for a very cozy dining experience.

The most exciting thing about this restaurant is that it is part of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, so you can watch people passing by on the river while you eat. It truly gets you right into a pirates tale.

At Captain Jack’s, you can enjoy exotic seafood and Creole cooking. However, be prepared to spend a lot of money because this is one of the most expensive restaurants in Disneyland Park— but the beautiful atmosphere makes it worth it!

Bear in mind that it is one of the most crowded restaurants in the park, so you must make a reservation a month or two in advance.

2. Hamburgers, milkshakes, and rock n’ roll at Annette’s Diner

Looking for a fulfilling hamburger after a long day exploring the park? You might love Annette’s Diner in the Disneyland Village, especially if you like vintage stuff.

Here, you can enjoy hamburgers, milkshakes, hot dogs, and a classic American breakfast in a comfy, colorful cafe that will take you back to the 1950s.

The atmosphere at Annette’s Diner is pretty unique. The waiters are on roller skates, and all the decorations and music make you feel like you are in Grease. The milkshakes and desserts are to die for, and the food portions are generous, so you’ll never leave this place hungry. 

3. Pizza and garlic bread at Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost

Named after Colonel Hathi from The Jungle Book, Pizza Outpost is probably the best Italian restaurant in Disneyland Park.

Located in Adventureland, this place offers excellent value for money and a tasty —but limited— menu of pizza, pasta, and lasagna. All in addition to some delicious garlic bread to accompany your meal and lip-smacking desserts!

However, Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost stands out for its beautiful ambiance besides the food. The decor makes you feel like an explorer in the jungle, and the tree in the middle of the main dining room creates an almost magical feel of pure adventure.

This restaurant is a great place to eat something fast and fulfilling instead of the typical burger with fries. The atmosphere is super cozy, with tables both inside and outside.

4. Fresh Arabian food at Restaurant Agrabah Café

Agrabah Café is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant located in Adventureland in Disneyland Park. It is one of the most visited places to eat, thanks to its immersive atmosphere that takes you into an Arabian bazaar with many references to tales from One Thousand and One Nights.

The food is mainly Moroccan, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean, and the details around the place make you feel like a character in Aladdin. Here, you can enjoy all kinds of Arabian delights, including kebabs, hummus, salads, couscous, meatballs, baklavas, and much more!

Overall, Agrabah Café offers a fantastic dining experience if you love Arabian food and culture. Nevertheless, it is a little expensive, as is expected around Disneyland.

Since it is one of the most famous thematic restaurants in the park, be sure to make a reservation when you plan your visit to Disney!

5. Burgers and salads in a futuristic hangar at Café Hyperion

Located in Discoveryland, Café Hyperion is one of the biggest and most popular fast-food restaurants in Disneyland Park. It is perfect if you are looking for a simple and convenient meal to recharge your batteries.

The food is quite simple but good for the price. Still, Café Hyperion is an excellent place to eat because of its incredible futuristic ambiance and plenty of tables to sit and enjoy your meal while watching some cartoons or catching a live show.

The most striking thing about this colorful restaurant —besides its spaciousness— is the giant airship at the entrance, already setting you up for a space adventure experience right from the start. It’s perfect for families with children.

6. A fancy meal at Walt’s – An American Restaurant

This is the fanciest restaurant in all Disneyland Paris resort— and probably the favorite among Disney superfans. It is expensive, but the food and first-class decoration make it worth every penny.

Located on the Main Street land in Disneyland Park, Walt’s is a tribute to the life and work of Walt Disney, where you can enjoy exquisite American cuisine with European influences.

The place has a beautiful Victorian-style ambiance, divided into six different themed rooms: Fantasyland, Adventureland, Discoveryland, Frontierland, Grand Canyon, and Disneyland Hotel. It’s like going through the entire park all in one place.

Here, you can taste a diverse and sophisticated menu with five-star service to live a memorable experience on a journey through the history of Disney since the creation of Mickey Mouse.

7. Authentic French food at Bistrot Chez Rémy

Set in the Ratatouille universe, Bistrot Chez Rémy is the best —and most famous— restaurant in the Walt Disney Studios Park.

The place is decorated with many giant props to give you the point of view of a rat and fully immerse yourself in Rémy’s restaurant from the movie. It is, without a doubt, the most fun place to eat, especially if you come in a family with small children.

At Bistrot Chez Rémy, you can taste delicious French food (including ratatouille and French cheese, of course!) and a large selection of yummy desserts. Moreover, there are fixed-priced menus to help you choose according to your budget.

Since this is a pretty famous restaurant, you will need a reservation, so make your plans with enough time ahead.

8. Burgers and fries at Restaurant en Coulisse

In Disney Studio 1 is Restaurant en Coulisse, a charming fast-food restaurant to enjoy a good burger with a fresh salad and fries in the most Hollywood-like atmosphere inside the Walt Disney Studios Park.

The food is nothing to write home about, but the decor is lovely and genuinely gives you the feeling of being a movie star enjoying a break between takes. 

9. Hearty and comforting hot dogs at Casey’s Corner

On Main Street, U.S.A., you can go to Casey’s Corner for a hot dog with a refreshing drink to keep exploring Disneyland Park. It’s a great place to have a quick snack to take a break in the middle of a long day at the park.

The restaurant is named after Disney’s Casey at the Bat, a 1946 animated short film produced by Walt Disney for the movie Make Mine Music. The film is an adaptation of the classic baseball poem of the same name written by Ernest Thayer.

Enjoy a hot dog topped with cheese and onions in a setting filled with pure baseball spirit!

10. Kebabs and African treats at Hakuna Matata Restaurant

I couldn’t finish this list without including the Hakuna Matata restaurant, one of the favorites in Adventureland at Disneyland Park.

Named after everyone’s favorite song from The Lion King, Hakuna Matata features a simple African food menu that offers a few sets with different price points to fit various budgets.

The kebabs are great, and the food is pretty good overall despite the menu being a bit limited. However, as with most themed restaurants at Disney, the highlight of this place is the incredible ambiance.

The decoration is stunning, and it includes many beautiful details inspired by African art and architecture— besides some Timon & Pumbaa images to add a bit of extra fun!

Sadly, although this is one of the most famous themed restaurants in Disney Paris, it is not always open, so you may not be able to stop by on your first visit to the park.

Final words

Disneyland Paris is not only what it is because of its fun attractions but also because of its unique restaurants. These were just some of the most popular in Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. You can read more about each one on their website.

Just remember that, although there are different price ranges, if you go to Disney, you should be prepared to spend a little more money than in any other park. But, seriously, I assure you that it will always be worth the experience.

At this point, I can’t wait to go back and visit other hidden —and not-so-hidden— gems at Disneyland Paris to expand this list!

Want more food recommendations outside Disneyland? If you’re in the mood for a foodie tour around Paris, check out my guide on what and where to eat in Paris!

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