Best Rice Dispensers of 2023: A Thorough Guide

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A rice dispenser can be handy if you are a fan of rice. It makes your rice cooking journey a lot easier and can ensure that your meal is perfectly cooked every time. The best rice dispensers should be made of high-quality materials, dispense a satisfactory amount of rice and have a reasonable size to provide easy storage.

Purchasing a rice dispenser can offer homeowners a series of benefits. Most importantly, such a device can keep your rice or another type of dry food tidy without any messes, clean of bugs and other insects, and available for you to cook at any time. You will never have to worry about not having enough rice and you can measure the amount of rice you wish to cook by choosing the corresponding option on the dispenser. 

From the variety of available products on the market, nowadays, there are specific factors you should mostly consider in order to make the right choice for your needs. If you are looking to purchase a quality rice dispenser, keep reading as we break down the 9 best rice dispensers you can find on Amazon.

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CookMax Rice Dispenser (50lbs)

A modern, sleek-looking, stainless steel rice dispenser that combines elegance and functionality, The stainless steel makes the dispenser look great and its interior is made of BPA-free plastic.

CookMax Rice Dispenser is capable of holding 50 pounds of rice. Suitable for every modern kitchen space, it offers customers three different dispensing options: 100, 150, or 250 grams of rice. That’s a great feature you will not often come along in other dispensers. If you don’t wish to display the dispenser on your kitchen cabinet, you can easily store it away in your cupboard thanks to its slim design.

It can dispense without crumbling and it is extremely easy to clean. It has an integrated liquid measuring method that makes cooking an easy task even if you are a beginner. Its closed-end design feature ensures that no bug infestations will ever occur. Apart from rice, it is also, perfect for dispensing beans and other small dry foods.

However, as is most often the case with such dispensers, you cannot use them to store liquids or larger pieces of food. 


-Elegant design, stainless steel exterior

-Easy to use, and sturdy

-Easy to clean, no spilling

-Different available dispensing options

-Trustworthy company with years of experience in the field of electrical devices 


A bit more expensive compared to similar products

Asvel Rice Dispenser 26.5 lb Capacity By UNIXWARE

A lightweight, easy to clean, and convenient rice dispenser where you can store your favorite type of rice, ASVEL features some great characteristics.

It has a transparent plastic container that allows users to have a look at the remaining amount of rice so as to refill it when it starts running low. It also has a quite convenient size since it can fill 26.5 pounds of grains at one time.

You can easily clean its plastic parts with a mixture of water and vinegar and with dimensions of 16.5” x 7.5” x 16”, you can easily store it in any spot in your kitchen.

Using the Asvel Rice Dispenser can be really easy. All you need to do is press the knob down to get exactly one cup of rice. Although the instruction is only available in Japanese you can easily assemble the dispenser by looking at the provided illustration. The company also offers quick customer support in case you need some help with the product. 


-Extremely easy to clean, washable parts

-Compact design, easy to store away

-Sufficient capacity, yet more lightweight than similar products

-Transparent plastic dispenser, easy to look inside and see when the rice needs to get refilled


-No available English translation of the manual. It may be difficult to assemble it despite the illustrations

TAYAMA PG-25R 25kg Rice Dispenser

A rice dispenser that can be used for storing beans, grains, and cereals, as well, TAYAMA PG-25R fits up to 50 pounds of rice. There is a 5-cup storage capacity and the machine functions to let out half or a whole cup of rice, depending on your preference.

Unlike most dispensers on the market nowadays, this model does not operate with a button. You just have to pull out the shelf that’s above the drawer and the marks on the drawer will determine how much rice you wish to discharge.

Its top lid is removable to ensure easy access and the dispenser has the following dimensions: 13 x 22 x 14 inches. It is made of high-quality plastic material, it has a sturdy design, and ensures that no spills will occur. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will enjoy your favorite rice meal without the fear of risking your health with a bug or insect infection. 


-Grand capacity, holding a maximum of 5 cups

-Removable top lid, easy to access and clean

-Suitable for storing any type of dry food, including cereal and grains

-Nice design, bright white color


-Manual shelf-dispensing, no button like most dispensers

Letusto Rice Dispenser

An affordable rice dispenser that’s both convenient and easy to use, Letusto Rice Dispenser can be the perfect addition to your kitchen’s gadgets. It is made of high-quality plastic, that is BPA-free and can fit up to 26 pounds of rice.

A small window right on the front can help users see the amount of rice that’s left in the dispenser. Its stainless steel strap will securely hold the lid in place until it’s time for cooking and the funnel is designed in such a way as to ensure that you will always cook the older rice first. That’s a great feature since it gives you the advantage of filling up the container with new rice even when the older rice is not over yet.

Another great feature of this rice dispenser is the fact that once you take out the bucket of rice, that channel is simultaneously closed so as to prevent the grains from falling out.

Letusto rice dispenser is fully automated and works by pressing a single button. It may not have the fancy design that other dispensers possess, but it is well worth its money for the purpose you are purchasing it.


-Made of BPA-free, high-quality plastic, ensuring sturdiness and resistance

-” First in, first-out” dispensing method

-Fully automated system, easy to use by everyone

-Transparent window on the front


-Not that stylish and fancy, relatively simple design

Uppetly Rice Airtight Dry Food Storage Container

Uppetly is a great rice dispenser that comes with a measuring cup, a stainless steel whisk, and a holder bin with a plastic spout. It can hold up to 2.5 kg of dry food, including rice, maize, oats, and even flour.

The body of this dispenser is a transparent, plastic, BPA-free material with a silicone seal on top to help keep the container airtight. The dispenser is portable, since it features some portable handles, and thus, you can even carry it along during your favorite outdoor activities, like traveling.

The portable spout allows users to pour out the preferred amount of dry food without the need to open the container. That ensures that all of its content is kept fresh and free of bugs or other possible hazards. Moreover, Uppetly has a sleek and slim design, making it perfect for storing in your kitchen without taking up much space.


-Suitable for storing dry food, including cereals and oatmeal

-Lightweight and portable

-Transparent front to check the level of rice

-Affordable price for the variety of features included in Uppetly

-Airtight sealed container thanks to the presence of a silicone top


-Not easy to hold the body with small hands/ a bit wider than usual dispensers

Rice Dispenser, 6-Grid 12lbs Rotating Rice Dispenser

This rotating rice dispenser features a clever design that offers customers convenience and a large capacity. The size of this container is 9.45 x 9.45 x 10.63 inches. It can hold 12 lbs of grain and its round design ensures that it will not take much space.

You can place your rotating dispenser countertops, refrigerators, cabinets, or closets to keep everything organized. The greatest advantage of this container is the fact that it offers customers classified storage since it consists of 6 separate chambers. You can store any type of dry food in each chamber, including cereals, grains, beans, and of course, your favorite type of rice.

Since it is made of polypropylene material, this dispenser is safe to use and can help keep your food dry and healthy at all times. The body of this container is transparent, and it features an independent rice bucket that can help you load your favorite grains quickly. This bucket is also, transparent, allowing users to observe the capacity at all times. With just the press of a button, you can get the amount of rice needed and the top cover of this dispenser can be removed when you wish to add some additional grains, rice, or any other type of dry food.


-6 separate compartments, you can store a variety of dry food separately

-Rotating body, easy to store or place anywhere in the kitchen

-Transparent body and independent rice bucket

-Sturdy PP material that can last for years


-Relatively lower storage capacity per chamber compared to similar products

ARD-125 Rice Dispenser by Aroma Housewares Store

A white and sturdy rice dispenser that can be used to store rice and any other type of dry food, ARD-125 combines functionality and elegance. It has a slim and sleek design that can easily go nicely with every kitchen’s aesthetic.

It is constructed of durable aluminum that provides extended life and has a rectangular shape. It can fit up to 22 pounds of rice and it is easy to use, even if you have never used a similar product before. All you need to do is select your preferred size from the two available options (1 or 2 cups), release the button and you are ready!

Although the dispensing system is set at 1 cup, you can choose the 2-cup option by double-pressing the button. The funnel system that provides your dry food once you press the button is well-designed, so you will not have to worry about facing any clogging issues. By pressing the button, you can enjoy the smooth dispensing of rice and every other type of dry food you choose to store in ARD-125. The dimensions of this dispenser are 7.1 x 17.3 x 16.5 inches and it comes with a 1-year guarantee.


-Slim, compact, and professional design/suitable for every type of kitchen countertop

-No clogging issues

-Made of high-quality aluminum material

-Exceptional funnel system


-Pre-set dispensing system to 1 cup

Conworld Rice Dispenser Kitchen Organisation, Wall-Mounted Food Storage Container

This rice dispenser is perfect if you are an organized person who wishes to keep everything tidy. The major feature of this dispenser is that it consists of two separate containers. They are placed one beside the other and they provide plenty of space for you to fill them with different foods, ranging from rice and cereals to grains and beans.

The dispenser can also, be used to store detergent powder or even bath salt. With a maximum capacity of 3000 ml, there is plenty of space in this dispenser to fill it with everything you need.

Another great feature that distinguishes this dispenser from similar products on the market is that it can be mounted on the wall. That can save you lots of space and makes this dispenser suitable for usage in different environments, including your office, shop, or market.

Conworld rice dispenser is made of high-quality material and ensures proper sealing by providing a top cover made of silicone. Therefore, you can rest assured that no moisture or dust will ever come in touch with your stored food. The dispenser is accompanied by two rice cups for easy access.


-Two separate containers, a variety of stored food

-Water-proof and the moisture-proof top cover/no worries about bug or insect infections

-Can be mounted on the wall/it can fit in smaller kitchens or tiny spaces

-Large capacity


-Not applicable to all wall surfaces, like a cement wall or rough surface

U-miss 25 Lbs Rice Dispenser

This rice dispenser is made of premium quality material ensuring you get both the safety and protection you require from such a device. It has a one-touch dispenser that makes it pretty straightforward to use.

It comes with a measuring dup that will make it easier to use in the kitchen without spilling rice everywhere. It can also be used for other types of grain.


-Premium quality material (environmentally friendly and safe)

-BPA-Free material bottle body

-Includes measuring cup

-Large capacity


-It can be a bit bulky for a regular countertop

The above list summarized some of the best rice dispensers on the market in 2022. Choosing the right dispenser for your needs may seem complicated, and the final decision overwhelming, but in fact, there are certain factors to take into account in order to determine the best product for your needs. Some of the most important factors to consider are the following:

Size: it is important to determine how large or compact your dispenser needs to be depending on your kitchen’s available space or your cabinet’s overall size.

Capacity: Depending on your daily cooking needs, you will probably have to store different amounts of rice in your dispenser. If you are just an individual, a dispenser with a lower capacity may be just fine, whereas living with your family will naturally require your investing in a bigger rice dispenser.

Materials: Most rice dispensers are made of either stainless steel or plastic. Both materials can be satisfactorily provided that you choose a trustworthy company, like the ones mentioned above.

Overall design: Dispensers come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. Your final choice should be made depending on your kitchen’s aesthetics and your own personal preferences. 

Price: The price range can vary a lot between different rice dispenser models, however in most cases, it is closely related to all of the above factors, mostly to the size, capacity, and company behind the product’s release. 

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